Whether you were planning on it or not, you've fallen for a woman who has kids. Dating a mom can be tricky. Do men in their late 20's to late 30's typically avoid dating women with children? After 2 years since the split with my ex-fiancé, I finally decided. But now your world of available women includes moms—that is, the mother of other men's children.

Don't go ruin your best years by dating a single mom. Even if their kids by blood. Even with modern fertility science, all tadpoles come with some sort of father.

  • Are you a single mom?
  • Are you sure she doesn’t want to get an education, focus on her job and her independence, play the field for a few years, and then focus on marriage in her 30’s?
  • As a continuation of the above point, one of the hardest changes for many single men who decide to date a woman with a child is realizing they are not in first place.
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I addressed this very thing in my response. I didn't get to see her nearly as much as I would've liked (only a few hours a week). I got emails and invites after few hours of signing up. I have been with my wife all told for 15 years and married for 11. I have had single moms tell me they purposely seek out childless guys because it’s easier to date someone without children, and marrying them would easier.

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If you stay together, you’ll be Not My Father for years. In fact, I'd prefer it because they would be able to relate better. Is she going to expect me to take her AND the kids for ice cream?

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  1. At 52 years old, I’ve never felt that way with any man I’ve dated I believe that it’s just a matter of time before all of you beautiful women on here find someone special.
  2. At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings.
  3. Besides most any single mom I’ve dated has also be a big ol’ liar, just like the last guy you dated.
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    Building a relationship with her child will take time, but you can do it if you put in the work.But I think just like anything else, everyone is different.
    • "I was able to learn from others’ experiences without having to go through all of it myself.
    • A random phone call or text to see how her day is going is a great gesture that will break up the monotony of her day and will put a smile on her face.
    • Anyway, good luck to you.

    He said he liked that I had kids. He was gentle, tough, hugely insightful and extremely accurate at decoding a man's words, his actions, his lack of action, his likely intentions. He was real nice then. Here’s a very good article. Honeymoon will be overthe kid will be a handful to deal with, and you will question why you married her in the first place. However where there are children involved I would agree with previous commenters who said go slow.

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    Walk up to her, discretely check if there is a ring on that finger, and if she's availalble, make your move. We live together, and I have ended up with the bulk of the living expenses. Well, after a few months I left her so she could feel free to go back to him. Were you to become involved and then leave the child’s life, he would suffer and have no choice in the matter, unlike adults who do have choices and owe it to children to behave responsibly and to take our role in their lives seriously.

    • Your experience may vary.
    • And like the old saying goes, love is endless.
    • I had to learn the hard way to never date women with kids again.

    I know a half-dozen older stepdads whose stepkids are in their 30s and still living at home because mommy doesn’t know how to make her kids independent, and stepdad just keeps his hole shut under threat of divorce. I love my GF, but I start to have confused feelings. I make decent money, and have never pushed him to pay for any of my kids things, though he does offer from time to time. I married her, I THEN had two kids of my own with her.

    I was a single (widowed) parent. I will say I was always open to an already made family because if you care for that person you should be able to accept their life, and whatever else comes into play. I work with single moms to weed through all the craziness that this new life has to offer, and find within themselves the amazing, powerful and relentless love-goddesses that they truly are. I'd date someone with a kid, as long as I didn't see or interact with the kid for some time.

    They have to deal with your baby daddy. They loved me and I loved them. They married really young and his kids are all now out of the house even though they are both only in their mid 40s.

    What single mom will give her man all the attention he deserves--obviously the kid comes first--and I don't want some other dude's responsibility in raising the kid. When you’re dating a single mom, this isn’t necessarily the case. Which I am sure says a lot about how I feel for this woman and the direction I am looking to go with her.

    She gets all the stress and now on top of it has to deal with all this nonsense of jerk men out there like u saying dont marry her dont date her WHY! She gets all the stress and now on top of it has to deal with all this nonsense of jerk men out there saying dont marry her dont date her WHY! She is down to earth, funny, smart, ambitious, independent, kind and extremely attractive and I mean very, very, very gorgeous.

    Your going to put down a women for what not having an abortion?

    I think this will sort itself out sooner rather than later. I understand the confused feelings. I was 37 and she was 35 when we got together. I was a man without children who met a woman with two daughters and spent far too long trying to make something worthwhile before realising that building something meaningful was impossible.

    But of the women my age I've been with.Click Choose what to clear underneath Clear browsing data.

    She’s probably looking for that poor schlub “nice guy” she can sucker into marriage to get her alimony retirement plan in order before she hits the wall in her 40s. Single moms chase men without kids, because a man without kids has more MONEY. Single mother = high risk of unhappiness. So he wanted to hang out with me one day. Talk to him as if he were your boss’s wife or a dental assistant.

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    Which is why we now see so many beautiful, educated single moms. While who you attract as a single mom/dad (and vice versa) may change, it in no way ‘limits’ your options. Who what when where and why.

    It's natural to be selfish and to want her attention on demand, but would you want it any other way? It's up to them and them alone to decide how to live their lives and raise their children. Its how responsible they are when taking care of the children that shows character.

    The thought of dating a woman with kids can seem intimidating, or you just may not be able to see how it could work at all. The unsteadiness of being involved in a relationship with a single mother can be trying and cause undue stress in a relationship that would otherwise thrive. The woman's promises mean very little in the scheme of things. Them trying to sabotage our relation, because they fear their nest egg will move in with me.

    It is perhaps the strongest bond two people can have. It means you are naive and are possibly missing out on your dream girl because you refuse to accept every woman as equal. It takes a man to be father than running out on ur kids. It took me a long time to get over it, but I did.

    Then he wanted to come cry when it went bad. They don’t have the slightest clue on how to treat men. They have to deal with competing for your attention and affection, and lastly, they have to deal with your bad decision making.

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    The only exception to this rule is if she specifically asks for your support or help. The part we do agree on is that “It’s totally fine if guys know they don’t want to date a single mom” However, guys not choosing to date single moms is most often based on the reality that we have seen how we guys will get shorted, disrespected, taken advantage of, and likely eventually abandoned by single mommy if we enter into a serious relationship with her.

    She meet and dated for a very significant time, one guy who was in his early 30s. She wanted him to be superman, she wanted him to work, take care of her and her kids, and workout everyday. She would need to grown up fast, take responsibility and not date or maybe bring another man around until the child is at least in middle school.

    I'm open to dating a woman with 1 kid at most b/c I want my own someday. I'm too worried about my future to let it bother me. If Tim is finding he’s interested in a future with this girl and can accept her 3 year old son (so cute at that age) he needs to wait and find out if she feels the same. If they want them, they can have them.

    That being said, I prefer to date single fathers because I find them to be more mature and understanding when it comes to certain sacrifices. That is so much like my interactions with wives of (unhappily) married guys I know. The ex will always be around. The fact that you are not responsible for anyone but your self. The kids were not the issue.

    This guy is a POS indeed but YOU, yes YOU, made choice after choice that put you in this position. This: truly their own child. Too many things happened in that relationship for it to continue, and for the sake of our sanity, and the kids happiness, we divorced. Unfortunately, single mothers probably don’t wanna have more kids. Unless they are one of the rare ones who don't want kids themselves. Unless your not the only one he's seeing.

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    Make sure that as well as making plans where the two of you can spend time together, you make other plans that involve the children too. Men on those sites are complete strangers. My kids have a father, who I expect to provide for his kids. My now 3 and 5 year old are being raised by another man old enough to be Grandpa, while I am far away, as I took this job to help the family get out of debt. My wife had a seventeen year old when we met. No one has to beg to be dated anyway.

    Dating a single mom with kids by more than one man, even from two marriages, is INSANE. Dear gawd that’s laughable. Don't feel down about old age!

    Keep the faith that there is a special someone for you, and dont let not having someone now keep you down. Like it or not, it is a bad decision to bring a child into a relationship that isn’t rock solid. Look around the internet forums. Look, we may call you out when we feel you're not satisfying us or living up to our expectations, and yeah, we're human and we're women, so you won't always understand us, but we will never be whiners and over-complainers.

    SIngle moms want we guys to fix the messes they created themselves in their lives. Same goes for age differences, children etc. See if you can form a good bond with him. She doesn’t want a man with kids because he can’t afford to support her and her children.

    Women know this and they are watching. You are going to have to remember that any dates and romantic evenings will need to be planned in advance. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. You should not view yourself as the father. You're dating the parent. Youg mother that got pregnant but never was married.

    I’m 38 and have dated a lot of wen without kids, at this age most women have some kind of baggage or reason for being single, so after not finding what I was looking for I was honest with myself about what really mattered to me, and decided at this point that if they had a kid and it was workable it wasn’t off the cards as long as they were the women I was looking for. Just sit back, get to know her, get to know the child with no expectations.

    Everyone likes hot sex. Further, if you’re not a kid person or don’t want kids, you should not date a woman with kids to see if you’ll change your mind. Has a mature relationship with her kid’s father with no drama, 3. He gave up on life and died from the flu letting it make him wrose. He has developed a very good relationship with my son based on friendship.

    Note that I was not bring that same mess into the relationship for her to deal with AND I was bringing loads for cash and assets than she had. Of second marriages end in divorce, and 70 to 90% of divorces are initiated by wives, so all in all dating then marrying a single mom is simply a huge mess. Other than that, my fiance and I have a lot in common. Put simply, you have very little say in the progress of your relationship so why the hell be there?

    I raised her two kids for six years, had two more with her just to have her once I went overseas to help take care of the family for history to repeat itself. I really loved being interrogated by the police and having my gun confiscated, like I was some kind of criminal. I think it freaks me out initially. I think people are at different points in their lives when they date and they can weigh up from your description if they want to date a mom.

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