WebEx Meeting Center WBS29. WebEx Meeting Center WBS29. Software Downloads, Release and General Information.

I'd say it works better than on a traditional desktop operating system. I'd say it works better than on a traditional desktop operating system. In 10 it crashes on login every time. It lets me do everything I can do from my office/desktop (Windows Client App) for the most part and I can do it from anywhere. It used to work until about a year ago, now it's pure junk. It usually takes hours to days of troubleshooting before being able to connect.

Join any web conference from your Apple iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Join from any browser, device, or system—just by answering the phone. Launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your iPad or iPhone and enter the meeting number. Many times I am logged on in the early morning hours and use my Bluetooth apple AirPods and it makes life easier while lying comfortably in bed. Meet anywhere with anyone, and make decisions faster.

Dual-core CPU is required for video.EDIT: The fact that I have to sign in every few days is beyond annoying and I will likely stop using this app completely altogether.Even when sending a error log the app hangs up and I have to hit back twice to get out.
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Take your Web meetings anywhere! Thanks for reporting your concern. That was a pleasant surprise. That would be quite helpful. The app rarely ever works - just throwing all sorts of connection failures, error messages, no indication ever as to how to overcome the errors.

I was a little disappointed when I still had to use a secondary device to make the phone call and I couldn't just use my existing tablet's WiFi connection to join the conference call. I was able to see the two presentations and the switching from one presenter to the other was practically seamless, limited solely by each presenter's lack of knowledge of the app - amazing! I was not impressed and the 30 minute conversation drained my battery 22%.

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Then when joined audio and very, the audio was very very low. This app is useless if your organization has decided to move to the newer WebEx site. This causes me to join late because it takes multiple tries to connect. This causes you to have to keep asking them to repeat what they said sometimes 3 - 7 times before that person with the switch gets bored and lays down the switch. To lead meetings, to share project updates, to troubleshoot network appliances remotelly, to teach others, to learn.

To rate and review this product go to client store on the device it’s installed on. Unable to switch to speaker mode. Unable to switch to speaker mode. Under Productivity Tools, select Download now.

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Html) and Privacy Statement (://www. Html) and are consenting to receive communications, updates, and upgrades for Cisco WebEx services. I agree with a previous user who asked why is Cisco so behind in this area? I can trick it into working by logging in w the Lastpass browser which then starts the Webex app. I cannot join via the app and when it tries to redirect me to the browser to sign in, I get a "browser not supported" message.

Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Please help fix this! Pretty useless for my needs. Really good app to attend meeting. Requirements Cisco WebEx Meeting Center release WBS29. Ridiculous to be able to see a presentation but then have to dial in a phone number to listen to it when you're using an app. Screen sharing on non-Samsung devices requires OS 5.

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Meet anywhere, with anyone, and get more done. Need technical support or help using Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8? Need to log in every time. Note, the Cisco WebEx service is not available in all countries. Only thing I was hoping to get out of it - that's perhaps not obvious to me - was the ability to "dial in" to a call from within the application itself.

Security is important but as always needs to be designed in conjunction with usability. Skype is 100x better than this app. So I dialed into the conference with the regular phone app and was unable to view the webex while the phone was in use. Sorta defeats the purpose of cross-platform compatibility. Specifically you need to answer if you are going to get your audio from your cell or through the internet. Take Your WebEx Meetings Anywhere!

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When connected over wifi, people hear me with a lot of echo. When it calls me I often have to hang up 4 or 5 times as it doesn't accept the PSTN tone when I press 1. Whether I connect from my system or via my mobile I seem to have this problem and I'm not the only one. Whether I connect from my system or via my mobile I seem to have this problem and I'm not the only one.

While it is clear and simple to use, one major drawback in this app version is that after a meeting has ready started, I can no longer see it in my meetings panel, it just disappears, so if I am trying to join even a minute later, I cannot because the meeting isn't there anymore. Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8. Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8. With the desktop interface, I am never/rarely re-prompted for my credentials because I saved them in my browser's password manager.

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The app rarely ever works - just throwing all sorts of connection failures, error messages, no indication ever as to how to overcome the errors. The audio could be better on here people often sound like they are talking through a long pice of pipe or even worse sometimes it is like somebody is standing there with a switch in there hand and when you are trying to here something important they flip the switch off and on rapidly.

Experience high-quality 2-way video on tablets and smartphones.For example if they hop off the meeting and then would like to hop back on, the meeting should still be visible in my meetings and not disappear.For some reason Webex numbers almost never work.

Hope this gets fixed. However even with that improvement, I am forced to re-enter my account ID and phone number and my desired settings every time this app is updated, which seems to be every few weeks. However, I couldn't get audio to work.

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The best way to resolve this would be to keep all meetings visible in my meetings panel not only after they have begun, but also at least until the end of the day, so users may revisit the link if needed. The mute button was nice and big. The only thing I would like to see it do is autp link from a meeting notice from outlook. The only thing like this that I have used was Team Viewer which is really more of a remote control type of inviorment.

Fortunately, this app recently gained support for touchID, which improved usability immensely.

Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices. Great app, use it all the time for work.

  1. Cisco WebEx may collect meeting usage data and personal information, such as your email address, from your computer or device.
  2. Clicking the meeting link from calendar opens the app and connects to the meeting.
  3. Com/products/web-conferencing/mobile-android-faq.
  4. Come on Cisco, how much longer before you update the app to support the new WebEx site?
  5. I don't know why but i cant here the audio when i plug in my earphones. I had WebEx call my cell phone for audio which was super convenient. I had to go and get headphones.

    Corporate server not working since upgrading the app.Could you please look into the following issue: On HTC one M8 GPE Android 5.Doesn't work with Android O (8.
    • Only complaint is that though it does have a screen sharing feature, it only goes one-way and you cannot do a "whiteboard" feature where every participant can be involved on each other's screens.
    • The fact that I have to keep signing in "for security reasons" is extremely annoying.

    It usually takes hours to days of troubleshooting before being able to connect. It was difficult to connect to audio at first. It will be better if the meeting audio goes mute when we attend phone calls. It works great for all my online meetings. Join any web conference from your Android tablet or smartphone.

    I have raised my rating to FIVE STARS! I typically use Linux at home and work where WebEx support is non-existent, so this app is truly a lifesaver. I understand moderator can override the mute function but in an interactive session sometimes there is no way to get the attention of anyone except by turning on video and waving madly until someone notices you or holding up a sign.

    Very inconvenient since that usually happens while I'm on the road and trying to join a meeting right away. Webex mobile app window crashes frequently when toggling between other apps. When I can't connect to a meeting at all with any method, something is definitely wrong.

    1. Can't change my audio connection type during the meeting Everybody can see that I am on a phone.
    2. Can't change my audio connection type during the meeting Everybody can see that I am on a phone.
    3. Chrome no longer finds the app to launch a meeting using the link in the invite.
      1. "Press 1 to join" and it doesn't recognise the entry.
      2. Anyone can attend a Cisco WebEx meeting for free by choosing one of the below options.
      3. Better and lighter han remote desktops apps and prsenting tools.
      4. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.
      5. Call quality superior to any other internet based calling app I have including Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp.
      6. With the mobile app, there is no such option. You’re here for leading video conferencing.

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