In this activity, students will form and reform groups as quickly as possible. The leader hits a gong or rings a bell and. Find and save ideas about Morning meeting activities on Pinterest.

The hidden player returns, stands in the middle of the circle, watches the movements and tries to guess who the leader is. The idea is to go as fast as you can. The other two players hold their arms out to the side and wave them like a hula dancer. The person who is It tries to say “Elephant, Bippity Bop Bop Bop” before the three people can create the pose. The player left without a seat is the new It and starts the next round of play.

One player kneels and the other pretends to look overboard. One student is not allowed to laugh or smile and the other student’s job is to try and make them laugh. Plan for Success: Review safe tagging (shoulders, back, arms) and the Tagger’s Choice rule (if the tagger says she got you, she did). Rock, Rock and Little Coin Materials: Rock or coin to pass How To Play: Players sit in a circle on the floor holding their palms up and out to their sides.

To begin, each player takes their OWN right hand as if to pick something out of their left hand and pretend to pass the rock from one hand to another. Twenty Questions How to Play: The group sits in a circle. Variations/Extensions: Connect the words to your curriculum.

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Thanks for this great info. The chant below is said as the rock passes from player to player. The greeting is the time in the morning meeting where students will greet each other daily. The group chooses a leader who does a movement, such as tapping his toe, which the others follow. The group repeats all three actions in order and the game progresses in this manner around the circle.

We will use your feedback to improve the experience for every teacher on our site. With the Elvis pose, the middle person poses with a guitar and acts like she is playing, the two on the sides are the adoring fans, fanning Elvis with hands overhead. With younger students, use wall words or three-letter words to begin. Yes, we start the very first day.

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For this game I gave my students a magnetic ornament and they had to hide it behind a Christmas tree while their friends’ eyes were shut. How can we include more science learning during our busy school days? However, if a child is in a spot where they can’t see or be seen, this defeats the purpose of your morning meeting.

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I was lucky enough to come across your blog and re-learn what it supposed to look like and feel like for the kids. If a Crow tags a Crane, she will come to the other side and become a Crow. If the chosen player fails she becomes It. If the chosen player is successful, she is safe and the player who’s It stays It.

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My students had used the morning meeting last year when they were in Preschool so they were familiar with sitting in a circle and greeting their peers. Of the unpaired players, one is the chaser (It) and the other is the tagee. Once the ball is caught by the Tosser all players go back to their original places in the circle and they start over (except those already out). One player begins making dance gestures while saying, “This is the way to do the Rumba.

The players then try again to spell the word until it is spelled correctly. The third player says, “No, this is the way to do the Rumba,” adding a new gesture. The trash can was knocked over. They place their right arms into the circle and grab a hand across from them. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. This post had SO many tips/tricks!

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(this serves as a quick assessment as well!A “hot potato” (beanbag or ball) is passed around the circle until a player standing outside the circle calls, “Hot potato!Activities Teacher Notes: A green slide indicates an outside game and a represents that materials are needed.

And also sit down. As for children wanting to go directly to centers, we just reminded them that first we have our meeting, THEN we go to centers.

After a few minutes or when a lot of people are frozen, the caller shouts “Everybody’s It” again and all students are unfrozen and running again.

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Ryan holds up the book so all his classmates can see the cover and begins: "Reptile Facts is my favorite first grade book. So I thought I’d share some preschool morning meeting ideas with you all, just in case you might like to add a change to YOUR schedule. Students should try to line up in order by month and day.

All players to whom that the statement applies take a step into the circle, raise their hands and say, “That’s me.All these years I’ve been set on them sitting body basic (criss cross).An academic game that we play is mix and mingle (I give everyone a card/object) and they have to go and ask their friends something about their item.

If they get tagged, they join the winning team. It seems like Morning Message maximizes the time the children have each day in a learning setting–thanks again for helping me recharge my routine! It tries to get someone else’s seat by calling the name of two or more vegetables or the word “vegetarianism! It’s such a special day, I’m glad you came to learn and play!

Each person must give the exact same alibi as before except for the student who has been chosen as the guilty person. Elbow Tag (Outside Game) Materials: Large outdoor space marked with game boundaries How To Play: All players form pairs, except for two. Everyone walks around individually. For example, the first time the guilty person says, “I went to the park.

Assign two plumbers (taggers) or more depending on the size of the group. Beat 6: slap floor with right hand Beat 7: using left hand, pass the cup in front of person on right. Before we open the doors to greet our preschoolers, we set out the stools on our group time carpet and place their name sticks on top.

Bippity Bop Bop Bop How to Play: The person who is It walks around the circle. But adding a morning meeting was one of THE best changes. Can’t find what you are looking for? Carolyn Bush prepares her fourth grade students to start their Morning Meeting with a successful, safe, fun “One-Minute Greeting. Chant “ aroostasha, aroostasha, aroostasha-sha ” while moving your clasped hands from the right side of your body to the left and pulsing your hands up and down to the beat.

I always love to meet kindred teaching spirits! I am teaching Prep (Australia) which i am guessing is the same as first grade in US, for the first time this year. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that I found your blog. I didn’t realize this until we implemented our morning meeting. I do my calendar and weather during my math meeting which is when I teach my whole group math mini-lessons before guided math.

Teacher states a word from the list. Team Rock Paper Scissors (Outside Game) How to Play: Divide players into two teams. Thank you for giving me much needed inspiration and organization for my mornings next year! Thank you for sharing this in detail and giving suggestions–I have been teaching kindergarten for 3 years now and was ready for a new element, and the “community-building” emphasis of MM is just the ticket! Thank you so much for taking the time to write down your ideas!

(I am working on a BIG freebie titled “Managing Movement In Your Classroom.(Yes, that’s a common core standard!(as a note, in my class I don’t use the word “butt” I use the word bottom.

Variations/Extensions: Line up (or circle up) according to one of the following: number of letters in your name, ABC order of first or last names, ABC order of vocabulary words, syllables (least to greatest) of given words, ordinal numbers, number of siblings, no talking, whispering, speaking a language besides English the possibilities are endless. Visuals are always helpful. We are 8 days in and loving it.

  1. " The game goes around the circle until everybody has had a chance.
  2. "(name of someone in circle) Person named: "Hey What?
    • (As if you are staying “Stop!
    • The last player taps the person in front of them, asks her to turn around, and makes three actions just one time.
    • Do you think that having 40 students is too many for morning meetings?

    You may have heard it said: "Morning Meeting isn't another thing you add to the plate—it is the plate.

    Crows and Cranes (outside game) Materials: An open space with marked boundaries, a center line, and a safety zone for two groups How to Play: Create two equal groups and have them stand in two lines facing the center. Do all your kiddos arrive at the same time? Does anyone have suggestions for 5-minute group activities (2nd grade) to get the students engaged and ready for the day that I can implement in our morning meetings?

    I’d really prefer to have a meeting first to introduce the centers. I’ve read this post many times and I always find new inspiration for morning meeting! Juliana- I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! Just wondering if you or anyone has tried this with team teaching classes (2 teachers, 40 kids) before? LOVE the other two choices! My class loved singing “Aroostasha” early on in the year.

    I found that squeezing all of that into morning meeting was too much for the kids to sit through. I have several ESL students every year (Native American heritage) and this really gives the children a very intentional opportunity to speak, listen, and respond. I hope that you have a great first year. I really appreciate how you included pictures and specific examples of shares and sign-ins you use! I really enjoyed all of this info you shared!

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