Motorcycle Club as in SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy, Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) because they were the original charter, the "First 9" that is often referred to. Mayhem" is SOA euphemism for killing someone. A reference to the Men of Mayhem.

Clay, meanwhile, is laying some foundations for his future, talking to Galen about relocating to Belfast and picking up SAMCRO’s lost business there. Click inside to find out if Jax Teller lived or died in the series finale SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! Cross, breaking down a serious racial barrier that has hindered the club. Dyna - One of the styles of Harley-Davidson.

In their chat, Jax pushed Chibbs to go for a Mayhem vote, to which he said, "Christ, Jackie, that's just not going to happen. It came to an end, though, when Jax drove his bike into a large truck driven by Michael Chiklis, who was on the show a few episodes ago as a man who Gemma met on the road. It looked like the Presidents were just gonna give them a fine of some sort.

Participate - To aid a member in a fight by ganging up on the opponent. Patch-Over - When one club takes over another. Poor Jax Ultimately, this series show how good intentions can go so terribly wrong.

Anyhoo, the Governor also keeps his zombified daughter alive, presumably hoping to cure her at some point.Apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site.

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He later goes to his and Gemma's burglarized house and expresses concern over his safe being stolen. He then goes and visits Opie and convinces him not to walk away from the club because of him, seeing as though he's "half dead already". He then meets with Álvarez and the pair make a deal; the Sons of Anarchy will begin selling guns to the Mayans, and all Mayan-SOA disputes (over turf, businesses, etc.

Maybe that's what they call it when the club decides to kill a member, since they had to vote on it. Mayhem", it was a vote on whether or not to kill him. Meaning if Jax is killed say in an accident or killing someone that just got out of prison or by the police that Mayhem falls to the next in line. Never again will the IRA ask them to run guns.

Chibs gathers the SAMCRO members around the table to take the Mr. Clay and Tig then decide to kill him. Clay is visited by retired US Marshall Lee Toric, the brother of the nurse Otto murdered.

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Brand - The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as the Brand, or the AB, is a white supremacist prison gang and organized crime syndicate. Brendan Roarke, Charlie Barosky & August Marks. Brown - Mexicans, usually refers to the Mayans. But I honestly thought that chibs was gonna be the one to do it. Cartel, also known as " Drug Cartel", a cartel is a criminal organization involving drugs. Charlie Hunnam played the character so peacefully in the last scene, it wrapped everything up very nicely.

In my seven seasons of Sutter experience, something that weird and awkward doesn't happen and not mean anything. In the end, it is revealed that he knew of Jax's deal with Stahl and that it was part of a plan to execute Jimmy O. In the season two finale, Clay neglects to inform Marcus Alvarez that Ethan Zobelle is an F.

To add to Randal's excellent answer. Two: although it was one of the most uncomfortable scenes to have happened on this show (right up there with Jax and Tara having sex as Kohn’s body cooled nearby and Opie’s graphic and gruesome death scene), I think Tara’s visit to Otto this week was successful. Unbeknownst to the tragic antihero, he may be too late for son Abel as a flash to him driving away with his mom shows the little boy playing with an SOA ring with a troubled expression on his face.

T-Bars - the style of handlebars used by many of the SOA club members. The chase ends the same way JT's ride ended; with Jax driving his bike straight into a big rig. The following death-related terms aren't as common as kick the bucket, but they are useful ways to dodge the most depressing, dismal, and therefore dodge-worthy topic of all. The gangster is grateful but warns Jax that he is a dead man for killing an IRA king. The lies caught up to all of us, man.

Fans know what's coming, but Kurt - who took inspiration from Hamlet- makes sure they feel every bit as Jax rides down highway 580 with a cavalry of police behind him and plenty of crow imagery and themed music. First Nine - Refers to the original first nine members who founded the Sons of Anarchy MC. For SAMCRO, that queen is Gemma Teller-Morrow.

It should be set out right for you to add knowledge about the show. It’s unclear where the rage is ultimately coming from: all of Clay’s past misdeeds, or the utter frustration over the fact that he’s still drawing breath. Jax also has to track down his murderous mom, all while he’s locked down because of Unser’s APB.

The men gather around and Chibs points the gun at Jax, but pulls off to the side at the last moment, shooting Happy in the arm instead. The rest of the charter presidents said if Jax doesn’t die, it looks bad on the whole organization. The style became known henceforth. The tools are at TM, I doubt he'd take whatever is in Jax's personal garage.

Actually, when Jax put down the gun the first time, I thought, “Good boy, stop first to put on the silencer!After Unser gets a copy of the letters, he confronts Clay.

As a Regency novelist, I've come across several interesting euphemisms for death from jolly old England.

  • It has to be Mayhem and it has to be to Jax because he broke a major rule.
  • That, to me, was quintessential Sons of Anarchy.

Once he was, he led a Jax Teller Parade, complete with what looked like a thousand cop cars. One Percenter - A term rising out of the 1947 Hollister Riot. Opie later finds out that Clay was behind the death of Piney and seeks revenge, ending up shooting Clay in the torso twice. Over time, he became more like his stepfather Clay, who held the vicious intention of ruling the club and plotted to kill John Teller along with Gemma.

We also learn that Nero’s whole “exit strategy” is kind of a scam – he could have quit pimping years ago, but stayed in the game because he liked it. We don't know because we have not been privy to the whole conversation. We look forward to sharing with you some of the great content found on cleveland. What happens when Wendy finds out what happened? What has the show meant to your career? When Jax found out the reasoning behind Juice's actions he looked surprised that rule even existed.

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He was going to warn Unser. Here is my theory of how it will end. His arthritis is shown to have reached the point to where he can't ride his bike at all. Honestly, the Ireland parts of past seasons have been the least compelling parts of the show, but maybe they can make it work a second time.

However, the driver is Opie's wife, who has switched vehicles with Opie. I don't think he's gonna let that mayhem vote go thru. I don't think that will happen, but I do like it. I think Happy and Rat aren't as "connected" (simply becuase Tig and Chibs would have seen Jax fucking growing up), but nonetheless they've proven their willingness to protect Jax at all costs. I was totally on board with Juice’s decision.

Poor ol’ Juice has finally accepted his fate, and advises Tully to kill him quickly before the Chinese can torture him slowly. Pope understands that, to be a leader in the kind of business he and Jax are in, one has to acknowledge the need to – otherwise it’ll eat away at the person making the decisions, that individual will lose focus and, as a result, the whole herd will collapse.

When Opie turns up at the clubhouse, Tig checks his car for bugs and finds a microphone. When St Paul wrote, "When I became a man, I put away childish things," he meant for good. When the branch from which he tried to hang himself broke, I let out the largest sigh of relief. When they arrive at the industrial storage warehouse and find the guns, three Mayans turn up in a car outside.

As the “only redeeming person in his life” maybe Jax was forced to consider that the redeeming lives of his children wouldn’t mean anything later either. Asked what the means Jax says, which will no doubt become one of the lasting quotes from the show, that the mayhem will finally be over - 'as the bad guys lose'. At Church, Jax confronts Clay and asks if he killed Donna. Beef- another way of explaining problems with other MC or locals. Both were planted by the ATF without Opie's knowledge.

Shovel Head - Type of engine Harley Davidson made said to look like a shovel made from 1966-1984 (Harley stopped production mid-year and replaced it with the new evolution engine. Some say it means that the wearer has killed for the club; others say that it is a reference to when a member is ordered to do a hit on a fellow member of the club, making them Unholy in carrying out a deed usually met with death for killing another member.

Also a term used to refer to a rider's oldest jeans.And that’s how far the series has taken me this season—to actively root for Gemma’s demise.

They said it has to be Mayhem or else things will go to shit within the whole organization. This content is available customized for our international audience. This content is available customized for our international audience. This fails, however, as Sonora's men were equipped with. This is the dictionary of terms from A-Z.

Roth made famous the cartoon character Rat Fink who drove beat up and purposely unattractive looking 'Rat Rods' and bikes. Running book, pussy, and crank, out of Reno. Running book, pussy, and crank, out of Reno.

  • "Come Join the Murder" by White Buffalo plays symbolically as Jax rides off to join his fellow fallen crows.
  • "Cut" could also simply be an English adaptation of the German word for such a vest, which is "Kutte".
  • "I'm surprised anybody's lasted this long.

The whole episode was him accepting his fate. There's very few of us there. There, Jax and Clay stare at each other and it is plain to see that the club is coming apart from inside. They already voted to take his patch away, this vote was to see if he would die.

  1. A subreddit dedicated to the FX original television series.
  2. AB - The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as the Brand, or the AB, is a white supremacist prison gang and organized crime syndicate.
    1. "On the Lam" - To be on flight or on the run.
    2. (I was rather fond of this little goose chase.
    3. A motorcycle rally being held in the town of Hollister got out of hand as the town was overrun by more bikers than had been expected.
    4. A motorcycle rally being held in the town of Hollister turned got out of hand as the town was overrun by more bikers than had been expected.
    5. A subreddit dedicated to the FX original television series.
    6. As Wendy (Drea de Matteo) quickly learns by the end of ‘Darthy,’ people who have messed with Jax in the past and walked away, don’t fare too well next time their paths cross.

      Nomad - A Nomad is a club member who does not belong to any specific charter, yet has privileges in all charters. Nomad - A Nomad is a club member who does not belong to any specific charter, yet has privileges in all charters. Of the current mysteries, I would say Jax's limp is a foreshadowing, his father's bike is Chekhov's Gun (the homeless lady would likely be this as well), and Nero "looking for tools" is a MacGuffin.

      Just as Clay is about to kill Frankie, Jax and the others show up, having seen the explosion. Killing Miles was, as far as the club knows, beneficial for the club. Knowing his death is looming, Jax makes sure his legacy will not be passed down to his children Abel and Thomas. Let's bury it with terms of an appropriate nature: euphemisms for death. Looking back, what’s your fondest memory of Sons? Maybe it’s because she’s finally referring to herself as an Old Lady.

      This is where the theories start swirling: he comes out and assures everyone it'll be okay and he'll fill them in once he sorts some things out. This story, however, may be apocryphal. Though the site is mostly focused on what's happening in the world of television at any given time, movies, music and funny internet sensations are never out of place.

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      Gemma tells Clay that Tara will not reveal the letters to Jax for fear that Jax will get deeper into the club out of guilt. Gemma was on the lam after being framed by Agent Stahl at the end of season 2. He is shown to be ready to leave in the season finale when Roosevelt and several policemen state they found his gun (the same one he gave Juice) at a crime scene as the murder weapon that killed Damon Pope and three of his men. He later finds out where Gemma has been going from Juice.

      Episode was heart-wrenching — but not all that unexpected. Ernest Darby is also being held there, and Clay tells Unser to bring Álvarez in, in order for the three gang leaders to hold a meeting and, hopefully, prevent further bloodshed. Even though it is what Jax wants, Chibs says, through tears to the club: 'You know what has to happen, it is what this charter needs to do, we cannot allow our hearts to be louder than a reason. Every single thing he does he thinks about.

      With that said, I think JT's original vision of SOA being a "brotherhood" first will have some influence in what Jax does next. With the burden falling on a tearful Chibs, Jackson explains 'It's about respect'. You suggesting it would land on Chibs?

      Jax confronts Bobby about the deal he made with Clay that kept him alive, as Bobby says it was for his own good. Jax is unhappy that Clay did not tell him of the plan, however, and tells him to always inform him on his future motives. Jax may have given his guarantee that SAMCRO would "vote the right way" (notice the choice of words), I think its pretty certain that if Tig/Chibs/Happy/Rat/Quinn&Montez(?

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      Jax meets Nero at Chucky's mechanic shop and instructs him to handle the upcoming legal paperwork, explaining that he is leaving everything to Wendy and that she is to sell it off and take the money to start a new life somewhere with his sons. Jax, now knows everything and did not want to pass on the same legacy to his children Abel and Thomas and wanted them to stay away from the bloodshed and mayhem of Charming.

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