Nike running shoes - After trying on the shoes in the store, I was very confident and satisfied with the shoes I had selected. Obviously upset I try to figure a way to get another pair or see what Nike Claims could do for me. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands If your company has a page on our site, we invite you to to respond to your customers directly. Regardless of age a shoe should not disintegrate.

  • A little over 2 months later, they are COMPLETELY FALLING APART on the TOP of the shoe.
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  • After a little over a month of having these Kevin Durant, and only wearing them several times, they broke on me the other day.
  • After a long wait I finally got someone (Amanda, or Amber).
  • After calling Nike to inform them of this, we were told that since they had already processed the credit to the gift card, they couldn't do anything else about it.

This was made by the manufacturer. This was seriously a disappointment! Today is the second time I had to re-glue the soles back on. Two months later the soles starting coming apart from both shoes. We paid $175 for my son's soccer shoes 8 months ago. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

First Nike product we ever bought and probably the last.

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I didn't complain, because I read others end results. I don't ever remember this happening before 7 to 8 years ago. I filed a claim with Nike and truly believed they would stand behind their product and make it right. I get an email that the shoe are no longer in stock and they don't sell those shoes any longer! I go on to explain I don't have means to send these sneakers out and how I can email pictures with the damage and a picture of my license.

They would do absolutely nothing. This company has seriously gone downhill in the last 5 years. This noise occurs on concrete, or tiled floors.

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I purchased a pair of Nike Huarache baseball cleats for my son and spent over a hundred dollars through East Bay. I purchased these Flyknit sneakers for my son just for casual wear - no "high performance" activities. I purchased two pair of Nike Huaraches (one for work and one for recreation).

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These were for a occasion and I'm still furious to this day. They are very comfortable new and still six months later. They were bought Dec 2016 as a Christmas present. They were purchased at Dick's.

I spent approximately $76 for a piece of junk! I tell them my situation, how I've been a long time customer, how sneakers (Air Max in particular) in the past have broke or popped with no excessive wear, how I was pretty upset about these Kevin Durant breaking on me. I used to work for nike in the 90's. I was told if I sent them in Nike would just send them back. I went to show the Exclusive Mirror Foamposite off and they were significantly faded.

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  3. It's all about how many shoes they produce, and how quickly. Join the ConsumerAffairs Community! Maybe I'll make my sneakers out of old milk cartons now as they will probably last longer than Nike sneakers. My feet hurt while wearing these shoes and I have just given up.

    • " My husband checks the account and they took the money the same day I asked for my refund!
    • " Pathetic to say the least!

    How hard is it for them to take responsibility for their workmanship errors.

    My son received a pair of KD 9's for Christmas. NIKE attitude was "we have lots of stock of other trainers. Needless to say I am NO longer a Nike fan, ** Nike, and I will not purchase any more of their crap. Nike need to put up their game and make quality products, instead of cheap rubbish!

    1. Both Nike and Dick's refused to do anything about this.
    2. Bought my son a pair of black Nike Jordan's.
    3. Com does not evaluate or endorse the products and services advertised.
    4. Disappointed with Kevin Durant Fire and Ice sneakers I bought for a 10 year old boy.
      1. After the page told me I had to mail my sneakers in and wouldn't take pictures I emailed I tried to contact someone directly via phone.
      2. After they had them posted for people to order!
      3. All in all Nike lost this customer of many many many years!
      4. As this was 6 months ago (Christmas time), after the gift card was used it was thrown away.
      5. Basically for the name and style.
        • Shipped it to Nike, the sock connected to the shoe is falling apart!
        • They refused to replace, send a voucher, or do anything about the shoes.
        • Nike doesn't care because they know that most people will simply go buy new ones.
        • I'm not that hard on my shoes either.
        For Christmas my daughter was given a Visa gift card to use from her grandfather to buy some custom ID Nike tennis shoes.For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.For the price of these sport shoes should last more than six months.

        I'm guessing this pair was made first thing Monday morning or the last pair on Friday afternoon. I'm now going to get the law into it and build a case on them for FRAUD! I've been trying to get NIKE FLYEASE, the amazing trainer designed for disabled athletes and due to the zip you can get a splint in.

        However, after wearing the shoes for about 2 months, they are now making a noise when I walk. I am hardcore fan of NIKE for years and this was never expected from such a reputed brand. I am nervous about getting on the treadmill as I dread the painful shocks. I am sad that NIKE after all its advertisement in respect to this product have allowed themselves to have no stock.

        In August they fell apart while I was playing golf. It looks as if they saw I mentioned a child in the letter and they then wrote back to a child, not an adult. It supposedly comes with a 2 yr warranty?

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        Save your money and time in trying to file a claim with Nike as you won't get anywhere. So I've been buying Nike my whole life. So obviously upset I explain my dissatisfaction with her and Nike. The Nike Air Shoe is an expensive shoe that will not hold up. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. The entire sole separated from the boots.

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        When you spend that much money on shoes, you expect them to stand by it. You should maybe start making your products to last. Your Nike product is only good for 2 months guaranteed.

        I had to have them, hell I bought another pair to play in and one to wear around. I have hardly used them for about two months for morning walks. I have never experienced anything like this before using these sneakers. I have shared the picture of the shoes which clearly shows the shoes are maintained well but only due to poor manufacturing it got worn so badly. I just purchased two new pairs, first pair 2 days starting making noise, returned it, got second pair, after 1 week, making noise.

        The last two pairs I purchased were made with black mesh, instead of man made material, or leather (which I don't think is available anymore) and within 3 months they both had holes. The material they use for sneakers now is PVC/Olefin, which is basically plastic. The past 7 years the shoe quality has been getting worse.

        The sole is paper thick and the sole is coming off main shoes in a month and half with use only in basketball court. The sole of the shoe wore out in less than three months causing the air pocket to deflate. The supervisor stated, "I could send the shoes back but my claim would be denied since there wasn't a problem with the shoe, that it must be from dry air in the winter. The upper of the shoe speaks to the use which is like new.

        Their products are only made to last 3 months? There is different levels of comfort in the different styles obviously. These are kids shoes and if Nike can't make a sole for a kids shoe I will not purchase from Nike anymore. These shocks are very uncomfortable. These shoes came from Vietnam. These shoes have been used occasionally since that time.

        I am shocked to see Nike shoes are coming of this inferior quality. I bought a pair running Nike about 2 weeks ago. I bought my 12 year old son Nike Huarache in late December 2016.

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