Billing info and more. You can also use live chat. Time Warner Cable has merged with Charter Communications. Access Spectrum customer support online 24/7 for help with billing issues, technical problems, frequently asked questions, how-to videos and more.

So I told him I did not care I wanted to speak with a supervisor, so he transfers me to yet another customer service rep and I had to start all over once again with this dilemma! So of course I called back in and was informed that the $7 was incorrect! So this person number 7 tells me I have to call back in the morning because the department that can get this restored is closed at 9pm. So, I drove to the physical store and returned the box.

Wow what great service, if we ran our business the way you run yours we would be out of business! You cannot contact them. You take people's money, you charge them a ridiculous price, and your staff is under-educated about your products and what to offer for your clients.

  • " (very very rude) I kindly asked her (at this point I am upset) why when I spoke to her when I was in here the first time did she not explain that to me then?
  • " I have apps on my pc that show all the networks in my area and channels and signal strengths, etc.
  • A man just knocked on my door, called me "big homie" and offered to mow my grass.
  • AN HOUR later I get call from dispatch that there was an outage declared at 109 CST.
Goodbye then" and hung up!Got AT&T installed yesterday and WOW what a freaking huge difference!

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  1. And even though you should be paying them for helping you miss the dumb fight, TWC is giving you $25.
  2. At that point I could not take it anymore so I just hung up.
  3. At the end like any failed and the incompetent Spectrum business they decided to cancel the order.
  4. Definitely one of my worst experiences with a phone company ever.
    • The manner that he handled this was only to make me get a higher bill.
    • Time Warner Cable is THE BEST and here's why.
    • Don't even think like I did, that this internet service is anything like it used to be.
    • When looking at my bill I noticed that I am not receiving the discount that I was promised when I signed up for their phone service.
    • I called again and once again the tech guy tried a few things from having me erase the "cookies" on my pc and rebooting the modem.

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    I HATE this form of customer service and besides not everyone has a computer. I actually called at least four or five times to verify when and if they were going to give me a call in regards to my services be installed and I'm just very upset about this. I am absolutely going to cancel their service! I am filing reports to the FCC. I as a business we booked their service for internet, phone and TV (Triple play) on Aug 16th and scheduled for installation on August 28, 2017.

    They used different excuses and explanations, but refused to do anything. This functionality requires JavaScript. This is not feasible and it is unethical to have someone bullied into buying your services that they don't need and then to hire inappropriate staff that don't show up to their schedule appointments. This only leaves me 2 options; TWS or antenna.

    The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice. The merge of Time Warner with Spectrum have reduced the original 5 or 6 tier Internet options to only 2 tier high price Internet options (starting from $65+tax and up for existing Time Warner customers) in my area in Kentucky. The representative just said she was sending out a converter box because she saw I wasn't getting the service I was paying for.

    I didn't even receive a courtesy call to let me know that he was on his way even though that was not necessary because I've been waiting for him for hours. I do not even know where to start. I do not wish this to anyone so if you have other options, please do not become their customer! I don't live in a city and my internet goes down all the time - customer service is very rude and this company will not work with you. I dropped off my equipment and was informed that I would receive a refund.

    I have ATT now and could not be happier. I have to reboot by cable box at least once a week. I know Road Runner (TWC) was always the internet out there. I moved and asked for a transfer service. I needed a great, fast internet as I have cut the cable cord and gone all streaming now. I opened a complaint and was assured that damage would be taken care of.

    • After about one year time warner increased this rate to $80 dollars while offering $30 service to new customer with TV and internet.
    • After awhile it just became fun to stay on and explain to the next rep what I wanted and see how far they would go before they gave up and transferred me again.
    • After few months they raise the rate again to now $90 and when I called them I was told by the representative that the bill went up because of a converter box that was sent out to me last year.
    • After, I took the time, gas and energy to return the box that one representative told me I was paying extra for.
    • Always half hour or more on phone.

    I thought a quick request typed out, one and done in no time flat. I told that lady off so fast telling her I didn't have to tell her anything. I truly believe that this tech, Joan, intentionally unhooked my secondary receiver.

    I plan on filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and The BBB against Time Warner/Spectrum for their deceitful business practices. I received an automated call from TWS telling me Joan is on her way. I say fired them if they can't give people what they want in particular customer service. I say fuck the ACSI. I think they drill "not obligated" into every service rep's head because they all repeat it like robots.

    Oh, and again, I was assured I would receive a call PRIOR to the tech's arrival which never happened (I am sure you are seeing the pattern of never getting notified before any of the techs arrive). One guy even told me I needed to pay the final bill to get my service restored! Onze excuses voor het ongemak.

    We expected to be better and instead They do changes affecting our community. We got TWC installed one month ago and it was great for about 2 days then the problems started. Well of course I was excited about that until I got the bill and it was $100 dollars more than usual. Well this fix helped for another 3 days at best and you know what I'm going to say. When I asked him if he owned the company he replied no, so I told him I wanted someone that could fix my problem.

    Some stupid person in marketing and sales thinks this will attract customers. Spectrum bought them out but they are still shady. THEY have dropped the good science and history channels. Techs spend 3 hours sitting around getting permission from some incompetent and outdated so called manager.

    I find it really aggravating that when you're a 12 year old and you create an account with your parents' internet choice, that at the time was only Time Warner and Roadrunner and not all of this Spectrum **, that they don't tell you that they will delete and deactivate your account when your parents leave their service. I gave up on the chat and called into TWC and got right through, a amazing feat right there. I had TWC about 15 years ago and I swore I'd never go back.

    I asked that a detailed bill be sent and all I received was a obnoxious representative that told me to just pay the bill. I called TWS again because my internet isn't working. I called and was told that the rep didn't enter in my cable b/c it would be more than 78$.

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    I want to give a shout out and apology to AT&T for ever leaving them. I wanted to upgrade my service today so I thought I would try using the TWC support chat feature. I went in Friday spoke to a gentlemen, explained everything and was told to simply bring in the equipment.

    My internet connection will randomly disconnect for five to ten minutes at a time, which happens two to three times in a single day. Never was told it was a promotion. Of the channels forced on us while favorite channels are only available if we are willing to buy more trashy and filthy channels, more sports channels, and more liberal TV channels, and even more MTV and scummy music video channels.

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    I will be going up there to speak to a manager. I'm not sure which is the worst customer service is, never calling when they say they will or calling after the tech has been and gone. I've had a Roadrunner account for 12 almost 13 years. If I could leave a negative 5 I would. It doesn't matter if I go to a company that has a contract. It is a rip-off and the customer services are horrible and again I say horrible.

    She then said the 100 Mbps upgrade would be $60 more and a one-time fee of $199. She tried to fix the issue and get out of there without anyone knowing. So I am going through the process of dropping Spectrum - they are unwilling to match the price of the bundle price I signed up for.

    It was close to the end of the day but I work in customer service, there is Never a reason to make a customer feel like they are bothering you as soon as they come up. It's now almost midnight and my appointment was at 6 and I still have not heard anything from this company. Maybe it would be a good idea if you come out and replace your defective equipment. Met on site with both Spectrum rep and contractor rep who documented problem.

    Had a roommate who left went in to get my service switched into my brother's name.

    That's when I really got pissed and insisted they cancel my service immediately. The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight ended up being pretty boring, so it's actually better that you missed it. The company responded after I told them to come and pick all their equipment which would be gathered up and put outside in the rain!

    To June 2017 with decreased good channels. To let us know you're having trouble. To talk to a person about billing. Trying to be nice because this is company policy and it was not their fault. Very displeased in the manner that my order was handled.

    1. Came back and she again took us to help us, we get back and she proceeds to tell me oh I need to wait till the service is disconnected next month (basically run someone else's bill up) then she says "well your brother needs to be on the lease.
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    3. Customer service #fail, again.
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    5. He said it would be $30 more if we wanted 100 Mbps internet plus $99 one-time fee for setup. He was very pleasant and helpful. Hey @TWC STELLAR customer service here. Hours on 8/23/17 and talked to 7 different customer service reps that would tell me they couldn't get my service back on even though it was TWC error. Hrs AFTER I called that it was declared. Hyatt Place-1130 Kinley Road, Irmo,SC. I HAD PAID FOR THEIR CRAPPY INSTALLATION.

      This time I had my downstairs neighbor stay with her while she worked because I had already missed too much time from work dealing with TWS. This time Joan did fix my internet, so when the second tech that came 2 hours later to fix my neighbor's internet, it was already fixed by whatever Joan did in the box outside. This was the only customer service representative that actually helped me. Time Warner/Spectrum charge excessive amount to old customers for internet service.

      Every time I called the customer service line I got a different story, various lies, and they kept explaining how they were going to escalate tickets to the department that handles the installation of their products.First of all, I was never told about any promotional offer when I started with the service.For new customer for both TV and Internet.

      Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands If your company has a page on our site, we invite you to to respond to your customers directly. Plus, while you're waiting for customer service to respond to your call, you can catch up your entire Netflix queue. Pour nous informer du désagrément. Problems once again with the speed. Really Time Warner #Cable? Saturday I go in after work with my brother. She simply hooked up the correct wire (locked the box this time) and was going to leave.

      1. Back in July I called to get the phone service added to my existing cable, internet and alarm service and was told my bill would go up $7 dollars.
      2. Business 101 says it is more expensive to get new customers than to keep current ones.
      3. But I guess as long as you gauge the current ones, it all evens out.
      4. But after few months they raise the rate again to now $90 and when I called them they make me feel like I am unreasonable customer not wanting to pay $90 for internet.
      5. By the way the modem failed because there was a short in it.
      6. I had TWC for 3 years and recently switched to ATT. I had personal info and family pictures saved to that email account and Time Warner decides to go ahead on their own account delete everything. I had the package with up to 60 mbps.

        The service gets "fixed" and then 2 or 3 days later goes back to the same issues? Then the sales representative were offering me products that I did not want and I explain that at the initial start, the sales representative told me that I had to get various products or else I was unable to buy services. Then you are stuck. They didn't even bother to let me know what was going on. They offered a Latin package and it was ok until They started taken channels out of that package.

        When I called customer service, they were nice, but told me an audit found that I was not using their cable modem - but my own - and that I no longer qualified for the bundle price. When I did receive the call that the tech was on their way, I said "Great, I will be there in 5 minutes" (I work 2 minutes from my apartment). Why should I have to pay money to get into an account that was free to make in the first place.

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        I called scheduling office and talked to supervisor Mark. I can look back on this years statements and see I am being charged more than I should have been charged but can't look back any farther as I didn't save my statements from previous years. I couldn't bear it and went RUNNING back to AT&T. I decided to jump ship because all I kept hearing was how great TWC/Spectrum is now. I declined, but still better customer service than @TWC.

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