GoDaddy Help and Support will answer all your questions about GoDaddy products, your account and more. Hello Everyone, Just wondering if godaddy does offer 24x7 online chat support as of now they seem to be offline. Hi, I am trying to reach your chat support for a long time now and you are always offline. I took a trial for 1 month, but if you don't have chat or.

Sorry for that unusual delay. Spam is not allowed here. Start free LiveChat trial! Storage space: The economy plan comes with only 10GB of storage space – enough for most small business owners, but anyone who plans to expand his/her business and consequently his/her website may end up paying more for extra space.

I cannot describe the stress resulting from this; at one stage I was just in TOTAL despair. I find it quite suspicious and coincidental that I was not informed of the pending expiration and that "someone" had an automatic bid placed on the domain without any prior action. I had a VPS with Godaddy for quite some time, but let them go. I had no idea it operates like a cell phone.

There is an online FAQ to help customers get answers to common problems they may encounter. These are the friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate people who are there any time of day or night to help a customer resolve a problem or answer questions. They have one way and that is it. They should have told of the price prior to completing the order. They want to sell it to me for $9999! This is the 3rd or so times that I've called GoDaddy for help or with questions.

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This is the best live chat for GoDaddy. Today, GoDaddy has evolved and provides small businesses owners with the products and services they need to manage and grow their business. Two months of work was lost when they deleted the old server. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. Very poor data security and if we ask for backup they ask for more money.

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosts in the world, and currently serves over 45 million domains.

Wasn’t in the least concerned that one or two of their employees may be dishonest. Watching the auction revealed no action, no views, and no bids for two days. We provide website building, hosting and security tools to help customers easily construct and expand their online presence.

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Straightforward setup: Once you purchase hosting services, it is easy to set up your account and begin using it. Stuff like this happened A LOT. Terms of Use Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the. The customer service person is nice enough, but obvious they can't do anything. The customer service rep started by defending domain reselling (or hijacking as I refer to it) just like the prior rep had done.

Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all other forms of hate speech are explicitly banned. So I don't think that Godaddy's doing a fair business. So at the end of the day GoDaddy deleted my site and still wanted money for the mistake they did. So, I am thinking, they made my admin inaccessible, then deleted it.

Follow for resources and special offers.GoDaddy also offers Get Found, to help small businesses attract new customers and productivity tools including: Microsoft Office 365, Online Bookkeeping, Email Marketing and a tool to help small businesses Get Paid.GoDaddy brought mainstream marketing, competitive prices, reliable technology and personalized customer service to the early days of domain name registration, which revolutionized the registrar landscape and propelled GoDaddy to its No.

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Later I found out he charged it for $140, and because they actually can get your website back after they "delete it permanently" decided to authorize the charge for the website builder. Let me know if you still need help. Lose all your work and get abused in the process: STEER CLEAR - I spent GBP2,700 with this company after spending 10 years taking unique photographs of life and scenes in Myanmar (Burma). May be Godaddy don't have income from their domain and hosting services.

I was charged 5 times from 2013 to current for an auction membership which I never nor know anything about. I will never use Godaddy again and would recommend steering clear from them. I would have needed to contact them within 30 days. I would start by trying the things they suggest there. I'm even going to name names. I've paid them a bunch of $$ for nothing!

REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Recently had technical issue which had to be fixed @ the 'backend' on GoDaddy server. Schützen, indem Sie bestätigen, dass Sie ein Mensch und kein Bot sind.

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I spent around 16 months selecting and improving 730 of my best pictures from the 21,000 pics which I’d taken of accessible places to way off-limits gem pics and accurately labeling them and then a solid two years at the British Library and online and reading altogether 43 books on the history of the places of interest to tourists and the politics and background of the Bamar and of the 147 ethic groups.

I had to hire a web designer to interface between my old web designer (who was equally incompetent in a whole other way) and GoDaddy; they were often at a stalemate and no one would budge. I have been with GoDaddy for 10 years and after several instances of high-pressure sales tactics, I have decided to move website hosting to another site. I have finally lost my patience with them and I am pulling my business from them. I just tried the chat support and it says "Chat Busy" and isn't available.

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My best advice is not to do business with this company. My email account is now full of spam and even personal emails from web developers from India and the most unusual places, but that is nothing. NEVER BELIEVE anything you are told by staff-they are just there to do a HARD sell to you and are pig-ignorant about techie, and most other hosting issues. Not seeing any general issues with SMTP today. Ohhhh, for $59 more they will create it for me by the end of the phone call.

Inrichco We're expanding to more areas, but for now make sure you have selected "United States - English" in the upper left to access. Internet-Netzwerk angemeldet ist, festgestellt. It disallow to remove the card incorrectly stating that card is linked with products. It is known for its low cost, domain name auctions, and its back-ordering policy for unavailable domains.

If I am only one person and this happened to me three times, imagine how many times Godaddy unlawfully commits theft of funds of others who in good faith give their credit cards to this untrustworthy organization. If they have questions, we have localized customer support agents available for personalized support around-the-clock. If you want to offer more inventory, you have to pay an extra fee. In any of their emails or website there is no mention of any email address for customer support.

We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Website builder costs extra: Customers who don’t want to design their website from scratch must pay extra fees to access GoDaddy’s website builder tools, although the tools are very useful for both beginning and seasoned web designers. Were you able to get in touch with support?

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  • Com and it was the only time I've used this card in over two weeks.
  • Are you still having trouble?
  • Years later, I noticed an unauthorized charge on my credit card statement of over $200.
  • What sets GoDaddy apart from the competition?
  • (domain hosting and email).

He said the charge was issued on 05/27/17, therefore, it's non-refundable. Here are the results:. Hour customer support: GoDaddy offers a variety of customer support options 24 hours a day. How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years? I Paid $1300 for website design plus $200 for useless annual hosting. I am stuck with them for three years, they did not show any concern when I told them I was very disappointed with their service and I wanted to cancel, they did not even ask me why.

What exactly is the error encountered on your end? What is something you wish every consumer knew about GoDaddy? You don't have permission to view this page.

  1. Com find submissions from "example.
  2. Com to make their magic as they assure me they were able to remove that note immediately after paying $250, they not only were not able to remove it immediately as they promised and submitted a ticket as I did it myself a few days ago but they charged to my CC $320 for a product they originally offered for $250.
  3. Com, but it's the #2 way to contact them overall according to 404474 GetHuman users.
    • Because I did not find it fair for me to pay for something I didn’t mess up in the 1st place.
    • Before the company launched, the domain name registration process was complicated and expensive.
    • Best for Personal website owners, web hosting companies and bloggers.
    • But I do think a lot of it is just simply wrong information given to you.
    • After I bought the package I found out ALL the limitations: especially be prepared that they will NOT DO ONE THING FOR YOU in terms of helping to bring your sites over from other hosting places.
    • After trying to back up my websites and not having access to any cPanels, I then tried to restore after destroying and was amazed to find out.
    • After upgrading, we received a bill for annual cost from McAfee/GoDaddy.
    • All conversations have been recorded and will be posted publicly to warn the public of these unlawful practice by Godaddy.
    • Are you still seeing an issue with the Domain manager?

    Phone has 64 min wait. Please include your IP address in your email. Quoting my rep on the cost for the domain at "$20".

    GoDaddy has also shifted our brand strategy to revolve around small businesses. GoDaddy has been hosting my website for about a year.

    Godaddy claimed - falsely that none of my five registered and valid cards worked with the hosting renewal of my site after I’d launched it after all that epic work and sent the email whilst I was away in Myanmar and out of reach of the internet - they then took my site down the same day as the last payment was taken, and charged a huge amount to "recover" the site, but failed to do so; I hired a techie website guy in Malaysia and he told me that my pictures - the most valuable aspect of the site - were still there, but it needed Godaddy to co-operate with the recovery.

    I received a notification that I had won the variation bid and went into the account to see why I had not received notification of the original domain, only to find out that its auction had run for a few minutes longer and an "automatic bid" had been placed at the last minute and won the auction. I received an email saying I was charged for this auction membership. I received the charge on 07/13/17, today is 07/17/17. I set up a payment arrangement for my Domain payment.

    1. Choose the account you want to use by locating the Products list, selecting Website Builder, and clicking Manage.
    2. Christopher **, Chase **, and countless more - all giving incomplete and grossly inaccurate info.
    3. Com and aren't getting anywhere, you might want to have one of our pros take a shot on your behalf.
    4. The supervisor, Christi was not helpful and could not understand where I was coming from when I said I wanted a refund and did not consent to this charge. The version of the server software was newer than the older backup version, so my snapshot would not work. Their sales agents will do anything to get your money. There are approximately 210 million small businesses worldwide; GoDaddy helps them get online. There are better products out there.

      I am transferring everything I have with Godaddy and never doing business with them again, but like most corporations these days they got my money and don't care. I called billing to ask for it to be removed and even escalated up to senior billing management who didn't care either and both indicated this is the way they do business and all are happy with it. I called in to complain and have it reversed.

      It is nice to see that GoDaddy will keep money for future services that will not be used and refuses to give any aspect of the money back even if the service that was purchased is 3 months away. It may not be possible to know if the issue was DNS related. It was clear to me that Chris was so happy to get my business that he left out a lot of details. It was lost too because there was a 30 day refund period from the time of order and it took 4 weeks to get the amateur "draft".

      Godaddy now adds your expired domain name to what they call an "auction list" and places a very high price for you to buy it back; there is no one bidding for your name, Godaddy has taken possession of your Domain name and is holding it hostage for a price. Had a problem with creating just one email account. Happy to look into this. Happy to take a closer look if you wish to share details.

      Once you paid they don't do refunds. Onze excuses voor het ongemak. Or you can write a review to share with other customers. Paste your Pure Chat code in the text field. Phone and email support is also available.

      GoDaddy essentially ‘democratized’ domain names back when the company was born in 1997.
      Even GoDaddy’s advanced plans offer comparatively little space – you can get unlimited storage space and bandwidth, but your database is limited to 1GB.Explanation was simply they don't have the package subscribed initially available anymore.Facing problem of hacking at Godaddy.
      1. Confirm by clicking on OK button at the bottom of that box.
      3. Did you get helped out?
      4. Easy to use: GoDaddy comes with an integrated control panel that makes it easy to access email, upload web page files, and install add-ons.
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