As long as each of you respects the other person there is no reason you cannot become involved in a dating relationship. The age difference that might make. But for whatever reason even to me 23 and 18 is weird. Would be make a big over a 28 year old guy dating a 23 year old girl? I'm 22 and I'm friends with a 17 year old girl.

I wish I had a hot boyfriend in his 20’s! I wish your mother do the same things when you were in her belly! I would tell this scumbag once, and once only, that he was never to speak to my child again, and that would be the end of it. I'd rather be with a guy that's already dealt with all the immaturity that tends to go with the college years. I'm 31 with a 25 yr old boyfriend I swear he runs circles around 40 yr olds I've dated and makes my 33 yr old ex husband look like I married a toddler!

Focus on your perception of the delivery so you can completely ignore the content lol. For some reason the only men I’m not into are just around my age.

Log in to leave your comment or alternatively, sign in with Facebook or Google. Long story short, we had an AMAZING affair. Mom found out about my dating the older guy when I sat her down after work one weeknight and told her I wanted to start The Pill.

As long as you get on with her though then its fine.

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At 46, you can finally date a woman who is 30.B/c duh, they know what you're after since there's a massive maturity and thus personality diff.

He's not your daddy; don't be gross. How To Date A Younger Man – Yes and Yes – Dating is fun and challenging and weird. How lonjg have you guys been dating/where did you meet? I MEAN I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! I agree with you on so many levels, its that bible belt community that makes "some" feel as if they farted in the bathroom they should be scorned for it.

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It is not "what you do in order to select a spouse"; it can be but (please do not read this if you're fainthearted, TexasDriver) not everybody wants to get married and it's pretty much part of the definition of both "17 years old" and "23 years old" to be figuring out what they want their life to be like: this includes figuring out whether they do or do not want to get married. It takes effort on both sides.

That's about the same age difference as my wife and I. That’s what I’m talking about what is making me more worried about that. The best part of JSwipe is when you match with someone. Then trust that you've raised a kid smart enough not to jeopardize her future. They're both roughly college-aged. Theyve had a year to get that newness of clubbing and stuff out of their system.

And yes, I do think back when I was in my 30's, would I be into a serious relationship?Answer the question or mind your business lol.

I did meet my wife when she was 25 though. I do not just only like her because of her looks, she has a lot of qualities to her that I admire so far. I don't think we ever got double looks or raised eyebrows. I hate that it is weird for me.

You know how she is, you know what morals/values were taught in your home. You said you wanted to be more active, remember? You think Hugh Heffner is running around asking if it's weird he's like 70 dating a 25 year old? You want to make sure it's easy for her to brake up with him later. Your both adults who can make your own life choices.

  1. "Then aged 9, they went to different schools and had ceased to see each other at all.
  2. Add 7 years to that, and you get 18.
  3. All I can know for certain is how I feel, and I know that I'm happy with the current situation.
  4. And how do you prevent or stop it?!
  5. And i don't know what i'd do without him.
    • You know those girls who refuse to date anyone younger than they are, much less anyone their own age?
    • I was 18 and my husband 21 when we started dating.
    • He very maturely talked about it being something to consider, but not a reason to end the date.
    • Its better if she was 20/21 because then the life experience would match up more.
    • Been together 6 months,dont know what the future holds for us and try not to over think just take each day as it comes.

    It turns out that she was not mature enough to really handle the responsibility of marriage though. It was all really sad. It was awesome, fun, exhilarating and yes, taboo to have such a younger lover and it's priceless to have such a great friend. It was interesting to read about though! Its been about a year now, so far its great, he is very serious about our relationship, and we never talk about our age difference. I’m a 27 year old female really into a guy who is 22.

    Because no way were they both in the same place. But at others, its pretty amazing.

    Can anybody give me an advise? Currently she has a boy friend that is 14 months older than her and these are the rules. Do You Find It Weird For A 23 Year Old Female To Be Dating An 18 Year Old Male? Does he have a full time job? Don't see anything wrong with it. Either way, if you guys do eventually part, don't be sad, learn from the experience. Fast forward i love him he loves me it has not been easy.

    I’m currently 29 and dating a 19 year old. I’ve never had this crazy level of attraction to somebody before. Like, actually cute to look at.

    Woman is in a similar profession to the university course man has just started. Wow, at 70, the 42-year-olds are probably some of your daughter's friends from high school who grew up hanging out at your house and who have now gone through divorces. Yeah she's probably the tightest girl I've been with, other than girls who's virginities I took. Yeah, 25 year-old guys are infamous for loving sex when wearing a rubber--Apparently the condom increases their pleasure 100 fold.

    Got to know and made friends with a man of 40+ and yes I’ve fell for him big style we were chatting and he kept saying I love you then he would say the nickname he calls me I fell for this I’ve never said how he feels only that I’m a good friend he’s going through some family issues and is separated from his wife she is manipulative and he’s been hurt very hurt he has a child by her and one to another previous partner who was a drug addict this child he brought up by himself It breaks my heart to see him suffering and loving him like I do I long to hold him close we talked today and he said he’s not going to have a relationship for a while due to the problems but deep inside I would love a relationship with him we are both softhearted and gentle pple in my life I’ve yearned for someone who could be loving gentle and tender but I only had users who were violent who treated me like dirt.

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    If she thinks you make hasty, stupid decisions, she will think "Well, mom & dad don't know what they are talking about anyway" and as soon as she gets out of your reach she will do the stupid things anyway. If the "the rest of your life" is not in the equation, why are you still dating that person? If they are sexually inexperienced they will learn to bang YOUR way.

    He helps me with my kids, he works full time I’m currently working for time as well we have a system that works for us. He is, by far, the most romantic, spontaneous man I've ever dated. He made feel ugly and worthless. He makes me so happy that I want to leave my husband who have cheated on me repeated.

    Well, let's just say, a little older than 23! We’re from two different cultures, me from the more conservative one. When I was 27 I dated an 18 year old. When you need to make a post for yourself, not necessarily for advice, or to answer questions, but to get it off your chest, we'll be here to listen and, if you want, to talk. Which when you think about it is a pretty silly way of thinking about dating. Why won’t he just let me go?

    I'm currently 'woo-ing' a very lovely 18 year old and I am. I'm dating someone 8 years older than me now and he's the most immature guy I've ever dated (but it's charming). I'm gonna guess you're an aussie? I'm happy I found this blog, I hope my story help you guys too! If he truly cares for you, it should not matter to him if your 45 or 50!

    Thinking back on it now, at the age of 23, I totally agree. This browser is out of date and will not support some of this site's functionality. This is to relieve the pit in your stomach that won't go away, not for the angry rant you could spew at anyone. This man has been there for me everytime I need a friend. This post comes to us via Carly Jacobs of fame.

    As I said, the only time the age difference is really obvious is when her friends are around.

    I have not been retained to represent you. I just don't think it's fair when your very likely a young man with many choices. I look at him sometimes and when I think about it age I literally see where I could have easily gotten In my own if I let age matter. I mean she is hot and all but she is older.

    Today the shit has hit the fan. Turns out she felt the same way. Us ladies get so caught up paying our bills and performing well at work, we forget to just have crazy stupid fun! Use whatever reasoning you need to, to make yourself feel comfortable about that dating scenario. We use birth control for sure every time we had sex. We're sorry but our system has identified your computer as an automated web crawler.

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    She finished a while ago, and graduated a year early. She still being a bit of a hold out about sex? She told us to stop seeing each other. She's over 18 and so are you.

    But it feels like there's a huge difference every year when your that young, i remember myself feeling a lot older by only being 20 instead of 18. But then there are members of the bubblewrap brigade who are totally against age differences in people younger that 21. But, I was in this position.

    Since she is still basically living here and I am paying for college tuition. So at 46, you finally get to have incredible sex with a beautiful, mature woman -- but you have to wait 46 years to do it, according to this urban legend. So the question is, are you expecting a guy to do something you are unwilling to do yourself? That can be said about anyone's relationship.

    1. And now, I am going to be tied to her for the next 18 years.
    2. And while I'm paying for food, home, clothes, etc.
    3. I am no expert, but I taught in a public alternative high school (13 to 18 year-olds) for several years and feel that I got to understand the mindset of teens (at least a certain population of them) and their priorities pretty well, and I would guess that the chances that they are not already sexually active are about the same odds that Pres. I could go on, and on about her. I dated the guy through my senior year of high school and through my first three years of college.

      I never ever think i will like a young boy,I like older then me 10 years or so,but i just dont know why i like him that much,he drink my cup,he ate what I already biteohhhhhhhh i dont know am i just over thinking? I said people should care if they care about her. I want to piggyback on your comment for a sec. I was your daughter a decade ago. I wasn't crazy about having to start every conversation I had with a guy, especially after several days of trying a bunch of dating apps.

      In my opinion, we cannot stop our children making mistakes - we can only guide them to help them make the right choices and then be there to pick up the pieces if things go wrong. It depends on how mature the 18 year old and 21 year old are. It has been the final straw on a troubled marriage and the parents have now split.

      My female mates new bf is 23 (she being the gf is 18). My parents' rule was that you could date someone in your class or the class above or below you, but dating beyond that was right out. No matter what the age. On that note, I feel she is comfortable talking and being open with me. Populo evertitur ut his, summo errem postea te his. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

      Yes, but 18 year olds are like children compared to people at least mid-20s. You both are adults now. You don't have down votes now, but they could have come from the fact that you said if she was 16 things would be ruined by her immaturity and carelessness.

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