Learn more about the many ways you can contact Discover - by phone, e-mail or online chat. This number also appears on the back of your Discover Card. We're available to help you 24 hours a day. Need help with your Discover Card account? The Help Center is the best.

Called a while back I decided to go in the Discovery score card that I established to see what my FICO scores on now since I lowered the balance on all my accounts.Called in and they were taken off so now my original rewards are in La La Land and I am told they cannot update again until the end of the month.Can't use credit card or cash advances although no late payments.
  1. Anytime I have had to call customer service I get a person and I can understand what they say.
  2. As far I'm concerned DISCOVER card is responsible for their employee giving me that information.
  3. It's time, by the looks of it that ALL of us here need to file (together) to have ALL this ABUSIVE treatment looked at and "dealt" with as was done before with the good ole Discover folks, eh? Join our acclaimed Division of Hematology/Oncology. Join the ConsumerAffairs Community! Looked at my account and saw 3 cards plus received a mailer for another different type of Discover card.

    If you have college kids, and they have DISCOVER CARDS cancel them, and get them a "real card". In 2017, I received a notice from the IRS that I owed on my taxes for 2015 because of a charge off for a Discover account. Inside was, for all the world, looked like a bday card (it was a Hallmark card). It may be worth it to just apply for the It card and keep the More card. It provides international credit solutions and acquires 5,000 new customers every day.

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    Which in a way was true as I didn't receive double the goods or services. Why give out a credit card and not permit the user to use it? You can cancel email alerts at any time. You can confirm with the rep, but nothing else (account history, apr, etc) changed.

    Well they only do this because apparently it's their way of pre-qualifying you for a card. We’ll keep you in the loop about important consumer news, new buyers guides and top product recommendations. When I applied for the secured card, the "fine print" said if you made a year of on-time payments, you will have your deposit refunded. When I checked in, I accidentally used my DISCOVER CARD instead of my Chase Visa.

    Since Discover launched in 1986, weve made a business of redefining the credit card industry for the better. So I chose the first box that I believe said did not receive goods or services. Something went wrong, mind trying again?

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    1. After 4 months there is no chance that the retailer will take this item back so I will pay for it.
    2. After my husband passed away in 2007, I notified them.
    3. After she was done she call me someone else name.
    4. All appeared active and I was given the option to 'freeze' any of the cards.
    5. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Reputation: Discover has a great reputation as one of the largest lending institutions in the country. Reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. Rewards are better and it has the same benefits. Running 998edcf country code: NL. Since Discover launched in 1986, we've made a business of redefining the credit card industry for the better.

      Man named James said he would text me and for me to let him know if I got it- -I am legally deaf, no text, use e-mail. Many merchants are abandoning ship and refusing to accept DISCOVER. My Dad owns hundreds of businesses across America, and because of their unethical business practices, lack of morals by lying and scheming, Discover will lose all of those accounts on July 1, 2017. My bday was this past Friday.

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      I wish I had put more effort into seeing this before wasting my time with these people. I've been trying to cancel my mom's Discover credit. I've never been late, had a decent credit limit $1500 and they decided to lowered my credit limit to $750. If you are happy with what you have it may not make sense to upgrade for something you'll get getting anyway soon. If you do, do not put more than, maybe, $500 in the account.

      I just received a phone call today June 6 to tell me that they found out who that person was that has my account information on their account but they cannot delete it off our account. I keep getting the runaround so in other words my original rewards are just GONE. I left a crappy secured credit card for this, but what a mistake!

      They did not contact me again until 2013. They do not run your credit for it (I asked because I wanted the zero percent promotion. They never provide you on your statement what you need to pay to avoid interest charges.

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      I told them to find out who was the person that had my banking info on their account, please delete it from that person's account and call me to confirm that my info was has been delete. I tried to log in with no success 3 times. I was asked by Discover to submit 3 signatures and a copy of my driver’s license since I was disputing the account. I was charged double for eleven transactions ranging from $9. I was denied a secured credit card because of something that was 7 years old.

      Discover then starts adding the charges back on if the vendor doesn't give the money back. Each one explaining how lucky I am to be considered for a new Discover credit card. Everyone should know that if you are late on Credit Card payment they have the legal right to penalize with excessive interest and fees.

      I made more than a year of on-time payments and called to find out why my $2,000 was not refunded. I only received them once and was charged twice. I opened a Discover checking and savings several years ago and I feel very protected through them and they are very accommodating to my needs.

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      Com - Dealing primarily with the post-1996 era shaped by digital technologies and defined by consumer choice and brand marketing, this book brings together leading scholars, established journalists and experienced broadcasters working in the field of contemporary television to debate what we currently mean.Com does not evaluate or endorse the products and services advertised.
      • It’s probably not a personal card from your family.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • They will give you one or other excuse not to honor the promotion even if you fulfilled the criteria.
      • I've never had a Discover card in my life but about 8 months ago Discover said that I owe them $2,000 that someone transferred money from Discover to my Wells Fargo account.

      The person at Discover told me to call my bank and have them stop the payment. The vendors need to know they are being taken advantage of too. The young lady verify my information then attempted to apply my payment. There is no reason not to upgrade from the More (if that is what she has) to the IT. Therefore would you like us to send you a check for that balance? They also keep charging me late fees. They are not worth your points or time.

      They offer you a longer term at a higher rate but then you end up paying off the longer term first causing you to pay interest on the short term balance. They say they sent the 1099C and that it was returned to them. They slapped a $25 late fee on the account and raised the APR to double what it was before this. They won't cancel the card and want me to go through the process again. This is by far the worst credit card I've ever obtained.

      I was in the exact situation a few months back (Discover More to Discover IT). I was sent a letter that I did not claim a charge off from an account from Discover from 2007. I will NEVER obtain a secured credit card again, and frankly, I don't need one because I can now obtain unsecured credit cards on my own. I will never get a card from them and I am sure they will never stop sending approval letters.

      DISCOVER CARD DOES NOT PROTECT THE CLIENT/ CARD HOLDER - ON 11/23/16, I had a online buyer of a ring make a payment to my Discover card of $3400. DISCOVER employees are bottom feeding liars. DISCOVER intentionally left the "HOLDS" on the card, refusing to release that $40 hold. Did this recently as well, just with a regular Discover.

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      It took Discover more than 4 months of back and forth, charge added back in, deleted in my favor then ultimately back on. It was completely painless - I did it over online chat and had a new card by the start of my next billing cycle. It wasnt from my mother at all. It's in my Discover notes today as I just confirmed.

      DirecTV used my Discover card numbers that were on file to charge for three (3) Receivers, which by the way were returned to them. Discover has very deceptive business practices. Discover keeps losing my payments. Discover not only gives me rewards (even at 1%), but it also makes me feel much less vulnerable and much more supported.

      I am really frustrated with them and after I pay my next credit card bill I am done with them. I called and spoke to Jill. I cannot do anything and will be pulling from my pension due to their poor practices. I do not recommend doing business with this company if you love our country and support our President. I felt good to hear my Dad give the order to immediately stop all employees from using their DISCOVER CARDS and that his companies will cancel all DISCOVER ACCOUNTS on July 1.

      I filled out application for Discover card, I have a high credit score. I had identity theft some years ago and Discover was all over it. I hate DISCOVER for their dishonesty and lack of any professional ethics. I have attached two statements that show the charges duplicated. I have called Discover five times in reference to this.

      1. All my other credit card companies don't operate like this.
      2. An ability to connect and engage, on a short phone call, with our valued Discover Card members.
      3. And hopefully will prevent someone else from being tricked.
      4. I have never missed a payment with them or been late on a payment and was further told that "the system" takes other things into account, like how I handle my other accounts. I have not been late on any of them either. I have warned anybody reading this, if you keep DISCOVER, you have only yourself to blame when they scam you! I just became a Card Holder with Discover this month. I just made this change myself and it is easy.

        My girlfriend has an older Discover card and since it is not the Discover It, she does not get her FICO score on her statement. Not in a million years would I ever use this company. OK, so Discover doesn't have a live chat option. Of course it went into default. Please reconsider and do your research if you're considering a Discover Credit Card. Promised a new card in 1-2 days - 3rd I called and they told me it was never sent out so I have to wait another 2-3 days to get the replacement!

        Free FICO credit score: Discover provides a free online FICO credit score for consumers who have an account. Get your financial house in order, learn how to better manage your money, and invest for your future. Her advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, CNNMoney. How cruel was that? How do they even function? I am having to pay the IRS due to them not having records. I am part of the largest demographic sector in our 320,000,000 citizen population.

        You can have both and it will double the quarterly limit for the 5% categories.

        • " I have other credit cards that I have never "talked" to anyone.
        • A block was placed on my cash advances after I took out less than half the permitted amount.
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        Tip: Enter your city or zip code in the "where" box to show results in your area. Very predigest to deaf people. We have the POWER and the education to boot this "undercover" out fit to you nowhere. Weeks later I'm on my Discover account and see that the next day 11/29, the buyer closed his bank account and was able to GET HIS MONEY BACK. Well I tried it out because I wanted to know what my FICO score was.

        • " He again Said "YES MAM.
        • " His Answer "NO MAM NOT AT ALL, The money is already in your Discover card account.
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        Com find submissions from "example. Copyright © 2017 Consumers Unified LLC.

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        I put the almost $500 in dispute. I received a check from Discover which was returned to my bank in the amount of 7500, which has cost me extra fees in overdraft charges. I received a letter and they say that they have no written records and only have computer records. I said okay, then please email to confirm this and she said she could not do this. I then asked "is there any way in hell for this buyer to be able to take back this payment? I told him I can only e-mail, that I have landline.

        Beverly Harzog is a nationally-recognized credit card expert, consumer advocate and author.But if you don't want to get lied to, taken advantage of, get rid of ANYTHING that bears the name DISCOVER in your purse or wallet.But the kicker is DirecTV sent three (3) credits to Discover and now discover wants me to pay them?!

        Sounds right so far, correct. The Discover card is by far her oldest credit card so I want to know if she'd take a credit hit. The available credit and current balance was the giveaway. The bill was due on Memorial Day and payment was mailed 10 days before. The computer is the final say. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.

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