He Is Confident Now And Will Be 30 Years From Now. Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus), especially analytical Virgos, are resilient and realistic. Both Virgo women and men have lived their lives with the impressive ability to see themselves completely as the world sees them. Virgo & Virgo Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility. The good thing in a sexual relationship of two Virgos is their respect for each other's sense of shame and the pace they want their relationship to move in.

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As the “mothers” of the zodiac, it is embedded in our very fabric to take care of people. At the same time this drive for perfection can be cause for disharmony between two Virgos. Be careful though, two Virgos can sometimes bring the very worst in each other if they're too much alike. Be careful to slow it down in bed, Aries. Because Aquarius will understand instinctively, and can get worn out by too much negativity.

Please email if you believe this is an error. Please include your IP address in your email. Rather they will be more eager to go out and get the best tickets to the opera for their beloved or ensure that they have the best rooms in the hotel on their seaside vacation.

Sexual and naturally service-oriented, two Virgos will stop at nothing to please each other. So when two Virgos begin dating, they are likely to take every care that everything is perfect – right down from the creases in their outfit when they out together to the ambience in the restaurant where they go to have dinner. So, I would say, lovely first friendship, lovely first affair, and then better to part ways, because long term, there are so many difficulties.

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You may find Aries exhausting, but you’d make great business partners. You need someone who will let you winsometimes. Your mutual love of freedom and excitement means this could go the distance without you getting too bored.

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In a weird way, it makes him proud. In astrology an earth stands for an ordered and structured existence, looking for structure so that the person can be safe and can control its environment. In general, you will always have great sex with your own sign because you understand your partner's style in bed.

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Virgo doesn't want to be a free spirit, it wants to live a life of accomplishment and of something important, to do something. Virgo is a thinker, and so is Sagittarius, they both are interested in ideas. Virgo is a, making it one geared to sampling activities, "trying your hand" at something. Virgo is great at manifesting things into reality, they are great caretakers, they love acts of service, that's how they show love.

Aquarius can feel weird if they are forcing their interactions with someone -- because it cares greatly about authenticity.Aquarius can get overwhelmed by too many materialistic commands.Aquarius doesn't put as much energy toward having a clean space (or the concept of clean), though it will be a bonus to them to have a clean space because Aquarius is sensitive and easily effected by the external world.
  1. And, it must be said, two Virgins make for a whole lot of finely tuned relating.
  2. Aquarius are forward thinkers, but they use the past to advance their future.
  3. Aquarius can feel deeply hurt by strong judgement.
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    What I like about this pairing is how much devotion Virgo can offer and how Aquarius can tend to it. When the Virgo leaves this earth, the Virgo wants to know, oh, I made a difference to the world. Whenever you meet a new crush, it’s always so much fun to find out their sign and then check out some silly astrology site and find out whether or not “love is in the stars” (or some other cheesy cliché) for the two of you.

    It doesn't like to be changed or told what to do, how to think, how to feel, be told what is its sexual orientation. It is insulting to say an Aquarius is too cold or unemotional. It is the sign of the adventurer, the one who wants to get out and experience and not be tied down. It would be best for Virgo to take on more household work while Aquarius tends to other relationship matters, from creativity, spontaneity, adding variety, or romance.

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    1. Analytical from birth, both you and your Virgo man have mastered the art of the joke.
    2. And Virgo magnetize the natural traits of this lovable.
    3. And they’re about as stubborn as you.
    4. And this ‘something’ in all likelihood will be a sense of emotional belonging, of being connected to each other on a deeper level than everyday companionship or occasional sex.
    5. Let your romance be free and spontaneous so that Virgo is getting a clear signal from you. Like Ebenezer at the end of the story, beneath the surface of what a Virgo will often publicly exemplify, we are actually fair, honest, selfless and wonderfully playful people. Living lives of seeing the world for what it truly is also allows people to see themselves as they are. Look but don’t touch. Make sure to be consistent and clear about your interests, Virgo.

      As a primarily Virgo woman, I search for safety, dependability and sensitivity.

      You are two people who will work hard and never apologize for it. You don’t actually have much in common, And you adore each other because of your differences, not in spite of them. You don’t get Geminis. You have the rebellious, off-beat, and authentic Aquarius paired with the hard-working, perfectionist, and diligent Virgo. You keep him intrigued with your ability to fight sarcasm with sarcasm.

      It's like taking 10 steps out of your body and observing yourself as the opposite sex. It's teaching you more about yourself than you could have ever imagined. Just be careful not to get too bossy. Keep them in the know.

      They have a different way of displaying and working through their emotions, which is actually at the core of who they are, not to the side as many people wrongly try to explain about the Aquarius. They may need to encourage each other to break the ice. They'll both want to live simply, sensibly and as close to natural elements as possible. This is the man who will kiss your forehead while you fall asleep.

      Being ruled by the planet Mercury who was the busy messenger of gods in Roman mythology, Virgos have a tendency to take on more responsibility than they can comfortably handle; as a result they drive themselves too hard and are often fraught with a kind of nervous anxiety. Both Virgo women and men have lived their lives with the impressive ability to see themselves completely as the world sees them. Both of these can hold heavy shame for not fulfilling their own goals and inner selves.

      By the age of 20-something, realism has prompted a Virgo into coming to terms with him or herself as is, so he or she can focus on becoming even better. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Conversation will be frequent with the Virgo who is constantly putting their self out into the world coming to different ideas. Cultivating these together, especially when it's fun, too, is love superglue. Date the people you're attracted to.

      Aquarius is a visionary constantly coming up with new, beautiful ideas, but often doesn't feel like it has an outlet for it to be a reality.Aquarius show their love by adding you deeper into their social circles -- you'll meet a number of friends and family members.Aquarius, you need to be open to letting your romantic side out.

      The two will need shared hobbies, particularly creative projects. Then again the Virgo is a mutable sign which means that they are quite flexible and thus can be expected to adjust well to each other’s personality traits and priorities in a relationship. There's a concern for etiquette in the beginning that lends some refinement to what can be an awkward time. These two make for an automatic strong business match. They go off like fire, instead of like smoke.

      However as an earth sign, the Virgo is often more comfortable expressing their love in terms of practical gestures rather than words. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. I Believe much in loyalty & two Virgos will be bring Much loyalty. I don't want to loose him. I feel that if you're a fun person, then you simply can't be bored. I have been in contact with a beautiful Aquarius for about 6-months now.

      I just want to stay with him forever. I think these two can really show a depth that is fulfilling. If he's dating you, even just casually, you are someone who is important to him on some level, and vice versa. If you've grown apart, look for new challenges that thrill you both, and sign up for a class or intro session. If you’re happy to escape together, or at least invite each other in, this could be a perfect match.

      As independently efficient people, neither of you would waste your time on a second date with someone who doesn't inspire you.

      The Virgo man provides a strong means of support for another Virgo who always seems busy with everything else, and vice versa. The Virgo woman won't compromise on anything but TV. The Virgo-Virgo couple will need to cultivate acceptance for who they are at any given moment. The best thing you can do Aquarius is just be yourself. The biggest hurdle will be communication and learning how to address conflict. The experience is weird, intelligent and absolutely fantastic.

      The fun part is really Sagittarius who looks for fun in life. The passions, more or less, are like fireworks. The two will do well to think before speaking, to let their anger die and go calm, and for them to try new things and be spontaneous.

      Strangely, both of you feel all the more confident in the union knowing he can relax you. Such partners not only enjoy common social pursuits but sometimes close friends and family members can also play a constructive role in ironing out differences between a couple, at least in the initial stages. The Gen-Y Virgo in both sexes is the responsible planner who knows who he or she is right now, and who has a specific set of future goals and a general plan to reach them.

      Whether the two of you are getting serious or just dating and still playing the field, as two Virgos, once you have each other's attention, you can be sure to expect nothing short of emotional loyalty. While an air sign like the Gemini or Libra is also rather emotionally distant, they nevertheless possess the capacity for effective communication with which can express their own unique way of loving a partner.

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      Sagittarians are too wild for you. Sagittarius also has a way of making Virgo feel criticized, and even though Sagittarius doesn't criticize, Virgo is the one who is critical, very often people who criticize themselves are very wounded by criticism, they can dish it out, but cannot take it. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so it has a lot of energy, a kind of dynamic passion, but the passions of a Sagittarius are not deep seated, they don't smolder.

      In this particular instance, when two very secretive, sensual and immensely generous Virgos come together intimately. Interestingly, this trait of the Virgos can go either way in their relationship – if both are willingly to take the criticism from a partner in a constructive spirit, it can lead to better mutual understanding and improvement. It comes with a family pack of what Virgo does in volume -- analyzing, criticizing, self-improvement planning, organizing, fretting.

      This is the man who will tell you he hates cuddling, and then engulf you completely while he sleeps. Thus, the Virgo man is just as forthright and honest as the Virgo woman. Together activate the desire for perfection, and that can become a busy, edgy preoccupation. Too much emphasis on the plans for progress can put them in high stress mode, and tax an already nervous system. Two Virgos could amplify the nerves of the sensitive nervous systems.

      Downside: Hyper-critical; high-strung (hard to relax); work oriented to a fault; shy or insecure. Going that far can set a Virgo off. Guided by their desire for perfection, Virgos also tend to have a penchant for criticism. He has his moments of understanding, but he's still being a total d*ck to the ghosts who are only trying to work with him. He helps me become a better person.

      Marketing Director and Journalist by day, creepy voodoo astrologist by night. Nd all from my past relationship he made feel the best which i ever dreamed of. Once there is intimacy, these two have the skills to satisfy, and open up to earthly pleasures together. Once this pragmatism is established, the two of you can concentrate on the very best part: exploring one another emotionally. Picture Ebenezer Scrooge in the middle of Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol.

      While this trait works wonderfully well to ensure that Virgo partners lead a comfortable life together, one that is as much marked by clockwork precision as by material security, down the line they might feel their relationship lacking in something. With any luck, we will one day be something great together. With earth as their ruling element, the Virgo is grounded in everyday reality and motivated by material success in any venture or responsibility.

      Upgrade any one of the browsers below and it will make your internet life better - not just on Ranker, but everywhere! Upside: mutual devotion; demure lovers; sensual in each other's arms; healing together; partner yoga; health enthusiasts; sincere; patient; thrive in settled relationships. Virgo can nourish Aquarius and its weird habits, quirks, and feats. Virgo comes to a better understanding through negativity and isn't as distraught by it -- but Virgo is sensitive in its own right.

      Both should work on the home, not just give it to one person. But Virgo will try hard to pin you down and figure you out, because Virgo has been waiting for someone who is as fast of a thinker as them, and you stick out like a sore thumb. But doesn't want the Virgo to be overbearing toward it. But done, according to the highest standards in their personal rulebook.

      • We've had our ups & downs but it made our relationship so great.
      • Virgo, like Scorpio, want the Aquarius to be comfortable around them.
      • Virgos are too confrontational for you.
      • They are not mirrors of each other.
      • On the plus side however, Virgos are imbued with a deep sense of commitment.

      Virgo needs to express itself, but not at the cost of hurting the Aquarius' feelings. Virgo wants perfection, and can beat itself up for falling short. Virgo wants to take on the world, and sometimes they feel like no one else but themselves can do it. Virgo: look for strategies to better relay negative messages. Virgos are known for their ability to see and communicate truths.

      Yes, she sticks out like a sore thumb, and it is not a bad thing at all. You are both multi-talented, able to juggle a multitude of people, ideas and tasks. You are both organized, thoughtful and stick to the schedule. You are intolerant of each other’s differences, but find each other a bit annoying. You are two people who give your all to everything you do because you are perfectionists.

      1. "I've been with him almost 3 years.
      2. Almost every certified astrologist will warn against dating your own sign due to similarities causing a lack of balance in the relationship.
      3. An Aquarius craves creativity over cleanliness, perfection, and the like.
      4. Virgos love to learn and often have many hobbies that involve daily practice. Virgos utilize comedy to calm others because it calms their own anxiety, too. Virgos will be very loving and committed to an Aquarius, though if early on the Aquarius doesn't seem to fit their standards, they may cut them loose. We are consistently working toward being better, whether in public or in private. We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.

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