Account and Billing; Broadband; TV; Phone; Mobile; Moving Home; Buying or Upgrading; Something else. Choose a topic to get started. Contact us by phone, email, facebook, Twitter or visiting a Virgin Mobile store.

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I wouldn't go back with them. I've been with Virgin Mobile since 2013. If I was rich I wouldn't pay that kind of money for it not to last. If not received by the 31st of July, 2017, I will contact the RCMP fraud division. If you got to a live person using another method, please tell us how, so we can update our information.

To be honest, my problems with Virgin Mobile have been month-after-month. To help secure your personal information you'll be required to from your mobile device or through the to access Chat. VM Executive Office are not responding to my request for a personal conversation, although I have asked this repeatedly. VM customer service advised that I contact the Executive Office.

On top of that, my husband works in another state because that's where the money is to provide for our family, therefore, I handle all of our domestic business. On top of this I have been waiting past the 10 business day mark for backorder on the model of my phone which is the Samsung s6. Once they have a new phone, they can have the remaining service time and data transferred to their new phone. Our licensed specialists will be happy to assist you. Out $580 still stuck with them.

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Shouldn't THEY know the tracking #. Simply, to your auto policy to manage your umbrella policy. So I telephone, certain that the problem will be handled courteously and professionally - my mistake.

Just wanted to say this, have a good day everyone. Keep getting ripped off. Like I said, I've had tons of problems with them, this is just one incident of many. Logically, there might be some questions regarding the product which you’d like to clarify. Lost phone protection: If customers lose their phone, they can contact Virgin Mobile to have their service immediately suspended.

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During a weekday afternoon, I spent nearly half an hour on the phone trying to get instructions on how to turn on the Galaxy S7's always-on display. ET on a weekday connected us with another rep in the Philippines. Fact they deny conversation that they had with my bank supervisor and I on a three way conversation. Finally after speaking to 3 "supervisors" they said not to worry they'd investigate it and give the phone time to arrive in the mail and I will still have service.

But we also took to social media and tried Virgin's phone number to see just what kind of help the carrier's customers can expect. But you can't just press "0" or say "operator" to do so, as some companies' automated systems allow. By going to the, you can log in to check and change your service plan, pay your bill, monitor your data usage and get answers to questions about devices. Calls are forwarded to our European office, so please call M-F 2:30 AM - 11:00 AM (ET).

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And I found their customer service sucks!

There's many places where the service isn't great or doesn't work at all but I thought I was getting a bargain at $45 a month. They can also add CallWatch, which alerts customers to calls likely coming from telemarketers, bill collectors or scammers. They charged me on cancelling the contract too. They clearly do not value their customers.

Something went wrong, mind trying again? Text HELP to 43426 for help or email us at. That’s not my address and they insisted that I did.

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The last customer service rep said they made a mistake & I was supposed to get a NEW phone, since my brand new phone was less than 30 days old! The latest updates can be found on the official website of Virgin Mobile USA where you need to open “Contact Us” section. The motto of the company changes with the constant phone upgrades. The phone connection became worse, with the call cutting in and out enough that I needed to repeat myself more than once.

Cents after claiming that an international call was made, which is another lie. Com does not evaluate or endorse the products and services advertised. Coverage ultimately became the prime factor. Dig into Virgin's website, and you'll find step-by-step instructions with animated screenshots for the basics, like how to pair your phone with a Bluetooth device or install an application. Disclaimer: Customer-Service-Live. Don't have a GEICO Account?

For three days I called. G and also says they sent out warning text but never got any, horrible service. Get past all of that, and you're greeted by a phone tree offering several options for topics that you could be calling about.

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I have asked for a refund of the money I spent for the month of June; however they have refused to refund me the money and refused to reinstate her service. I have been with Virgin Mobile for a very long time. I have been with Virgin Mobile for several years now (more than 10 years) and have been happy with their service on my pre-paid phone. I have recently switched from VM to Verizon because of lousy customer service, slow service, lost service and various other frustrations.

Alternatively, you may call us at 1-866-773-0221.Am connected to a nasty young man who tell me that I was being charged overtime from April 14 (my upgrade chat was on the 19th).

If you need simple answers to straightforward questions, Virgin Mobile's website is easily your best bet, and you can track down some more advanced questions about devices, too. If you stay on the line for phone support, a recording will then suggest you take the battery out of your phone and put it back in, saying that doing this may solve many problems you're experiencing. In July I received a Bill of over $300.

The SmartCare team told me that the model of my phone is on backorder and I would have to wait 7-10 business days. The billing agent said that they have the amount but had not processed it yet on their side. The company operates in countries outside the United States under different ownership. The hours of operation are set from 4am till 8pm (Monday-Friday) and from 4am till 7pm (at the weekend).

I told him that I no longer wanted to talk to him and put me a manager on the phone. I used it to find answers to questions such as how to manage the always-on display for a Galaxy S7. I was even told I could not sent the new phone back. I was very angry on the last call and was placed on hold again. I will now be counting down the days until I receive my refund of $193. I won't recommend Virgin mobile to any of my friends or family because the bills are unnecessarily high for poor services.

  1. " I am beginning to lose my patience at this point.
  2. (The carrier has information on more than 100 devices, from newer flagships to aging flip phones.
  3. (You may recognize how important it is not to blow mom off).
  4. A note in the @VirginMobileUSA bio directing customer-support tweets to @VMUcare might have saved us some time.
  5. I have used this service from CA to New Mexico and New York, and I always get a good connection. I made it clear that I did not want a refurbished phone sent to me due to the fact that the screen is prone to break after its original is replaced. I paid off the bill. I returned my new phone to the store and kept the old one instead of dealing with that mess. I think they took that money for those couple text messages we sent after I put the money in his account to pay the bill.

    When she couldn't, she forwarded me to a tech-support representative based in Mexico. When we contacted them back about that conversation they said that never happen and it’s not on file so I contacted the bank and the have the conversation if I need it. When you click "Continue" you will be taken to a site owned by, not GEICO. While looking for a new job, my balance became too low. Will hopefully switch companies soon.

    Virgin Mobile does not provide online chat option. Virgin Mobile has crafted an image as a mobile carrier for budget-conscious millennials. Virgin Mobile provides no Email for support inquiries.

    Virgin once featured how-to videos on basic topics on its support site, but those videos seem to have vanished. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. We explored Virgin's website, the carrier's preferred method for providing support.

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      With just a few clicks you can the GEICO Partner your General Liability Policy is with to find policy service options and contact information. With just a few clicks you can your insurance policy is with to find policy service options and contact information. With the last month or so, I got a call more Virgin Mobile stating that I was a loyal customer, my contract was almost up, and I qualified for a new phone. Years I was with them. You can also email. You guys are not the only game in town!

      Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands If your company has a page on our site, we invite you to to respond to your customers directly. Refer to other contact options offered by the telecommunications provider — phone number or mail. Reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. Save yourself the headache and frustration and go somewhere else.

      You're greeted by a recording that suggests you first check the Virgin website and use the site's forum to answer questions. Your company, as far as I can see, is made up of liars and incompetents, and they can't even get their stories straight as to what your policies are.

      The phone connection was spotty, and there seemed to be some details lost in translation. The services provided are good. There's also a link in the app for calling Virgin Mobile support directly.

      They say the same thing, "You went over you data. They will make you mad. This is a very unorganized and dubious way of doing business. This morning they suspended my service!

      Instead I received a text saying, "Thank you for updating your information" which I never did. It feels like a step backward for the service. It has been in business since 2002, and the U. It seems that a lot of those savings must come at the expense of support staff, as the carrier goes to great lengths to keep you from talking to a live person. It's THEIR envelope with THEIR label! It's been over 3 weeks and her service is still suspended as they claim they never received the old phone.

      I called again and the customer service I spoke to was arguing with me that the $73. I called and told them it's in the mail and they keep asking me for a tracking #. I called customer service and this person told me that they always send re-furbished phones not new phones. I do not recommend for anyone. I explained this to customer service AGAIN & AGAIN. I expressed my displeasure which ended up with me and this lady going back and forth for 30 minutes or so.

      I also talked to a very rude employee, he thinks he is smart and I'm just like "Chill, you're a 30 years old man who is still working as a customer service rep. I always appreciate the styles of phones that are offered by Virgin Mobile. I am sending an email to express how extremely unsatisfied with this service.

      • The monthly fees are suitable and you can flex from monthly to prepaid.
      • Dig into Virgin's website, and you'll find step-by-step instructions with animated screenshots for the basics.
      • Getting more handset-specific help proved difficult over the phone, especially compared to using Virgin's web resources.
      • He put me on hold and left me there, and when he saw I wasn't hanging up, rather than allowing me to run up his hold time, or completely disconnecting the call which is grounds for automatic termination in any call center worth its salt.

      Note that if you’re troubleshooting your phone or just want to figure out how to use your device, the My Account app on your Virgin phone features a support screen in addition to menu options for checking usage, managing your plan and adding money to your account. Now I am out of $85 for a monthly plan. Often times, phone companies change their customer service numbers and keeping up with that can be a challenge.

      And I received a text saying, "Thank you for your payment arrangement" so I called them immediately and told them I did not make a payment arrangement. Assurant flood policyholders can call. At any rate, even if he did make a. Been a customer for more than 5 years! Before joining them make sure you guys do good research and have plenty of money to waste. Best for Virgin Mobile is best for parents and budget-conscious customers.

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      After over 7 weeks of repeatedly contacting VM customer service, submitting more than one complaint and trading several emails, the Executive Office has not resolved the issue.After the first phone broke on me I called the SmartCare line to request a new phone that will not break on me.All other policyholders can call.

      Need to pay a bill, make a change, or get information about your coverage? Need to pay a bill, make a change, or just get some information? Need to update your policy or add a new pet? New customer and found was near monthly limit just before going out of town on business.

      After I bought it I called them and they decided to send me an iPhone 5S.After all this and cutting my phone they said I needed to pay the same unprocessed bill on a visa which I refused to give them my card (since they have defrauded my visa prior) so I got a prepaid visa and paid the amount of 50.

      Well I have talked and talked with these people and something's wrong with their system or is it possible that it's fixed that to rip us customers off. What arrived again was another Re-furbished phone. When I asked what apps I could use for music streaming that wouldn't count against my data plan, she sifted through her resources and named several, including Pandora, Slacker and Napster. When my husband bought a new phone and called to set it up, VM needed a different line to work from.

      Haven't missed any of my mother's phone calls since. He chose to put me back in cue so I would be placed on hold and sent to another representative. He has no one to talk to internationally at that. Helpful life insurance agents, who can assist you in servicing your policy, are just a phone call away. How can they get away with this? How many times does a customer have to tell you they want the money YOU STOLE from them back?!?

      We hope they resolved your issue successfully. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. We went to Verizon on 5/31 and were set up and running in 45 minutes with much faster service. Well I called customer service which is hard to get a human to talk with, I explained and they said all my megabytes were gone.

      All this company wants is your money.

      They have not provided any evidence to show that the transaction was justified in being authorized. They have really good deals for their cell phones on their online site. They may also add additional support numbers for customers to call.

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