We can imagine your excitement and desire to look awesome on the big day. The choice of a wedding hairstyle is as important as the choice of. Wedding hairstyle ideas for relaxed & natural hair. Whether you're relaxed or natural, we all want to look beautiful on our wedding day.

This one looks like it could withstand plenty of newlywed hand-in-hair smooches and late night wedding dancing. This style suits all face shapes and long, straightened hair. This video is great if you’re looking to add more volume to tighter curls. This will create a softness that gives an angelic vibe. Too bad I can’t post it here. Use light spray to seal the look. Use the Olive Oil line’s light sheen to enhance the shine of the hair.

Thank you thank you thank you. Thankfully, we can pretty much get the gist with her outfit. The BN Bridal Beauty column is to inspire you with beauty tips, color combos and more! The YouTuber who created this video calls it the “sophisticated pineapple,” which is reason enough to try it. The bride right before you has an oval face shape with fat cheeks and in forties; she relaxed her natural hair on medium length. The debate of natural vs relaxed is tiring.

It needs when your natural hair is washed of sweet and dirt thoroughly using cold water then applied on hot comb to dry hair that’s if you have less time left to make your hair but natural hair drying is best for those ladies with ample time. It’s a gorgeous option for a traditional bride. It’s also a lot healthier now because I actually take care of it. Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu etc?

You can also use bright buds to give your braided bun a fanciful touch. You can wear it down, pin it up, or add fun accessories.

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The long bangs are covering the model’s forehead partially only to enhance the innocent flair of the hairstyle. The lovely hairstyle in the photo gives a feel of extremely voluminous and a bit messy curls which fall out of the do, but the look remains neat and exquisite. The moment you look at yourself all made up in the gown of your dreams, decide how you want to feel. The possibilities are endless.

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  • "As I grew into my own, I felt that it was beautiful," Whitty said.
  • "I wanted my memories to be of black women wearing their own natural hair.
  • A half-up half-down hairdo is always showy on women with long hair, but it may be a bit too reserved for a more outspoken bride.
  • Absolutely not washing too frequently is key, as is embracing that everyone’s hair is different in terms of what it takes to refresh your curly in between washes.
  • African American brides will appreciate.

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  • Almost all of them are straight hairstyles in disguise.
  • Although I'm in an actual city that has a fair number of natural people, I've not had much success with salons.
Finally your design tiara is placed at the front of Up Do to match your earrings and color of gown.Fix it by stitching it though be intact and after apply either hair product or spray on scalp and on top of hair.
  • This style suits any face shape and long hair.
  • This hairstyle is done on relaxed hair; all hair is pushed at the back but on the beginning if the right hand side you part hair on sides to mark a like then collect all hair at the back of neck.
  • Even before Nakyia Whitty got engaged last February, she would think about getting married to her then-boyfriend Javonte Davis and dream about what the wedding would look like.
  • Yep, there, in case you missed them.
  • Braids and twists are always popular when it comes to black wedding hairstyles.
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I ended up DIYing my hair because of my fear of most stylists. I love these curl pics, and there is a natural hair expo in Denver in June this year. I searched the internet endlessly for cute braid styles and eventually settled on soft twists with simple hair from eXpressions.

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  1. BN Weddings: What inspired your natural hair look?
  2. Best 10+ Natural wedding hairstyles ideas on Pinterest Natural.
  3. Best 10+ Natural wedding hairstyles ideas on Pinterest Natural.
  4. Black women over there are you over forties and want to hold a wedding but not yet made your mind to which hairstyle will go best with you?
  5. If your personality is lively, why not to have some fun with your look on your big day. Imagine my excitement when Liz contacted me and offered me a column on Catalyst Wed Co. In 2008 when i braided my hair for my wedding my sister in laws to be were looking at me crazy lol.

    Yall never wanna come demand a chance to play in the hard parts of Blackness, thats for sure. Years on it is still tasking for me, i have 4c (possibly 4d) hair, almost no curl patterni’m not a product junkieyes moisture works but not shea butter as it just sits on my hair. You apply hair product for steaming so that the products heats and penetrate up to hair roots and to fill your hair with essential nutrients your hair needs for a healthy look.

    Make sure you shave off un wanted hairs around forehead then keep your looks purely natural to look great. My Gel conditions, thickens and nourishes hair so you don’t have to worry about the drying effects of the hair spray you use. My husband knows now to ask when were going to sleep/couched for the night if its Ok before touching it. My message is that ‘your wedding day is your day’, I held on to those words like glue to paper. My wedding coordinator Esther really did help.

    Natural wedding hairstyles are something that all black women should consider. Naturalista here too and I will tell you now, it’s not easy. Not to rain on the naturalista’s parade but when I hear the condescending nature and tone they talk about girls with relaxer and the whole chemical mantra, I just shake my head and say to each is own. Now my hair is back and healthy. Okay, I know we're talking about hair here (and her side-swept curls rock), but that dramatic headpiece is killing me.

    For a classic bridal touch, finish things off with a hair clip and veil.For deep condition I mix milk, mayo, olive oil, this also stops breakages at the temple.

    For the front part make a floral hair bun then for the remaining bun divide hair into four parts then curl each separately up to the last tip for hair looking inwards and fix it with hair pins and the rest of hair as well. For the start of right hand side she pushed hair on the left the hair on the right hand side straight towards the back of neck. Gather them into a spectacular puff. Gold beaded accents will make it more elegant.

    But when I do, I try to avoid anything that contains drying ingredients like sulfates.Candice Richardson is the owner of and provided these gorgeous designer gowns, as well as styling.

    Perfect for a bright and sunny beach ceremony, but also great for dancing the night away with your new beau. Picking a hairstylist that you deem trustworthy, can be hard. Put relaxer on my hair again! Rock your natural hair your way on your BIG day! Section out circle in interior part of head.

    This do features a center french braid for a unique look that naturally elongates the face. This fiber hold black hair firm and for as long as you want to keep it thus its value for money. This hairstyle looks cute to any black woman who falls for long wavy hair so part of this is natural hair then a long wavy hair extension is added on to cornrows from the back of ears up to the end. This is a knee length 1/2 circle skirt in silk satin for the sweet but sassy bride.

    1. Braided updos are also great options for short hair for fall weddings.
    2. But the number one game-changing tool in my arsenal is my diffuser.
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      Kind of braids on my wedding day. Loose curls are fun, but they can be hard to wear with a hair accessory if you want it to be noticed. Make sure much volume bases between mid crowns to upper back part then as you proceed down it steps down with low volume.

      However, there was one special individual who continued to remind me that I should do me, that it was my day and I should go with what I have always secretly intended – braids. I actually do the #7 style on my hair pretty frequently and always get tons of compliments on it. I always here Nigerian women saying they relax their hair because its easier to manage. I bet if she stopped altogether, her hair will be wayyyyyy healthier (thicker w/ less breakage).

      Codie chose this hairstyle on her wedding day to match with her off the shoulder bridal dress, which truly complimented the dress and her clavicle area.Com, she has 4c hair.Curl hair using curlers or a ½ inch gold barrel curling iron.

      The way it blends in with the voluminous bouffant hairstyle shows how every detail within this simple yet showy updo was considered. This bride has a long face shape on dark skin tone; she relaxed her natural hair to make it smooth, long and easy to apply around either add pink lotion to make hair stiff on a few area because it minimizes hair breakage other than gel if not handled proper since it hold hair stiff for more than five days and when you’re done with stiff hair you just comb it off.

      WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR ROCKING CURLY HAIR? We love weddings as much as you do – get in touch for inquiries, inspiration & more! We're a community of badass wedding professionals who love all things funky, fresh, diverse, unique, and personality-driven; we convene twice yearly for, a collaborative workshop, styled shoot, and dinner party. When it gets icky is when I mess with it during class or afterwards.

      Section rectangle shape at the interior of head. She completed her looks with a long sleeved gown that has a v shape at the back to look stylish. So at the back a big braided hair extension on the same color is added on top to make a wide bun.

      Whether you choose elegant, fun, or funky, the way you style your hair can be a big part of your image. While some of the ends of the cornrows were twisted some of the twists where let loose as to allow her natural texture accentuate her beautiful face. Who needs large earrings when you have a hair clip like that? With your natural hair medium length and already relaxed, have it showered to put away dirt and buildup from previous hair products.

      I talked with my hairdresser a few weeks in advance, and she gave me tips on which products to use for my hair, which curling wand to use for finishing so it wouldn’t look unnatural, and she helped me decide how to place my halo. I'm getting married next year, so this REALLY helps! If you would like a more protective style, braid the back of the hair and sew in a curly. If your hair is in a medum length, you can try this lovely hairstyle.

      1. Always had been," the bride told HuffPost.
      2. And if you’re lucky, you won’t end up with a bad ’90s prom do with those two godforsaken tendrils hanging down (why, stylists, why?
      3. And seriouslythat blingin’ band used is everything.
      4. And then share your plans for a natural wedding style in the comments, because I know that it's the JAM for some of you.
      5. Any face shape suits this style.
      6. On that note, c heckout Natural Hairstyles of real Nigerian brides by Amuzat Fatimah of Fairytouch Salon from church wedding, to reception, registry wedding, traditional engagement and introduction. On the other hand we also have ladies who prefer natural hair on their wedding day. Part and flat twist bottom half into bun.

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