Check your order status, find answers to your questions or talk to our friendly support team here in the US. Call 1-855-253-6686 and choose option 1. Chat to Check Repair Status. Enter your serial number to see available support options. Downloads · Documentation · How-tos & Solutions · Warranty Lookup · Contact Us · End-of-life Products Archive.

I have been going calling support, they said a supervisor will contact me. I have called him, left voice messages and emails. I have never been so poorly spoken to. I have spoke with multiple representatives. I just wanted to ask if my computer is compatible with an external DVD drive, and he said you can talk to my engineers if you pay the $17.

And now everything is fine. And they had no clue just as they are reading form some basic manual. As bad as they sometimes are Lenovo is much worse.

Because I face problem with Lenovo mobile service center near ramanand circle Davanagere Karnataka pin577004. Before purchase i wanted to know a bit more about their extended warranty - no one could tell me this, eventually they sent me some random documents. Bought a Flex 3 for my daughter for Christmas 2015 for college use. But no, it's a contract with a cancellation penalty. But once it's out I am not buying a lenovo again.

My Thinkpad X201 Tablet was purchased in December 2010 and was one of the highest end options available at that time, I made the purchase with confidence in Thinkpad's reputation in great performance and durability, but as a customer, the product that I received from your company has not lived up to its standards. My working mobile to upgrade software i given mobile in sevice center.

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The lack of reliability to the saying of Lenovo support(or service I don’t know). The phone service tells you to wait on the line for a representative, but the hold music had barely played a few bars before Richard, also in the Philippines, picked up. The policy remains same for all Lenovo customers.

Lenovo Quality and Customer Service, advice? Lenovo backs its laptops with a standard one-year limited warranty that includes parts and labor. Lenovo does not provide refunds or credits for portions of a packaged offering provided at a single price or for preloaded software products installed by Lenovo.

Or you can write a review to share with other customers. Please download a newer web browser to improve your experience. Pre sold software was missing, motherboard replaced, boots into black screen that Windows can't repair.

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The Videos' button leads to a set of extremely outdated how-to videos, many of which cover now-defunct Lenovo software being used in Windows Vista. The actual question: I've been burned pretty badly before in the past with a refurb Gateway and their nonexistent customer service. The company continues to offer a wide variety of helpful web-based support options and social media responses via Twitter, though finding answers on your own isn't always easy.

I am very disappointed with Lenovo's after-sales support, I wish that contacting Lenovo Executive Office will be an opportunity for Lenovo to restore my faith in its brand and products. I asked him to relay the message to his supervisor - Derick, and give me a call on Monday, but until today (a month later), I still have not received a call from anyone.

By the time she came home for Easter break it was freezing every 30 min. Call us at +1-877-887-3557or Chat with an expert now or any day of the week. Called in through technical support team as suggested by your staff in the emails, no responses ever received, even though your staff claimed that a supervisor will contact me regarding my case "shortly". Com, which is available from 10 a. Computer started to freeze up within 1 month.

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Contact Lenovo™, United States, for sales, order assistance, technical support. Dial 1877-887-3557 to get support for Lenovo™ laptop, Computer, keyboard, touchpad etc. Dial 1877-887-3557 to get support for Lenovo™ laptop, Computer, keyboard, touchpad etc. Disclaimer: We disclaim any association or affiliation with Lenovo™.

I escalated my case according to your company's policy based on what your staff informed me, but the escalation team is so difficult to be in contact, basically "escalation" was nothing more than a word without any real actions taken by the staff. I finally agreed to purchase a set of Win 7 Pro installation disks from them for $70. I guess whatever vestige of IBM culture has finally gone from Lenovo. I had purchased the accident protection plan for a Yoga 900 and my screen cracked.

Lenovo™ laptop support, Lenovo™ laptop support phone number, Lenovo™ laptop support chat, Lenovo™ laptop stand, Lenovo™ laptop accessories, Lenovo™ thinkpad support, Lenovo™ t61 support, dell laptop support, ibm laptop support. Lots of options, but only one you, right? Mistakes and delays over and over.

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I strongly recommend arranging the call via the web form, because you won't have to spend any time navigating through a phone tree and the rep will already be aware of your issue before the conversation begins. I told him i think he was a pop-up that caused my problem. I totally agree, Lenovo was my worst customer support experience! I was impressed with the level of personal attention and care for detail.

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When I asked for a phone number that could allow me to reach a customer relations staff, he provided with a wrong phone number that would reach nowhere, not even a valid department. When I was unable to use the one-touch button to restore the laptop mailed one a recovery disc to me. When he came back on, he incorrectly informed me that the Yoga 910 cannot charge devices while off. Which they assured me would resolve this issue. Who will take the action agininst service center people.

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I would warn everyone out there to avoid purchasing premium support because they do not resolve issues, and it is not easy to cancel the service. If I had purchased it through them they would help. If you believe that what I have been describing is an exaggeration, I can assure you that what I have been describing here are facts. If you don't want to pick up the phone, Lenovo offers several ways to get support online.

Not only did they not return calls after I left many messages, certain staff said that they would inform their supervisor about my case but I never received a call back, and none of these were occasional incidents, your staff are indeed having major problems in returning customers calls. Not only did your repair team took 2. Once again, thank you for contacting Lenovo. One would think their own technicians should have access to the correct replacement parts, right?

The search is also unaware of what laptop you have. The telephone customer agent will disconnect the call when I was not agree with them. Their solution was to reformat my computer to solve the most minute glitches for the first two times I called in for help. Then, she waited while I rebooted the computer and logged in with my index finger.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We catalog the best ways through tough customer service issues. We had a major issue recently with the laptop. We may be able to tell you the right questions to ask or things to say. We no longer support Internet Explorer v10 and older. We're a third party technical support service provider and used the name of brand here just for the reference purpose.

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For those lookig for a laptop brand, do not include lenovo on your lists if you do not want a terrible service provider experienced. Forum takes you to the home page of Lenovo forums, and Me shows your list of registered laptops, just like you'll see on the support site. Get instant for all locations in USA and Canada.

Expert technician and they can resolve your issue and we are providing Lenovo™ tech support telephone number 24*7. Expert technician and they can resolve your issue and we are providing Lenovo™ tech support telephone number 24*7. Expert technician and they can resolve your issue and we are providing Lenovo™ tech support telephone number 24*7. Expert technician and they can resolve your issue and we are providing Lenovo™ tech support telephone number 24*7.

This call lasted only 5 minutes and 32 seconds. This is a current model laptop, not some old models that production has ceased. This is stated in the warranty I purchased. This is the best live chat for Lenovo, but it's the #2 way to contact them overall according to 189890 GetHuman users.

Doing research into Lenovo's customer service generates as many "Lenovo is a world-class first rate company" from most likely paid reviews as "Lenovo SUCKS and I HATE THE WORLD. Dollars and they wanted to charge me 70. Dont buy Lenonvo, their support and product is terrible. Doubt I will buy Lenovo again since you can't reinstall the preloaded software. Etchnical support services for Lenovo™.

Bad service, terrible refund policy and I swear the guy was reading from a script that said, listen to them until they un out of steam then restore the computer to the factory settings. Basically what I learn from my experience is that Lenovo can say that they will provide warranty service for their products, but in fact, the customer can never take advantage of it even if it is the manufacturer's fault at the first place and the warranty is still active for the product.

I called my bank to freeze my account til further notice. I don't think I am making any unfounded claims here based on the whole experience so far that I had as solid evidence, especially I have provided many opportunities for Lenovo to correct this issue. I ended up figuring it out for myself, taking less time to go on comment boards to fix problems.

I was never offered an opportunity to return the peripherals, which are essentially useless to me now. I will also share my experiences online and with my colleagues as well, as I do not want more people to be victimized by Lenovo as I was. I would not buy Lenovo again, even though I like some of the products, because if something goes wrong, you are in for a world of hurt and frustration.

Lenovo™ laptop support, Lenovo™ laptop support phone number, Lenovo™ laptop support chat, Lenovo™ laptop stand, Lenovo™ laptop accessories, Lenovo™ thinkpad support, Lenovo™ t61 support, dell laptop support, ibm laptop support. Lenovo™ laptop support, Lenovo™ laptop support phone number, Lenovo™ laptop support chat, Lenovo™ laptop stand, Lenovo™ laptop accessories, Lenovo™ thinkpad support, Lenovo™ t61 support, dell laptop support, ibm laptop support.

After three factory resets--and all the work involved in reloading programs, etc--Lenovo Service decided I needed a new mother board on my Yoga 900s, which was only 4 months old.

If you want to do a voice call with Lenovo, you have two options: either call the support number directly or use the website to sign up for a callback. Incredibly frustrating customer service experience. It didn’t, and when I tried to return them for a refund, they refused, stating I didn’t call their tech support for assistance. It features four main navigation buttons — Home, Help, Forum and Me — along with a search box that queries the same Lenovo support articles you find on support.

There is no perfect laptop, Apple spews lies that people believe about their relability(look on any mac forums if you dont believe me). These two cracks were apparently resulted from weaknesses in the product itself, as they are both located near areas of frequent usage. They dithered for ages, unable to make a decision, while escalating the issue to what they called "people who could make things happen.

Said they could help and charge me a one time fee of $17. Sales Sales order help Let us help decide what system is right for you. Since then I am getting automated messages from Lenovo every 4-5 days that just say that repair is on hold as they have to wait for a part. So, not only they sold me a defective product but they weren't even able to replace the defective part with the correct one!

Lenovo will accept the return or exchange of a hardware product in its original package for a full refund if Lenovo shipped you the wrong product or makes an error in the configuration of the product ordered. Lenovo™ Laptop Support Lenovo™ Computer Support Lenovo™ ThinkPad Support Lenovo™ Help Lenovo™ Laptop Help Lenovo™ Printer Support Lenovo™ Printer Help Contact Lenovo™ Help.

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Software delivered electronically cannot be cancelled at any point. Stall you until the warranty period is over, then claim that you are out of warranty, cannot fix the issue. Terrible customer service - perfectly friendly, but utterly useless. The Lenovo Companion app is primarily a friendly front end for the same web resources you can get in your browser.

This time I waited at least 45 minutes before speaking to anyone and when I finally did, it took another 10 minutes for him to explain that the part was unavailable and there was no time frame for when it would be ready; so they were holding my computer indefinitely! Three months later (so I am bad with monitoring my credit card) I realized that I was still paying for the service. To say that Lenovo's CS could be a lot better, and it has significantly improved doesn't make sense.

I asked how to use the fingerprint reader to log in to Windows, how to configure the laptop to charge devices over USB even when it's off and how to stop the computer from prompting me for a password every time it wakes from sleep. I calld back to ask to refund my 300.

With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. Yes, all of your cocmments were right on the service performance of lenovo, very very frustrating and tiring and disapppointing. You can contact us at 866-42-THINK (84465) followed by option number 4, or login via live chat Lenovo - Lenovo Chat and a customer service specialist will assist you with your query.

To test Lenovo's support, I used a Yoga 910 and attempted to answer three questions, via both phone support and web and social methods. Toshiba fans sound like jet engines and then fail. Unless you agree that a defect with a laptop needs more than 1-year warranty period to repair based on Lenovo’s quality standards; otherwise, I am sorry to say that your answer is absolutely invalid and illogical. Used many different brands, Lenovo is the lowest of the low, disappointment beyond description.

All cancellation requests will be reviewed to determine eligibility.

They insisted on my sending the machine to Sydney three times to be serviced, each time just restoring it to factory settings, which I could have done myself. They promised that it would be returned within 7 business day. They taken my zuk mobile some pass stolen. They told me that I should not have upgraded to Windows 10 and on the third return, they installed a new hard disk and Windows 10, but didn't activate it.

They wanted me to pay for premium support $199 for me to download the Dragon Assistant software after I accidentally deleted it. They will not call or mail for the heads up on the status of your unit, you have to call or email every now and then to know an updates regarding your unit. They’ve been my primary computers, so I must admit I’ve gotten good service from them. ThinkPad/ThinkCentre/ThinkStation support is in Atlanta, GA.

After using the laptop for 4 months, I started noticing cracks on the exterior case of the laptop, including one major crack near the latch that opens the laptop, and the other crack near the rotational hinge that connects the base and the monitor of the laptop.

I am looking forward to hearing from your company's executive office regarding this simple issue that still cannot be resolved after more than half a year. I am never buying a lenovo again, but here's why i will still recommend you do. I am not one to be unsatisfied with a product or be difficult, but this is beyond unsatisfactory. I am out on my own to deal with my lemon of a computer.

However, the setting to enable powered-off charging is in Lenovo's preloaded Settings app and it's actually enabled by default. I am a HUGE fan of the ThinkPad's, They are Excellent and Long Lasting. I am a physician, and I need a computer to use for my work every day, and having a laptop shipped in for repair without being returned in a timely fashion can cause a lot of inconvenience for my work, aside from defects that were not repaired after the long wait.

  1. " I would have found it by now.
  2. After a month, I was notified Lenovo didn't have a motherboard for it and would "buy it back.
  3. After taking a couple of minutes to give her my serial number, name, address and other info, I asked her how to set up the laptop's fingerprint reader for Windows logins.
  4. After the first request for repair with none of the issues resolved, I want my case to receive the attention it deserves if I need to ship in my laptop for the second time, as I cannot allow a similarly ridiculous incident to happen again with staff telling me week after week that my laptop will be fixed, but at the end nothing was done.
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    You can pay extra to extend the warranty up to three years (more for business laptops), add on-site service or get accidental-damage protection. You can schedule a call in advance, but in my experience, there's no waiting at all if you ask for an immediate callback. You can search the company's support site, which includes a large number of how-tos, engage in a live chat, post to support forums or reach out on social media. You will also receive a shipping confirmation email.

    Get instant for all locations in USA and Canada. Get instant for all locations in USA and Canada. HELP IS JUST A CLICK AWAY. He then accessed my computer & scanned it - showing me foreign & local errors/established to my computer.

    • I recently had a problem with my Lenovo desktop computer, which started turning itself on spontaneously.
    • To find the proper contact information for your country, please use the country selector at the bottom of the page.
    • The issue here is even when my laptop was still in warranty, your staff failed to complete the repairing work.
    • The irony is that I thought "you get what you paid for.

    I mailed it in, they said they replaced the motherboard, it failed again 5 months later. I never got the call. I posted a question asking how to make my Yoga 910 charge a phone via USB while the laptop is off and. I pressed to speak to a manager and (after another 10 minutes or so) the technician told me that one would be able to call me back within THREE DAYS?! I purchased a lemon from Lenovo.

    I called Lenovo suport to see if my laptop is ready the day the month was ending at 08/08/16 and I talk with a guy and he told me that as he can see there has been a month since they receive the call for support and it’s not ready so they will arrange to send me the Laptop the next day with a format (in order to go where I purchase the laptop)to replace it with a new one, the same day I had another call from the service(Service) that was telling me that the laptop is ready and they will send it to me the next day.

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    Provide by us Support service for Lenovo™ yoga tech support number, Lenovo™ support, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ customer service, Lenovo™ tech support, Lenovo™ support number, Lenovo™ customer support, support Lenovo™, Lenovo™ tech support number, Lenovo™ customer service number, Lenovo™ technical support phone number, 1877-887-3557 Lenovo™ support phone number, Lenovo™ phone number, Lenovo™ help,Lenovo™ support chat, Lenovo™ customer support number, Lenovo™ laptop support, Lenovo™ customer service phone number, Lenovo™ customer care number, Lenovo™ help desk, Lenovo™ com support, Lenovo™ customer support phone number, lenova support, contact Lenovo™ support, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ phone support, Lenovo™ computer support, Lenovo™ support phone, 1877-887-3557 Lenovo™ help number, Lenovo™ technical support chat, Lenovo™ tech support phone number usa, Lenovo™ contact support, Lenovo™ pc support, Lenovo™ online support, Lenovo™ tech support live chat, Lenovo™ support contact, lenevo support, Lenovo™ customer care phone number, Lenovo™ laptop support phone number, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ support number us, contact Lenovo™ tech support, Lenovo™ live chat support, Lenovo™ laptop technical support phone number, Lenovo™ help phone number, Lenovo™ customer service phone, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ us support number, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ support contact number, Lenovo™ canada support, thinkpad support number, Lenovo™ support telephone number, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ 1800 number, Lenovo™ support phone number usa, Lenovo™ service phone number, Lenovo™ support canada, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ business support phone number, 1877-887-3557 Lenovo™ help desk phone number, 1877-887-3557Lenovo™ computer tech support, Lenovo™ computer support phone number, Lenovo™ tech support number usa, Lenovo™ help support, thinkpad support phone number, Lenovo™ support number usa, Lenovo™ contact support number, Lenovo™ support usa phone number, Lenovo™ customer care support, Lenovo™ support hotline.

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