We have decided to take a short break from chat as we work to improve the experience for our customers. Chat will return as an option shortly! OK, so Toys ''R'' Us doesn't have a live chat option.

At this point I lost my cool and proceeded to tell her she was not a terrible customer service rep (Sarah ** Toys R Us Copley Ohio) and my daughter could have been killed on the bike and it was all due to incompetent assembly and she was not honoring the warranty and return policy for her company and I called her a smug ** and was going to post reviews everywhere, and calling corporate to complain. But they don't care for the correct item/size even when they have different product code/number.

They clearly do not care about their customers experiences and customer service is non-existent. This is the worst two-week shopping experience on a website I have ever experienced. This one is too much to overlook. This site was exactly what I needed to solve a 'glitch' with our foreign exchange student. This time I ordered 2 toys to be delivered June 1. To know when item will deliver: 1300 TOYSRUS (1300 869 778). Toys R Us Newmarket Ontario Canada.

He kept me waiting at that counter for over half an hour. He was shocked at the number of returns I had in the cart and immediately gave me attitude. I Placed a Nursery Order at Toys R Us in Feb. I am happy with the car seat also. I asked when I was going to be notified and they said someone should have sent me an email. I don't buy a lot online or random places. I get it today and no claws.

  1. " I was so angry when I got home, I did call TRU Corporate and reported JEFF.
  2. ' Then I was so angry and I make a argument with them on Toys R Us office.
  3. After calling again I was told in order to be helped I would need to provide the reference number that I never even received!
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    Now I deleted my registry after spending hours at the store and while surfing their website to build it. Now I have to buy claws which will be twice as much I will be paying as if I bought the custom somewhere else. Now for the past two weeks I am forced to scrape money for my kids.

    The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. The driver wanted to drop my crib and dresser on the asphalt even though we paid around $300 for shipping and delivery since they are heavy. The order was for the $12 item and shipping was being charged at $19.

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    The shipping company called minutes prior to pulling in my driveway informing that they have a delivery for me. The warranty states 90 day return and I returned in less than 29. Then I call customer service today and it's just "oh sorry, there's nothing we can do". Then I finally found the receipt and gave them the info, the manager Sarah ** told me she would not make promises and to bring the bike in. There are not very many items available for pick up. There was nobody could help.

    After waiting there for 10 minutes I had to leave.Again my track record is always paid ON TIME!Again never missed a payment.

    Toys “R” Us provides many products Clothing, Baby products and Toys like Action Figures, Arts & Crafts, Baby Toys, Bikes, Scooters & Ride-Ons, Books, Movies & Music, Building Sets & Blocks, Dolls & Stuffed Animals, Electronics, Games & Puzzles, Learning & Educational Toys, Musical Instruments, Outdoor Play, Preschool, Pretend Play & Dress-Up, Vehicles, Hobby & R/C, Video Games and more.

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    I'm at a point in my life where everyone is having babies. I'm so sick of hearing 2 more weeks from 6 Months ago! In an effort to compete with Amazon and its other rivals and not fall behind in the ecommerce game, Toys 'R' Us is working on launching a new ecommerce website. It took about 45 seconds for a great gal (Katie) to answer. It's an easy bake oven and mixes. Last night I placed an online order for 4 separate Lego toys totaling over $100.

    What happened to standing by your word? What horrible customer service at the store and calling into customer service! When I got to the store she was still smug and rude and took the bike back to be looked at, 10 minutes later she came back and said that she could not authorize any warranty repair or refund due to the fact she said the issues were from misuse and wear!

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    When closing my order, it gave me the option for shipping and I chose 2 day shipping at the rate of $19. When he returned, he seemed angry. You will have the option to contact our Customer Service Department if the information does not answer your question.

    I received a card from the post office asking for a signature for delivery and noted that I wanted a Saturday delivery. I received an email stating the money would be refunded back to my card. I signed up for the Toys R Us/Babies R Us credit card cause was offering 15% off my large purchase (bought Porsche Hotwheel). I understand when buying online you take a chance but I never had this issue with Walmart or Target.

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    I have been checking my statements and had not seen a refund issued, so called customer service this morning (6/16/17), and was told by Ashley that the "refund was declined". I let this bully think he was the KING of Toys R Us for five seconds before I blasted into him. I must say that I did receive my car seat as expected. I placed an order online and was supposed to get an email when it was ready for pickup. I realize it's the christmas holidays but what has happen to custome service.

    I was amazed and pleased. I was given the option to get a gift card. I was searching for a outdoor swing set for my daughter. I was thumbing through a book, and notice a swing set I wanted with the wrong price slips in the slot as well as a wrong price sticker stuck to the page with the swing set. I will not be buying online from Toys R Us again. I wonder if my personal data has been compromised or if the website has been hacked.

    But they will eventually mess up my banking account. Called the store so many times and I stayed on hold for hours. Clearly the price was wrong and a sales associate placed them there with the sticker. Customer Service 800 number couldn't answer my question which can I bring in receipt from Walmart will they match that and I was told I had to bring in a ad. Definition · Can You Ace This US History Quiz? Don't return and don't buy from the store only on holidays.

    Experience something with my granddaughter on April 1st. Filling my cart then having it end up empty. Find for locations near you!. From 9:30 am to 9:40 am I kept standing there but no one turned up at the cash counter. Had card for about year always paying on time to notice after year randomly shrunk credit line to 100. He called me a "reseller" and said that it was not right that I was returning these games.

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    • To return Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us Item Damage support number: 1-800-ToysRUs (1-800-869-7787) or 1-888-BabyRUs (1-888-222-9787).
    • But today I received the 2nd box with size 10/12 again!
    Another lady was there at the adjoining "Returns and Online Pickup" counter, even she never cared to acknowledge me.Anyways the bike was still little muddy from my little one riding it and I didn't bother cleaning it up considering the bike needed a service repair or I needed refund.As a single parent, I do not appreciate this and will NEVER order from them online again.

    Toys R Us is a toy and child products company based in New Jersey. Toys R Us need to face the fact, they are not doing good financially and this is the way of them hold on to people hard earn money. Toys R Us offers live chat support as well as online customer support. Toys R Us was one of the first companies to focus on a particular market segment that made it difficult to compete for other companies.

    Also, I ordered an ottoman and a nursery chair early July.And Fedex customer service was of no help either.And then you say the option why you are calling for: Say Customer Service.

    Or if you like to know more about store pick up press 4. Or you would like to know information regarding Geoffrey birthday club please press 3. Reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. She continued with the same smug, rude condescending tone telling me over and over "It's not her problem. Signed xx GOOD RIDDANCE TOYS R US. Something went wrong, mind trying again?

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    At least, you will have a better understanding.

    Manager Sarah ** (she refused to give me her name or employee ID). Most unprofessional behavior I ever encountered at any store. My credit card was recently hacked. Needless to say canceled card and will never shop their stores again. Never a cashier and when there is the store manager is never helping just stands and observes everyone.

    Toys”R”Us & Babies”R”Us accepts many types of payment options like credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, “R” Us Gift Cards, PayPal Credit, PayPal, Google Checkout. Two days later I woke up with no money in my account. Um muro, um sinal de Stop, um polícia e duas setas, uma a apontar para “México” e outra para “USA”. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. What does that have to do with TOYS R US?

    Now the items will not arrive until 4/3/17. OK I admit this is a bit unusual. Obviously I would not pay for just one item to get here quick and not the other. Or if you are calling for get information about specifically related to your GE or toys are us credit card please press 3. Or if you are looking any other information please press 6. Or if you are looking for get customer service please press 4. Or if you like to know more about store pick up press 4.

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