According to F4WOnline via WrestlingInc. Com, Randy Orton and Jo Jo may have commenced a romantic relationship. In fact, there is talk that.

Frankly, I think Jojo is even hotter than Eva. Frankly, I think Jojo is even hotter than Eva. Get some self esteem! Hav u ever been with him to say that. Having a father who was a professional athlete, it comes as no surprise that JoJo used to compete in sports as well when she was much younger. He has also appeared in several films and TV shows.

Star JoJo Offerman (20) had been seen in public holding hands and acting as a couple at WWE events. State vote democratic in larger numbers and enjoy a casual sex dating site map find. TBH, I consider Jojo to be more like a manager, maybe for Justin Gabriel, Because.

WWE Divas who dated multiple WWE Superstars - Slide 1 of 10 The WWE Divas have had numerous flings with top stars that you might not know about. WWE hit a home run this week! Well, THEY WERE IN LOVE IN EPISODE 6 OF TOTAL DIVAS! Whether this will have an effect on Jo Jo's motivation and concentration of being a successful WWE Diva, we shall see.

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Whether you’re saving your legendary ‘Austin 3:16’ t-shirt from the glory days of the Attitude Era. While there are people like Mick Foley who have been faithfully married to their non-wrestling partners, there are guys like CM Punk who have dated multiple WWE divas before finally settling down. Whilst it maybe just purely friendship, it does further increase the speculation behind the relationship. Why is everyone still thinking that Orton is still dating Jojo?

Kelly Kelly And JoJo Have Dated Randy Orton. Like srsly why would a grown *** 33 year old man date a 19 year old kid big deal there is one picture of them on the internet and out of no where people start to get hype and thinks its true like damn yall that crazy about a rumor that might be fake! Meh, it's a diva getting in trouble, this happens all the time and every time the same "we don't care if they get released" and "she's what's wrong with the divas" comments show up.

  • According to reports, there's a new relationship budding inside the squared circle.
  • Additionally, he has also thrown off fan’s camera in the past while asking for a picture.
  • After multiple break up finally she find a right boy for her named Jesse White, number of pictures of this couple clearly shows that how much they are happy with each other.
  • After signing with WWF, Orton became a member of the stable Evolution, which quickly led to a WWE Intercontinental Championship reign, his first title with the company.
  • All of this can of course be appealed by messaging us.

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  • As the rest of the night went on they appeared in several backstage segments with The Rock & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
  • WWE posted this video of Triple H speaking to the crowd at The Mae Young Classic tapings earlier this summer at Full.
  • Orton and Jo Jo could be one of the bigger storylines on the next season of Total Divas.
  • But it seems that this was just a storyline and WWE decided to end it quite quickly when it was said that Gabriel actually broke up with JoJo because he thought she was too young and too childish for him.

In September of 2013, she was reportedly canoodling with Randy Orton just after the end of his six-year marriage. In fairness to Eva Marie she has drawn alot of heat which even though is heat is still attention, and in the WWE any attention is good attention. In my opinion, she either needs to go to NXT or get released because I don't see her doing anything in the future. Is she the one Orton is boinking?

I will polish wwe randy orton dating jojo girl is to make your intentions. I wonder what his ex wife thinks of this if its true. I'll stick with Summer Rae.

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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't see the appeal of Eva Marie?
  2. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.
  3. This list, however, takes a look at those Divas who dated multiple superstars within the WWE. Uncle penis™ is a registered trademark of MinisterOfLust. Undertaker, Kurt Angle battling Triple H and the main event featuring Chris Jericho defending the Undisputed WWE Championship against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

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    And really squinty beady eyes, was it just me or did Randy look swollen or bo-toxed up on the last Raw?

    Randy Orton Dating Jo Jo + MORE! Randy Orton Dating a 'Total Diva'? Randy Orton has since claimed that Kelly has been with at least ‘10 guys on the roster’ and reports say that she had dated Justin Gabriel and Batista during her final days with the company. Randy Orton is currently signed with the WWE and comes from family of wrestlers.

    JoJo burst onto the WWE scene in June 2013 when she appeared alongside Total Divas co-stars Naomi and Cameron, known as The Funkadactyls and sang their entrance music. JoJo has managed a lot in the past three years and at 22-years-old, she is still one of the youngest Superstars to be employed by the company. JoJo officially made her debut in a match at the Survivor Series event back in 2013 when she was part of the seven vs. JoJo simply loves to share photos of herself.

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    She currently serves as the ring announcer for, and as well as a backstage interviewer. She does have a great look and that has to be the only thing keeping her around. She does not have anything that makes her stand out. She is also the shortest female on the main roster at just under five feet and still holds the record as the youngest ever Diva to compete on the main roster at just 19-years-old. She looks like The Boogeyman.

    There are some people backstage who think that Randy Orton is dating new Diva Jo Jo. There is but one path. There, not so bad having little JoJo on your screen now is it? They sure as hell didn't get behind any of the other Total Divas. This came out of nowhere mega-rich WWE star Randy Orton HAS GOTTEN DIVORCED — and TMZ has learned, he gets a ton of the marital loot including cars, massive bank accounts and of course, his gun collection.

    Word going around is that there will be another major relationship twist for the next season, one that will be clever and shocking, and it's not The Bella Twins "switching places" in their relationships with and John Cena. Wyatt has sought to keep his wife from talking about the divorce, filing for an injunction to prevent her from continuing her "effort to ruin his reputation," according to DailyMail. You can only upload a photo or a video. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG.

    Backstage Heat On Dolph Ziggler, Speculation On Randy Orton Dating A WWE Total Diva, More - WrestlingInc.

    Not to mention that if they stay together, she'll have a job with WWE for life. Okay Randy needs to realize he’s not 24 anymore. On WWE SmackDown, 2017 will continue to be the year of first-time-ever matchups when Randy Orton takes on Shinsuke Nakamura. On the August 26 episode of Raw, JoJo served as the special guest during a singles match between Natalya and Brie Bella. On the August 26 episode of Raw, JoJo served as the special guest during a singles match between Natalya and Brie Bella.

    Network, but they were also given a place in WWE, where they were given the chance to appear on many main roster programs to promote the reality show. No spoilers in titles for 24 hours after a show has aired. Not seeing what Orton sees in Jojo if they are indeed dating.

    Big Show didn't take his cage match with Braun Strowman well and now he needs surgery. Both are international superstars, but neither man has been able to wrestle the WWE Championship away from the. But I remember reading that Jojo was dating Randy Orton. But if Eva Marie is going to refer to herself as ‘The Red Queen’, then it’s obvious that JoJo is WWE’s ‘Selfie Queen.

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    It's just the latest sex scandal to rock the WWE, which has see a handful of female stars. It's said within that is being punished for something he said in an interview during week. It's the case with most Divas, and the same goes for JoJo: I'm sure a lot of people won't care or notice, if WWE releases her. James Returns, Becky/Alexa Steel Cage Match, Orton vs Ambrose. Jimmy Uso is seeing Naomi, and Tyson Kidd is in a relationship with Natalya.

    I'm sure it's all a work but she went from dating a non-lifting FA Miscer to Justin Gabriel to the Champ. I'm surprised she's made it this far. If she get released on good terms, I wouldn't be shocked if she comes back, taking over as a ring announcer. If this is “just” for ratings, Great Message For To Send WWE. In 2004, he won against Chris Benoit for the championship.

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    Did the WWE Universe get tricked by the announcement? Don't think many will miss her. Evening romance from wwe randy orton dating jojo to time to put necessary equipment randy's webcams for the operation gale harold randy harrison dating. Few months ago they also celebrate one year of their relationship. Following this, JoJo appeared at ringside to show support for her Total Divas co-stars during their matches.

    Orton/JoJo stuff seems to be too, they're trying to put Orton in total Divas since that show is targeted towards women & everybody knows what women do when Orton is on screen. Possible Giveaway On Randy Orton & Total Divas Star Jo Jo Dating? Pro Wrestling is a glamorous sport. Randy Orton Dating 'Total Divas' Star?

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    As per his education, he attended Hazelwood Central High School.As those who watch are aware, the show chronicles the life and times of handpicked WWE Divas highlighting factors such as preparing for a match, residential life and romantic status.At least three of the relationships on Total Divas are legitimate, if not all of them.
    • 's Total Divas, a reality television show that sheds light on several real life wrestling romances.
    • A picture of her kissing happily married Chris Jericho had gone viral on the internet a few years back.
    • AJ Styles had wrestled all over the world for over 15 years before he came to WWE, but still, by the time he made.

    Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Currently, he is married to Kimberly Kessler. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month.

    He was fascinated in sports from a young age. He was then sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where Orton held the OVW Hardcore Championship on two separate occasions. Honestly, if I was WWE, I'd be treating her differently from the rest.

    Randy Orton, the WWE champion and headliner of WWE's upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view event against Daniel Bryan, may have some difficulty staying focused these days. Randy and his now-ex Samantha were married in 2007, but separated in 2012. Randy's recently divorced, probably horny, and she's young and dumb. Samantha filed for divorce in March, claiming the marriage was “irretrievably broken. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more.

    My initial thoughts upon seeing this thread were "Uh oh, I hope that's not AJ or Natalya! My neighbor married a girl 15 years his junior. Nakamura won the match and will face WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at Hell in a Cell in October. Network's new reality show entitled, which features behind the scenes footage of select WWE Divas and a look into their personal lives.

    Tennessee-born Randy Orton was born as Randal Keith Orton on April 1, 1980. That name does nothing for me. That was for that E!

    Certain photos copyright © 2017 Getty Images. Com find submissions from "example. Com is recognized throughout the entire professional wrestling industry as one of the top sources for accurate and up-to-date professional wrestling news, rumors, and information. Com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/eva-marie2. Com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/eva-marie2.

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    The Rock In Negotiations To Star In WWE Studio Film? The former Total Divas star used to wrestle before turning to announcing. The relationship WAS planned for Total Divas and that picture of them together? The ring announcer for WWE Monday Night RAW Jo Jo Offerman. The same year in 2001, he joined WWE. There are divas like the likes of Paige who i imagine are only dying to get on to the Raw slot but yet arnt and instead have the likes of Eva Marie and Jojo taking their places.

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    How many children does Randy Orton have? I banged hotter girls in college. I have absolutely no idea who this diva is. I honestly have no idea why the WWE didnt put women on Total Divas that they had taken a certain amount of time to think how they would use them and figure out would they be able to help pick up the divas division instead of wasting time putting divas on to the main slots of a show and giving them a push for absolutley NOTHING.

    She pinned and eliminated Tamina Snuka the following night in a rematch on Raw. She was revealed to have briefly dated WWE Superstar, on an episode of her TV show, Total Divas. She's 19, she's got loads of time to become decent in the ring if she puts the work in. Since cashing in his Money in the Bank suitcase at Summerslam after Bryan had just defeated Cena for the title, Orton has consistently infuriated crowds with his attacks on Bryan, as well as his bullying.

    And there's always the option of not watching the divas like everyone else if you can't take it.Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of Getty Images is strictly prohibited.As most know, Randy Orton and his former wife divorced after a near six-year marriage.

    One of the matches that she did wrestle in came at Survivor Series when there was a seven-on-seven Divas match and her team were victorious, despite the fact that she was eliminated. Orton is divorced from his wife of six years, with whom he has a child, while Jo Jo recently split with her boyfriend due to her focusing more on her career than the relationship. Orton, the "Apex Predator," is rumored to be dating Jo Jo of E!

    But when she first began her training, she was hit with a slam by one of the other female stars and looked to have injured her neck. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities.

    So just be patient with her, even trish was pretty bad at one point so you can't point at someone with little to no experience and say that they're going to be terrible forever. Someone call the jealous police, just because you run your mouth doesn’t make it wrong or right, sit down and enjoy the film. Speculation has mounted in relation to Randy Orton & JoJo dating in recent days with Randy Orton appearing in numerous places with JoJo as well as allegedly being caught holding hands with her.

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