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Honestly, I had always read this as it was translated and posted online. Horny Peppers are a type of spice which also originated from Lescatie. Horrified, Luca immediately rushed to save them but was driven away by the tentacles. However, care should be taken not to touch any active megaliths as they would be saturated with demonic energy which would cause anyone that touches them to experience increased sexual desire and, in the case of humans, undergo monsterization.

Ashamed, of what Luca had seen or realized, they were prepared for rejection when Luca assured them that he loved them for who they are, regardless of what they had done or what they will change into. Based on their side of the story, monsters had always been fellow creations of the Chief God, just like humans, elves, dwarves and fairies. Battling against the black-furred and red-eyed baphomet Mimiru was forced to realize that her opponent was far more powerful than her.

However, it was soon revealed that Deruella was actually holding back during the fight as she only wanted to test their resolve, although she did start to panic once their teamwork started to overwhelm her, just as they held no desire to inflict grievous harm upon her yet alone kill her despite their antagonism towards her.

Besides, if they had actually managed to grievously hurt Deruella or even kill her, they would have to face Lilith herself who would not doubt be enraged by what had happened to her fourth daughter, never mind her husband who is likely to be just as powerful as well as Deruella's sisters. By human standards, their working life is still considered quite relaxed and flexible in nature, if a bit disorderly at times.

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As the creatures are small, cute-looking and docile, it is hardly a surprise that the pygmy boars are popular pets even amongst the nobility of the Demon Realms, which also allowed the pygmy boars to spread beyond the nation of Lescatie to other lands. As the daughter of the noble Noscrim family, Wilmarina had been trained from a young age to become a hero of humanity.

Sensual Beans have a chocolate-like flavour and can even be processed into a kind of chocolate that readily melts at warm body temperatures. She even hated herself for being a half-elf, a being doomed to a life of unhappiness, and blamed her own parents for creating such a being. Shinobu, along with Daniel who had recently regained consciousness, would attempt to rescue as many innocent civilians as they could from the mamono.

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  1. Although she acted as though she hated humans and elves, in truth she was simply trying to defend herself from humans and elves that generally despise her very existence.
  2. Although the existence of monsters and Demon Lords of the previous era, as well as their savage rampages before the era of the current Demon Lord, Lilith, are undeniably true, their origins and true purpose may not be necessarily true, that is if you are willing to listen to the words of the mamono and their allies/sympathizers.
  3. Although they all knew that they still doomed to becoming mamono despite somehow successfully suppressing the transformation for the moment, they no longer feared the inevitable future as they knew that their bonds would not be so easily twisted or broken to beyond recognition.
  4. Another notable place, or rather places in this case, would be the churches that once served as places of worship to the Chief God before being converted into churches that worship the Fallen God instead.
  5. Another reason why Aphrodia is a famous place of visit would be the simple fact that various places of worship can be found there, especially the temple of Eros.
  6. However, with her desire for love already fulfilled and knowing that Luca would never forsake her regardless of her former status as a half-elf, as well as still being connected to Luca through Spirit Link while under the calming influence of Calming Purification, Primera resisted the urges and fought on as a unique type of werewolf known as a "Half-Elf Lycan".

    With the revelation of Francisca's memories, and seeing the broken soul that Francisca originally was before Deruella changed her, both Wilmarina and Luca comforted her and apologized for forsaking her.

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    When Daniel realized that Koyoi was a talented monster slayer through the use of Zinpangu sorcery, he immediately requested to become her student and studied under her for the sake of increasing his understanding of magic. While Mimiru was fighting against the baphomet, Merse was a quickly overwhelmed by the apophis, a mamono that can take down even pharaohs, and was given her venom.

    While Sasha and Primera were still fighting, Mimiru and Merse were also dealing with enemy opposition when they arrived at the barracks. While humans may find the fruit to be repellent, mostly because of the strong musky smell which is similar to that of sexual bodily secretions, mamono and their husbands enjoy the scent and flavour of the fruit.

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    The source of their calmer instincts would be the use of Spirit Link which has become a popular way for mamono to feel more deeply connected to their husbands, especially after discovering a way to create runic tattoo versions of the spell that would permanently bond them to their beloved husbands.

    Given that Calming Purification can calm the aggressive sexual urges of both mamono and humans, it is a little unusual that the Order would vehemently refuse to accept the spell as a means to protect their own followers despite the fact that it can be safely used on humans. Having lost her family when she was little, Primera was taken in by Sasha and had lived in the orphanage alongside with Luca ever since. Hero-producing nation in the world.

    • This book is fantastic from,both an artistic point of view and how it feels like an authentic encyclopedia.
    • By the time Luca and the five heroines were done with their lovemaking while spiritually connected by Daniel's Spirit Link, they awoke to find Daniel passed out due to exhaustion, and being tended by a kunoichi that they recognized to be Shinobu.

    With the threats defeated, and the mamono who are subservient to both the baphomet and the apophis looking upon Mimiru and Merse respectively as their current superiors, Merse was able to command everyone to evacuate form the city while rescuing anyone that they could, especially friends and family, along the way.

    Disclaimer: This is a "what if" fanfiction (of the mockumentary style) scenario in the world of Monster Girl Encyclopaedia which will probably contain materials that will not comply with canon (original creator is Kenkou Cross). Don't mind any reviews that say you won't find pornographic or sexual content here because it is full of that (which is very welcomed.

    As for Francisca, she somehow changed into a seemingly ordinary roper rather than her monstrous "Queen Form".As for the people that Luca and his allies had rescued, Deruella assured them that they are free to choose as they wish regardless of what they decide to do.

    Undaunted by the failure, Daniel continued with his research to create a spell that could theoretically be used to either protect a human individual from demonic energy or to contain demonic energy being released by mamono, thereby limiting the danger of monsterization even when using Spirit Link. Under normal circumstances, a newly-turned werewolf would become feral with lust.

    Under the rule of the queen of Lescatie, who is in turn a subordinate of Deruella herself, the city that was once the capital of the religious nation of Lescatie is now presently known as Las Lescatie, a place of hedonistic debauchery with the environment of a Dark Demon Realm to match.

    • After making sure that the five heroines were properly "stained" with her demonic energy and that the two young men would not be able to escape anytime soon, Deruella hastily left to immediately prepare for the invasion ahead of schedule, confident that they will not be a threat to her plans as the heroines were already on the verge of becoming mamono that would be more than happy to serve her after they attack the two men to satisfy their overdriven sexual urges.
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    • After witnessing their memories, Luca was determined to save them and to prove to them that he loves them as friends if not as family or even as lovers regardless of the past and of what the future may hold.
    • Although not a combatant his deep understanding of spiritual and demonic energies as well as his willingness to think outside of the box makes him an invaluable ally to the people of Lescatie.

    While mamono may find the setting comfortable, humans would be driven mad as the realm is saturated with demonic energy, an energy which acts like an aphrodisiac to humans and can even transform women into mamono due to the influence of the current Demon Lord. Wilmarina's father and Francisca's parents were among those that stayed in Las Lescatie, most likely enslaved by sexual pleasure, while Francisca's three elder sisters went their separate ways.

    As such, Bright Green Demon Realms appear remarkably similar to human realms, so much so that a normal person can walk right into one and be none the wiser of it until he or she becomes affected by the demonic energy present in the said realm.

    I don't know if you can call this kind of product educational, but if you need some background information about monster girls from your favorite manga, then this is definitely for you. I for one saw an interesting world built upon the information contained in this book, that could be used in interesting ways; especially in writing or story. I highly recommend it for fans of monster girls and anime! I'll start by saying, I'm not the best descriptive writer okay here I go.

    Faced with the realization of why Daniel had betrayed the order, Sasha's already-weakened devotion of the Chief God was already on the verge of breaking. Fearing of becoming the same person as her abusive mother, Merse refused to embrace her womanhood and instead lived in a "manly" manner to further disassociate herself from the person that she hated.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Volume 1 is the first in a series of highly-detailed, illustrated books that contains one hundred profiles of wickedly lascivious monster girls. Musky Fruits, a unique type of Demon Realm plant that originated from the unique habitats found in Lescatie, is a smelly fruit which has rich sweet-tasting flesh. Naturally, this makes chocolates made from the beans even more popular than regular chocolates even among humans.

    Well aware the Inari Sect refuses to be openly antagonistic against the fourth daughter of Lilith if it can be avoided, Shinobu decided to act on her own, leaving only a simple message to her kunoichi kin of her decision. What followed after Luca's sincere proclamation of love, as well as their responses which ranged from thankful to apologetic, could be best described as an orgy which is loving and chaste in spite of their shared sexual lust.

    Changing into an "Arch-Witch" subspecies of a witch, Mimiru was closer to being the baphomet's equal than ordinary witches. Content Wise I give it five stars. Currently married to a kunoichi named Kagetaiyou Shinobu and an Inari named Amanomiya Koyoi, he is currently one of the more prominent researchers of magic in the nation of Lescatie alongside with Mimiru who is affiliated to the Black Sabbath Division of the Demon Lord's army.

    Including 240 pages of in-depth bios, one hundred gorgeous full-color illustrations, numerous tantalizing black and white spot illustrations, diagrams, and more, Monster Girl Encyclopedia introduces readers to over one-hundred different species. It certainly did not help that they somehow generated enough demonic energy from their lovemaking to flood the barrack's sleeping quarters.

    Mamono in general are not exactly the most diligent of workers, unless the reward for their hard work is to gain a man that they can claim as their husband at which point they will work with extreme fervour. Massive stone formations which are inscribed by runes, the megaliths function by drawing in surrounding demonic energy and emit them towards one or more directions.

    Despite the veneer of kind words and smiles, Mimiru eventually came to realize that they were all ultimately false acts of kindness meant to keep her under the control of adults that seek to use her for their own means, including her own parents who could no longer see her as their own child.

    Unknown to the researchers that did the secret experiment with the approval of the ruling government of Lescatie, including the king himself and the Noscrim family, Daniel saw the entire event thanks to a message that he found from an unknown messenger that told him to witness the event in secret.

    Before I go into detail concerning the fall and rebirth of Lescatie, one must first understand that there is more than one type of Demon Realm. Before everyone left, Merse made sure to retrieve the a certain squire who was supposed to be "guarding" the apophis that she had spanked earlier, and was in the middle of passionately making love to the said apophis that had honestly fallen in love with him by the time she found him.

    • A trope filled story based around our psychotic little hero, Tobi.
    • After driving them off, Sasha rushed into the orphanage only to realize that the children were already affected by demonic energy which was growing increasingly thick in the very air itself.

    Deciding that the place suggested by the two goddesses was as good a place to build their new home as any, Luca and his companions led their people to the location. Deciding to name the spell as Calming Purification, Daniel revealed it to his superiors who were admittedly interested in a spell that could calm the usually aggressive mamonoas well as prevent humans from being easily charmed by the mamono.

    Luca was arguably the only person that continued to treat her as a lovable child even after witnessing her powerful magical abilities and putting up with cynical sarcastic attitude, thus making her very fond of him. MAJOR WARNING: There will be implied adult situations, including ones involving children who are underage by human terms (mamono children in MGE can get rather "precocious" which is not a problem to their kind).

    Before long, they located the hooded heretic who was actually waiting for them to come, somehow knowing that Luca and Sasha would be his pursuers. Besides Calming Purification and Spirit Link, the other kinds of tattoos include tattoos which improve spell-casting, tattoos which grant increased combat awareness, tattoos which grant increased endurance, and tattoos which allow the user to cast simple spells such as healing spells.

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    This, along with the more amicable attitude of the mamono that live there, makes the town an attractive place to visit for trade if not more. Told from the perspective of a wandering monster girl scholar, these vibrantly illustrated pages teach us about sensual elves, dwarves, succubi, centaurs, mermaids, and much, much more, like you’ve never seen them before.

    True, the entire nation is now a Demon Realm and Las Lescatie is certainly as obscenely depraved as the rumours say if not more so, but after hearing about the trials of Luca and his companions as well as visiting Aphrodia, I do not quite agree to some of the accusations made by the Order.

    As Luca and Wilmarina rushed to the castle to rescue Francisca, they were horrified to see that the entire castle that she lived in had become infested with tentacles.As bad as the mamono of the current age may be, given their hedonistic debauchery and their tendency to corrupt otherwise pious people, including men and women who may end up forsaking their original friends and families once corrupted, never mind the very real threat of extinction given the dwindling numbers of pure dwarves and elves who are untainted by demonic energy, the mere idea of having these mamono revert back into the mindless monsters that they once were is arguably just as bad if not worse.

    One such mishap would be time when a teleporting spell went wrong which caused a witch's clothes to be switched with her husband's clothes, a husband who is an imposingly large muscular man with a stout body build and had actually screamed like a little girl when he realized that he was wearing his wife's tiny clothes. Order within and choose AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping at checkout.

    Besides Ley Line Megaliths, other magical items have also been created such as Portal Arrays which allows near-instant travel to connected locations across the known world, charms that allow the user to cast Spirit Link or grant Calming Purification upon the user, potions which allow a mamono to temporarily gain the form of a human woman, amulets that act as magitech communication devices, magic equipment which possess the ability to transform into armour or weapons, and Ley Line Gates which basically act as safe passages to allow people to travel between connected Ley Line Megaliths.

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    Mimiru fought against a baphomet that was leading a group of witches that were already turning some of the men into "lolicon onii-chans" while Merse fought against an apophis that was turning the women into lustful lamiae that were already ravishing the remaining men inside the barracks.

    If such things are offensive to you then I would recommend that you turn back. In addition, the more honestly attracted a human man is to a mamono, the less likely he would be able to resist her charms even if he has Calming Purification.

    Due to the increased diligence towards work, the town of Aphrodia is unusually productive for a mamono town in terms of trade with other nations including human nations. During that time, Wilmarina changed into a succubus while Francisca somehow gained a more mobile form which allowed her to move and fight with the aid of her tentacles, apparently fuelled by her desire to be able to move freely and be together with her friends.

    Something for everyone abounds in this wonderfully articulated sexy guide for the adventurous monstergirl connoisseur. Surprisingly enough, Daniel was able to quickly create a runic spell that could do just that. Thanks to Mimiru who casted the improved versions of both Spirit Link and Calming Purification, they can remain spiritually connected to whoever they hold dear and resist monsterization for a prolonged period of time.

    Even Deruella was impressed with the Ley Line Megaliths although she and her followers declined the offer to change the capital city into a Bright Green Demon Realm. Even Francisca and the two young girls that Sasha had turned into hetaerae joined in and bonded with everyone as a result. Even details about religions, geography, beliefs, superstitions and their intelligence ratings make it worth a read for those looking for creative inspiration.

    It should be noted that Calming Purification was only supposed to calm sexual urges and aggression so that mamono do not always end up thinking about sex all the time, not to actively suppress their urges. It was Luca who answered the question as he told her that true happiness is something that can be found in even the simplest actions of love and kindness, sexual or otherwise, as long as people are truly together as friends if not as family regardless of issues such as rank or race.

    Mimiru, having been accepted as a member of the Black Sabbath by the baphomet that she had previously fought against, agreed to have a temple of the Black Sabbath be connected to a new facility that Daniel had planned to build for the study, teaching, and research of magic in exchange for providing knowledge in both sorcery and the general ecology of Demon Realms.

    Sasha, having managed to reach the orphanage, was forced to fight off a powerful dark priestess of the Fallen God, a renegade god that defected from the side of the Chief God, who was about to transform the children into lustful mamono. Seeking fun and pleasure, the mamono of Aphrodia have an interest in many forms of art and recreation much like typical mamono.

    As such, Spirit Link is usually only used on loving and devoted couples that have truly accepted one another as husband and wife regardless of past grievances towards one another. As such, they decided to consider her offer and will let her know their answer after they discuss the matter with their allies.

    Thanks to their combined efforts, Daniel was able to convert the town of Aphrodia and its immediate surroundings into a Bright Green Demon Realm. That is not to say that the husband is free of hazards from using the spell though as he too can suffer a backlash due to the memories of his mamono wife.

    Frequented by those that worship the Fallen God and wish to fall into the eternal pleasure of Pandemonium, these churches are exceedingly lewd and hedonistic, often filled with the moans and screams of pleasure. Further research on Spirit Link revealed that Spirit Link not only acts as a possible direct conduit for demonic energy, it can also act as a means for mamono to directly feed on their husband's spiritual energy in small amounts even without necessarily having sex.

    However, rather that creating a protective spell, Daniel instead created a spell that could potentially calm the aggression and lust of a mamono as well as retard the mental-changing effects of monsterization for both men and women. However, the baphomet did not expect Mimiru to be able to continue resisting her and was thus unprepared for Mimiru's counterattack which wounded her.

    Fending off the werewolves who quickly realized that the two young women were not behaving like typical human women who are deeply affected by demonic energy, Primera told Sasha to keep going to save the orphans while she holds them off. For my next destination in my travels, I'll leave that to your imagination.

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    As for the rest of the army, many of them became residents of Las Lescatie and faithful followers of Deruella while others had set off to wherever they wished to go, some of whom deciding to live in Aphrodia.

    Upon reaching the capital city, and thankful that the perception of time while under the influence of Spirit Link was much faster than the actual physical passing of time which meant that they had more time than expected, Luca and his companions arrived just in time to see that Deruella had already initiated the attack while under the cover of nightfall.

    Primera Concerto, born from a human father and an elven mother, had to live of life of persecution from both humans and elves. Running 998edcf country code: NL. Sasha and Primera on the other hand would save the human children in the orphanage and take them to safety while Merse and Mimiru would go to the barracks to save Merse's subordinates.

    Deciding to put the spell to the test, Daniel was able to set up rune-inscribed megaliths with the help of Mimiru, the baphomet who decided to follow Mimiru to Aphrodia out of curiosity alongside with the witches under her command, and even mamono from Zinpangu which are mainly kunoichi who are loyal to the Inari Sect.

    In addition, the town of Aphrodia is known to hold various concerts, competitions, and festivals, such as their famous annual harvest festivals which include driving off swarms of Demon Realm insects that spray aphrodisiac-like demonic energy as a form as self-defence. In response to Luca's demand for answers, Daniel revealed that the ground below them is a massive magic circle, saying that the answers will be revealed to them.

    The five heroines, seemingly isolated and alone in spirit, were on the verge of monsterization when they all felt a comfortably familiar presence reaching out to them. The quality of this hard cover is great as well as the pages great effort and love was put in this book I feel. The second reason is that, unlike most mamono, the married mamono in Aphrodia can have priorities that are almost as important as their love for their husbands.

    With the usage of the two spells becoming more widespread, and ways to cast the two spells as permanent tattoos readily available, it may be only a matter of time before most mamono start to live like the mamono of Aphrodia.

    That is not to say that the inhabitants lack leisure time though since their working attitude is still quite relaxed by human terms and that the mamono of Aphrodia can get quite hedonistic when they get into mood. The 18+ is not as common throughout the book as you would believe if you haven't seen this content, but what it does have is certainly 18+. The Demon lord is gonna have a hard time overcoming this berserker.

    On the other hand, animals and ores unique to Dark Demon Realms are very rare in Green Demon Realms. One mistake was all it took for Primera to be struck by a particularly strong werewolf warrior that had jet-black fur and blood-red eyes. One of them is the Pygmy Demon Realm Boars which are much smaller versions of the usually-massive beasts that can comfortably live in both Dark Demon Realms and Bright Green Demon Realms.

    Then again, the spell was approved by the Demon Lord herself so it can be assumed that the Order is paranoid that the spell is a trap of some sort, which is understandable given the fact that the mamono of the current age are not above charming humans into complacency. There is even the possibility of the megaliths being able to prevent a human realm from becoming a Demon Realm or at least retard the transformation.

    It was at that moment when Deruella decided to challenge them to a duel. It was at that moment when Primera arrived after defeating the werewolves. It's most important function however is that it would be able to act as a theoretical anchor so that a woman who is becoming a mamono will not lose herself to the monsterization process.

    Shipping to a APO/FPO/DPO? Shocked, Luca quickly asked him why he had betrayed the Order, which included setting an entire magitec research facility on fire and letting it burn to the ground. Since all of the named heroines are currently mamono who are married to him, with the addition of two young girls who lived in the same orphanage as Luca and had loved him as well even before becoming mamono, it goes without saying that his present love life is most active and raunchy indeed.

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