New Community Site Launched!

We are very proud to announce that the new Musicians Community Site "Sync 4 Music", has officially launched in Beta Testing mode. This site promises to be a game changer for the music community. Within the site, musicians will be able to meet others to form a band, jam and learn together.  It also has a robust functionality for Teachers to be found within the neighborhood aspiring musicians and all of these for FREE! Till now, musicians have few options, which involve either going deep into message boards or pay for similar services. Beta testing should be lifted soon, and marketing will commence to bring as many musicians as possible into the community. Check it out:

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New Client Website Launched

We are very proud to announce that the new website for our client ECIPay is now live!  It took a lot of work but we are loving the end result of this work. Check out the site HERE!

Welcoming Pinnacle Family Counseling to the Family

Pinnacle Family Counseling is determined to help their clients discover how to make positive and permanent changes in their work, family, & personal lives in order to achieve a sense of balance. Through greater awareness of thought patterns and feelings, and by developing strategies to cope, adjust and possibly change behaviors new ideas and feelings will begin to emerge. They specialize in issues like ADHD, Addiction, Behavioral Issues and Borderline Personality, to name a few. We will helping to bring these services to those in need to find the right balance in life. Click Here for more information:

  • Katon Direct

Proud to Welcome Katon Direct to the Family

Katon Direct is a database marketing solutions firm that helps healthcare organizations and their recruitment advertising agencies uncover local passive candidates so that they can recruit and hire them much faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods. Katon has executed thousands of geo-targeted campaigns for clients and their advertising agencies all across the country. Whether a large hospital needs 100 nursing jobs filled, or a small home health agency needs to hire just one employee, Katon Direct provides the right mix of strategies to get results fast. We are extremely happy to help healthcare companies get in touch and benefit from their outstanding Healthcare Staffing Marketing Solutions. Check them out here:

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