San Pablo Bay NWR - Hunter Meeting 09/21/17. Ducks unlimited Southern California. Newbie NorCal hunter looking for hunting partner/mentor. Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here.

The salton sea is loaded every year. The same principle applies to ducks. There are just some places that are so special and especially interesting for birders, that they should be protected. These change every year so be sure to check before each season. These three gorgeous ducks are likely to be only the 7th reported sightings officially accepted in the state of Utah.

  1. And find out new or recent happenings.
  2. And for those who remember a regular waterfowl season with a daily Canada goose limit of one or two, the early Canada goose.
  3. And the sad part is, most of it is legal.
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  6. As white shows up a long ways off.B/c I was hunting with people I hadn't before and my dog doesn't stay in her blind the whole time I didn't want the birds to land in front of the blind.

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    • " Unbelievably untactful actions by hunters.
    • (serious question) If you are talking on stage, then i dismiss your comment.
    • A Pennsylvania goose hunting forum for various waterfowling in PA.
    • A Wisconsin goose hunting forum to talk about ideas and views about waterfowling around WI.

    I've had sandhill cranes and federally endangered whooping cranes coast over my head, seemingly close enough for me to grab their long, dangling legs. I've never considered myself an "activist", but I'm certainly campaigning to stop hunting along the Antelope Island Causeway and asking for a 100 yard no-hunting buffer along both sides and maybe a restriction on chasing waterfowl with watercraft into legal waters.

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    1. Ability is what you're capable of.
    2. About a 2 hour drive from Balboa hospital.
    3. Activity at the feeder has gone up as they are getting ready for the big migration.
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      From the Berkshires to Cape Cod, Here is the place for the Bay State waterfowler to discuss and share their Massachusetts duck hunting experiences. Goose meat for the homeless. Got drawn ressy#6 for delevan refuge in California and we had a blast. Her tail wagged as she swam. However I have fallen over while doing the “stand on one leg like a stork trick” in the past few years as I’m a little bit older and fatter than my ninja youth.

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      1. A place for goose hunters in NY to talk about New York goose hunting.
      2. A place to talk about decoy trailer setups and ideas.
      3. I doubt we will ever find out who really did it. I feel most alive when I'm duck hunting. I had 3 widgeon on my side last weekend that came right in and I was thinking that I was going to triple. I have been in the blind with some guys that have won titles "yes on stage" and they only use a Hail-ComeBack-short Quack-Greeting-High Ball and the whistle. I hope this project don't get in the way of Crappie Fishin'.

        Big Thanks to the OP for this thread.

        For hunters of my generation and older, perhaps that’s still a back-of-the-mind thought process, but for nearly a generation of young hunters, the early Canada goose season has always been there as something to consider in addition to late summer fishing. From just feet away, I've watched a bald eagle grab a marsh bird called a coot off the water. From lay out boat hunting on the great lakes to the stubble fields.

        • A duck boat forum to discuss duck hunting boats, mud motors, and everything related.
        • A few geese from this last season.
        • A forum to share your favorite duck recipes, goose recipes, wild game recipes, and smoking; along with how to prepare game before hand.

        Don’t stuff the decoys in where you want the birds to land. Duck Hunting Tips of the Day. Duck hunting in California topics include: California duck hunting trips, the past hunting seasons, and share information about California duck hunting guides.

        Takes about a second to switch out rig. Talk about Louisiana goose hunting including various information from tips to locations in LA. Talk about Missouri goose hunting from snow goose hunting to Canada goose hunting around goose hunting in MO. The "clucks" and "quacks" are true feeding calls that happy mallards make as they move through the water feeding. The Duck Hunters Organization. The big water of the rice. The late Harlequin Duck - male molting into breeding plumage - R.

        But just like every single time, it is frozen over solid.

        They stay real good that way. This advice is based upon the Sacramento Valley down to SoCal. This forum is to ask questions and have discussions about various duck or goose carved, hand-make, or off the shelf decoys. This is how she began. This seven mile stretch of road on a dike is used frequently by runners and cyclists too. Thursday's hunt didn't reach that level of existential bliss, but, as always, it came close. Today is the 80th Anniversary of the first Federal Duck Stamp.

        Snow Goose hunting information. Sound travels great up or across the water. Stop by and ask a question or feel free to tell a story. Stop by and chat with all your fishing buddies. Stop in and share your stories and thoughts.

        Caption id="attachment_3946" align="alignnone" width="580"] The spring light goose conservation season started on Feb. Discuss Michigan hunting and share your duck hunting secrets here. Discuss goose hunting in Michigan and information surrounding waterfowling around the state. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Don’t miss your date with the great outdoors.

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        • Driving two hours to elbow my way into a crowded marsh well before sunrise, so I could spend the better part of the day with snotcicles forming under my nose while standing in icy swamp water up to my waist, a shotgun and duck call in my shivering, cold-numb hands.
        • Read others posts and share your thoughts here.
        • This EXACT SAME THING happened two years ago in Ohio.
        • A lifelong angler and forager who.

        If it’s sub freezing I will wear a good pair of long underwear under my fleece pants. If there are too many hunters, the guys at the back of the pack go home. If you are a ninja like me you can do it standing up. If you are hunting rice, you will hear feed cackles and other calls. If you are where the birds don't want to be, that's when calling is extremely important imo. If you aren't sure about distances put your furthest decoy at 40 yards.

        But was wanting to know if anybody still hunts grey lodge. Ca, Robert Kyikavichik was out hunting for ducks.

        Just personal preference and b/c I have about 60-70 boxes of steel already. Keep a duck guide in your bag. Knowing the weather has changed with lower-freezing temps, snow and ice you are just hoping the hole is not frozen over. Learn and share Illinois river duck hunting with other duck hunters. Mallards are two female limit and 5 drakes. Most users ever online was 4,405, 04-16-2016 at 01:46 AM. Motivation determines what you do.

        Turns out, it was from her mothers' side of the family 150 yrs ago, but didn't know it until after we bought it. Unless otherwise noted all images are copyrighted by the author of the post and they retain all rights to their images. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the DU Migration Map. What color is your Kool-aid?

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        Blab about rare birds on the internet and this is what happens.But competition feed chuckes, not so much.

        I use about a 4' overall length for line. I used to have a much more accepting view toward the sport as a whole, as others here have indicated. I'll prefer hunt specklebelly or canadian geese and all ducks there are here if it's possible. I've gone to cabelas outfitter pattern for the central coast. I've gone to cabelas outfitter pattern for the central coast.

        Information and questions about shotguns, shotgun shells, loading and ballistics. It can be painfully hard work. It lasts longer than a knot. It stood up, yawned, made a little "yip" sound and ran toward the other coyotes on the far side of the field. It's like flying kites or remote control airplanes!

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        If you can’t move over you better learn to call and make everything else in your spread perfect. If you want to catch a great calendar. In the past few weeks the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has released some numbers from spring surveys, which might give hunters some idea of how this fall could play out compared to the last few years. In the refuge less is more when it comes to calling as your neighbor doesn't want to hear it. Information about Iowa duck hunting.

        Re: What is a lens for wildlife photography? Ryan Sabalow offers a look into the life of a public-lands duck hunter. Ryan Sabalow’s chocolate Labrador retriever, Gaddy, watches the marsh. See the photos below for example. Several huge flocks of pelicans cruised lazily overhead. Share hunting dog tips, hunting dog training questions or links of interest here. Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here.

        Hunters also have a powerful voice for conservation. Hunters can go hunt them up in Washington or wherever. Hunting Wild Duck,Goose,African Bird. I don't really think it does anything.

        When ducks are circling your spread they are looking at everything. When you aren’t where they want to be and you can’t get them to come to your spot, pick up and move over to where they are landing. Whether or not there is proof the Harlequins were shot, the fact is, this happens all of the time.

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        While anywhere beyond two decades ago, HIP might have meant “aware” or “fashionable,” to those of us familiar with the migratory bird hunting world today, it also refers to the Harvest Information Program. X calls work great but Y calls suck”. You cannot get into trouble if you don't shoot something you are not sure of. You need a camo ballcap and facemask/face paint. You need to clarify, NO ONE HAS CALIMED RESPONSIBILTY FOR SHOOTING THE DUCKS.

        Feel free to submit hunting news from around the web. Flip flop for a North wind. Follow him on Twitter: @RyanSabalow. For decoys im leaning towards starting with a 1/2 dozen mallards and 1/2 dozen spoonys, does that seem about right to start, question here is i see standard and premium decoys, are premium that much better.?

        No Company ads of products or services are allowed except for SPONSORS. Nobody is born with a call in their mouth when they come out of the womb, not even the duck whisperer. One learn to read and estimate distances.

        One of my rules in when in doubt don't shoot. Pull/jerk enough so it moves towards you or at least makes ripples but not so hard that it rips the stake out of the mud. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Re: Should I mix goose and duck decoys?

        I just set all of mine up with the keel grabbers and 5ish feet of line, but what are the advantages of each? I like boot foot, not stocking foot but that’s personal preference. I probably burn 6-8" or so with knots. I recall some years ago canvasbacks were not allowed to be taken. I sport the Duck Stamp on my binoculars.

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