Our Online Agents Can Help With: Virus removal; Networking; PC/Mac tuneup; Software installation; Tablet or printer setup; Phone setup; Camera setup; And. In store, by phone, and through online chat, our Blue Shirts and Agents are ready to answer. We'll match the product prices of key online and local competitors. Contact Best Buy customer service or browse help topics for answers to your customer service questions.

REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Receipt says NOTHING about not issuing store credits! She verified the style advertised on line and that it was $229 but with the ad would be $129.

We’ll be adding more features soon. We’re ready to help online, on the phone, in your home, and at Best Buy stores across the U. When I called today they said my husband had to call to talk with them. When I could not get a battery I opted for a replacement. When I got the car home, I called my wife outside to surprise her with the new speakers. When do I get my own time especially when I made the damn appointment in the first place?!?!

As he enters his stuff up in the computer monitor.At the department at tablets no one was there after 3 mins I trying to chase someone.

I took it back to the store and was very rudely told that they didn't have anyone to fix it and maybe I should take it to an outside shop to get it fixed. I took the item to the cashier and gave him a description of the person who verified everything. I tried to return a Panasonic phone after the 2 week period, did not expect or ask for a refund, and they REFUSED to give me even a store credit!

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I lost $20 in credit for initial purchase price, $20 in gas commuting to this place and $8. I pay my card on times and still Nothing? I picked the computer up 4 or 5 days later. I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone from Best Buy Store #406. I put the phone in my purse and drove the home. I set up an appointment on 11/30/16 to put new audio speakers in my wife's car. I told them no one shows I have purchased the Geek Squad protection plan for my laptop and I have to give my plan no.

I wanted to give them all the benefit of the doubt but NO DOUBT they don't care about the member, the one on one time with them, and all that matters to them is the sales and to squeeze money out of me whenever possible whether I had the money or not. I was told that when you walk out of their door, you are on your own. I was told to call the corporate number to inquire about the rewards. I went back to the store 16 days later.

You should be able to return the item within your return and exchange period or explore our Trade-In Program. You will play a significant role in providing White Glove Service to our Loyalty Program.

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Back in the day (previous to 2003) Best Buy hired more professional, helpful, knowledgeable tech support for both customer service and for product knowledge, including helpful, FREE uninterrupted advice.Call AAA- a different driver- he tells me the same thing.Can t wait for more features that keep making Geek Squad support a breeze!

Com with order info and a summary for review? Comes the day of install- they forgot to order a part which is needed to have satellite radio.

  1. Again I called customer service and was told I would receive my credit within 30 days.
  2. Also, you have to sign the terms and conditions which is right in front of you and it explains the deductible.
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    I have been a long time customer of Best Buy and have never returned an item before. I have run into the same problem with Geek Squad online chat rep, 1-800 reps and in store reps. I have spoken to many Geek Squad reps from USA, to the Philippines and even India, since August 2 2017. I have two laptops in for service and have to enter the 14 digit service number for each every time. I looked at the return/replacement online.

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    I went into the store and asked the representative about the best economical computer for a middle school student. I will never recommend this card to anyone. I'll be deleting this useless app. I'll be sure to pass along your feedback.

    Please, please do not shop here! Prorated amount from the original protection plan purchase amount of $699. Prorated fee for doing absolutely nothing, not even a replacement remote for that tv was sent for them to charge me this ridiculous prorated fee but, whatever.

    I asked him for a case and keyboard for my iPad said we don't have it at this time. I bought 2 computers this weekend. I can tell that there is a step missing to this refund and that is the wire transfer. I can't even view a list of my plans on this app or on the website. I ended up with Best Buy’s Geek warranty. I enquire about it, tells me he put in for a 4 year warranty with additional fees for windows 10 (windows 10 came with it but he felt the need to add it as extra cost).

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    I'll pass along your feedback. If you have ever used Best Buy in the past and were not satisfied, new management and strategies have the company back on track. In the meantime I proceeded to make another purchase of an Ipad Pro, and was supposed to get the typical reward points for that purchase - which should have been $30 in rewards - It is 5% of the total purchase.

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    To get this fixed which I have done. Transfer data from one computer to another. Understand best available times during the day or. We have bought numerous items ranging from a refrigerator, to TV's, CD players, speakers, cell phones, phones, music and on and on. We take their assessment, took pictures of the wires and a video of the mechanic explaining the problem and took it BACK to Best Buy.

    Item of lesser value or can send one of these although viewed as new more expensive item even though it's not if you used a Best Buy Credit card they will bill you the difference even though you purchase the warranty. Join the ConsumerAffairs Community! Look for the word New if you don't see it.

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    They sent me a bugged phone to replace my cracked one. They set me up another appt. This app shows that I do not have a purchased plan. This goes on over and over, then they also have some that demand why I want a manager because they full well know to complain but they stonewall. This has become the industry standard when taking your chance of buying anything online. This is my 1st experience with Geek Squad and it has not been pleasant.

    Should update like the emails. Since then I chose to cancel my other Geek Squad warranties for the hassle I received over my AV receiver one that was made with my Citibank Best Buy credit card and one that was made with my personal Credit Union MasterCard. So, Best Buy has created a horrible company where profit is the only goal. Thank you for sharing this with us, and again my apologies if this is what you witnessed. Thanks for confirming this.

    1. After picking out the CD player, with no help, we went to the computer monitor area, where again there was no-one approaching us.
    2. After three days I checked my account and the purchase had cleared my account.
    3. While I'm right in the middle of typing or viewing something. Would you mind DMing us? You can cancel email alerts at any time.

      He did not check out my purchase or asked me any questions. He then became very "investigative" and asked that the woman that has assisted us to come to his POS. However, once they completed adding all the fees etc. I am just glad this is over. I am now calling CC company to cancel charge. I apologize for the dropped call and the delay.

      1. Amazing since the update.
      2. And if I paid the account off the following month, I would receive $150 in rewards to be used towards a future purchase.
      3. It can make a company successful and it can destroy companies that just don't get it. It says you have 14 days for return replacement or repair. It should be here tomorrow- great! It started on 7/23 the day my geek protection was due to expire my phone needed a new battery, ironically the geek protection claim to replace 1 battery for the year. It's not even a mobile site.

        I explained that the computer was not used and that it was opened by the representative but the behavior indicated that he did not believe me. I felt like I was in their way both times I came in. I had a long list of things to go over and he wasn't willing to have the in depth conversation. I had purchased a 4 year replacement warranty to have "peace of mind" what I got was more of a headache with the Chino, California Geek Squad Service Center.

        Find purchases make appointments and more. For an open box that was previously used, and secondly why was the product not tested upon it's return and put back on the shelf for re-sale with no clear indication it was a used product. Guy act all friendly giving me discount etc.

        That is literally the final step but no one is doing it even though I keep mentioning it to them! The Best Buy credit card was refunded within 48 hours back to the card which was pretty fast, (how convenient) for them to refund their own card right away, right? The Sales Supervisor ensures Best Buy delivers a world-class. The card number is the same, the expiration number is also the same because it expires on 2019 so that's is still a long time to go with the same card.

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        Conduct “what if” analysis in order to determine the best strategy for meeting all service and cost goals. Copyright © 2017 Consumers Unified LLC. Decent prices for immediate purchases. Did you order the digital copy or pick up a physical copy in store? Everytime I talk to someone to prove it and they still tell me I may have charges to fix the problem with my 3 week old laptop. Finally after speaking with another person at the customer service desk (in line for 20 min) they set me up an appt.

        Then a couple comes in and decided to butt into my time slot, so the so called tech support guy had to go back and forth every 20 seconds between the 2 of us during MY appointment time! There is no other excuse for it to not be refunded in a timely manner. They do not repair or replace anything.

        • I found a young woman (long brown hair with glasses), who answered a few questions about monitors, admitting that she knew very little about them.
        • Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof.

        My apologies for any issues getting a hold of us on the phone. My overall experience was horrible I will never buy anything again from Best Buy. Oh and if I had gotten the insurance it would be 11. Paid $419 for Geek Squad Protection for two years.

        The choice is up to BB and the senior director of stores. The delivery person did come back and take off my old washer as he had promised, actually going against what the scheduled. The entire time I was waiting for the rewards to show up in the mail. The people helping me at the corporate level had me on the phone for over 1 hour but would not re-appoint the rewards for me to use and they were rude.

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