A while ago, eHarmony came out with an article entitled 15 Reasons to Date a Farmer. As I was reading through the 15 reasons, I was literally. Feel free to comment with your own “Before You Date a Farmer” advice. This has seriously been a fun post to write, so it is my hope you all had. With Valentine's approaching we share our dating tips.

The more important I make him feel the happier he is. The truth is, if you read my, that dating a farmer is hard. There’s a lot of romanticizing that happens around the idea of being a farmer — hell, enough so that betrothed couples across the country are. They break their backs worrying about how to keep the farm. They spend lots of money. They spend the majority of their day in a tractor cab, eating on the go, and get very little sleep. They've done a pretty good job with him.

I want memories either it be in Germany for a trip for two or just sitting in the shop as he is working on the tractor that broke down a second time this week glancing at me making faces at me every chance he gets. I woke up laying on my back in the middle of a field with him standing over me. I would get married in a parking lot as long as I had my soul mate, my family, and good friends nearby. I"m in change of all of the house work, cooking, gardening, moving the HUGE yard.

Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is BRAVE. Not ALL farmers are rotten and mean -- just like not all business exec's are rotten and insensitive. Not making plans or not sticking to a plan is the way of life for a farmer, anything can change at a moment's notice. Not only meet them, but keep them as well.

But I can guarantee, the faster you just accept and embrace the change, the easier it will become.But at the same time, breaking up because we each wanted to be on our own ranch was extremely traumatic at the time.

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This makes me feel awful. Thus, they want children. Try to make him feel relaxed and non threatened, and let im know that there is a real problem - even try to make it blameless, like "I'm feeling this way when this happens" rather than "you're treating me bad. We are a few hours from a major city so we have a home gym, a pool, hot tub, golf course, and horses for leisure. We did support him by bringing him lunch, and cooking, gardening, etc.

I had to click his profile. I know my guy was married before and they divorced. I know there's exceptions to everything, I guess my point is, I knew some very kind and caring farmers, and my Dad was one of them, God rest his soul. I love the farm also.

I've adjusted, and I just LOVE this life! If anything farmers are some of the un-healthiest eaters I know. If you are looking for a professional dating site that caters to the needs of business-minded singles, you’re in the right place.

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I love the posts with lots of photos that tell a story. I married a Farmer, and seriously regret it. I talked to my mom — she's a Bachelor junkie. I think many of us could say similar things about our situations regardless of work - also regardless of wether it is a husband or a wife. I too was married to a farmer many years ago. I try not to mention my profession.

But when the shit hits the fan and I’m working 70-80 hours a week, all the time, and I’m not around, it gets hard.By getting to know our members via an in-depth personality test, we get an idea of what they are looking for in a partner.Com caught up with him, he was on the highway, hauling corn.

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We did support him by bringing him lunch, and cooking, gardening, etc. We three kids all had our chores, and I vividly recall delivering a calf, at six a. Well, you can have the best damn food you can eat. When I was in college I broke my nose and had to have a procedure on it. Why was it important for you to stay on and involved in your own family ranch? Why would you limit yourself to just farmers?

His farm-managing capabilities aside, this man also knows how to take care of himself. Hmmm, looks like he looks at you like his asset, and not as a partner. However, Anniversary's, Birthdays, etc. I am expected to basically do EVERYTHING myself. I fell in love with a farmer and everything was great. I guess I'm the only farm wife who feels this way. I guess this pretty much kills all the 'farmer's daughter's ' stories though, huh?

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Now 10 years later his salary is the same, but she earns more, takes care of the 3 children, and HE couln'd do his work and earn his salary if she didn't do what she does. Okay, so eHarmony hit this one right on the nail. Otherwise, I’m just another idealistic kid that thinks farming is cool. Our first date is the post on the top.

Write, lift weights, and work on machinery. You can visit your date at work -- if you don't mind getting manure on your shoes. You're watching the caricature of a part-time farmer on that show. Your family should (in a healthy marriage) come first. Your homemade $20 honey is delicious, I'm sure.

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Does having a farmer's schedule make it tough to meet women? Farm in Wisconsin and homeschools her sons. Farming skills are not important to me — a willingness to learn and play in dirt is important. Finding this out was your own home-work before marrying, only thing you need now is a man good at heart, (I assume he is) naturally farmers won't have time expressing love and compassion. Fired up the grill, and made burgers and fries on a cold winter day — was a date to me.

So I figured I'd amend the article a little bit, make it a little more REAL rather than fantasy land like eHarmony has it sound. So if I can prove that I can do that through doing something really innovative like this, that would be great. So ladies, please allow me to tell you about men like me. So right now i think it's fair to put the house in both names, but he won't (their buying a new house) She works hard, but he gets to get the house in his name?

If you can't handle uncertainty, dating a farmer may not be for you. Im a work horse not a wife anymore. In a farmers world you will rank 1,2,3 if your lucky.

So, uh, that one was not gonna work out. Talk about being stupid and lazy. Thanks for sharing it with everyone. That is almost exactly what it is like for me! The Daily Edge uses cookies. The grain markets, the animal markets, and all other things in agriculture are forever changing.

  1. And how is the social scene and dating scene around the town?
  2. And the sex with my husband does depend on the farm too.
  3. Bargaining is not the same thing as war/fighting, it's normal also in a farmer's life.
  4. Because I invited them back to the farm without considering the fact that they are vegan — which is cool, I’m also vegan, so we had that in common.
  5. Because they wont take of you.
    • Maybe because we don't have kids yet or because we haven't been together as long as I assume you and you're farming husband have been but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    • In fact, your farmer is probably already based somewhere -- with long-term plans to stay there.
    • You can rest assured he’s not looking for someone to complete him, but a partner who also values their independence to share a rich and colourful life together.
    • Farmers] go into it with full effort, full heart.
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    Friday, I'm up late making sure everything is ready for the farmers' market and we've got to be up pretty early to be downtown by six o'clock. Growing up as a farmer's daughter, I have to agree that family is not always first. Growing up here, I didn’t ever date any ranch or agriculture-type kids. He's usually out of the house by 6 or so in the morning and I'm left with our 3 kids (I started having kids early that doesn't help much I know, blah blah blah). He/we always make time for that.

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    Being someone who moved because I fell in love with a farmer, it's a hard sacrifice to give up your life where you are now and move because the farmer you are dating is rooted where he is.

    Complete independence to do what I want, when I want. Do you think it’s important to them that you be with someone who has a farming background?

    I’ve collected excerpts from those very candid conversations and shared them below, and hope that together they form an honest picture of what it’s really like to look for love as a farmer. Kind and loving people will be so no matter what work they are doing and jerks are just jerks! Last year was pretty fun because he got to pull his first calf, and he was kind of grossed out — it was all slimy. Let's be moderate all damn day. More features coming soon.

    • " The goal was to get seven pictures, each featuring a different color of the rainbow.
    • ' It has never failed me and has brought me great success.
    • (No they don't, but any gal can attest to the fact that I am not so sure old dilapidated farm houses aren't much better.
    • After combing through other sites looking at profile after profile of city slickers who so often seem dubious, the level of upfront vulnerability on Farmers Only was a totally refreshing change.
    • After reading this story i can say *ditto*.
    • After we broke up, I said, “I’m never dating another rancher again!
    • All I got was a "What is wrong with you?

    In case you haven't heard, there's an site called, which boasts the tagline, "City folks just don't get it! It was they were fun. It's a hell of a lot of work, not to mention we live an hour drive from any Wal-Mart or anything. It's good to here from someone who seems to have a good grasp on the farming life. It's reality TV, so like on the last episode when they were riding tractors in bikinis, that's not probably something I'd see.

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