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  • " I already cleared cache and cookies, twice.
  • " it just means it's a waste of time asking if anyone is willing to help you.
  • (i'm friends with one of the primary developers) - it's a far sight better than CGI:IRC and mibbit.
  • Add as many email accounts, as you like.
  • After solving your problem, please mark it as solved by clicking 'flair' and confirming the 'solved' tag.
Com's you can find a form to fill out with your domain name and a description of the problem for which you need assistance.

I logged off since someone told me not to ask a question, and just posted it in the sub here instead. I may use it myself but I am also quite tech savvy (more than most) and could probably lend a good hand. I will contribute as often as I am able to. I'm about 13 years out of the loop on IRC, so I don't know what networks are what. I'm just asking for the torrent link!

For those without IRC understanding or experience. Forward your domain quickly to another site or use more advanced settings. Get to know your visitors better. Glad that you can afford that! Heart Created with Sketch.

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May I just say, that the people here helped me quickly and appropriately with great personality and manners. Million Created with Sketch. More then just getting a lot of help and a genuine will to assist and teach, it inspired me to check for myself before asking, and my computer have never been better. Net or one of all the other options. Never asked anyone and I suppose this is the place to ask. No [Meta] posts about jobs on tech support, only about the subreddit itself.

  1. Blog spam, link spam, referral spam, joke responses, memes, novelty accounts, trolling, unethical behavior, and personal insults will not be tolerated.
  2. By offering chat support, One.
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    Org is the address for the IRC service, for people with their own IRC client. Please do not reply to the automated email, because it is a no-reply address. Please send me a PM with more info and I can take a look into that for you. Private messages and other services are unsafe as they cannot be monitored.

    Replace password with the password you want to log in with, and email with your email address. Simply copy and paste the code in your email (make sure you get the whole thing) and then hit enter, and the password you chose will be linked with your nickname. Snoonet already has a vast number of people online and using us as their primary location to find the IRC Channels for subreddits. Snoonet is a very heavily reddit-oriented network. Standard IRC clients work well, too.

    No matter what I do, enter a password, dont enter a password. No offering of reward/compensation for solutions. No, he was asking for the whole deal, it's illegal to distribute anything from Microsoft, they just provides ISOs on their site.

    1. An email will be sent to the email address you entered.
    2. And the process would be different for an average user on freenode.
    3. And there are very many reddit channels already on freenode.
    4. And tried with both chrome and IE, is the chat down?
    5. As a rule, chat software used for support is based on ASP.
    6. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Control-panel-Icon Created with Sketch.

      Cool deal, yeah, misplaced the letters fir the abbreviation. Could we put a link to this on the posting a new link page? Dell EMC, Wyse, Force 10 en EqualLogic klanten kunnen ook een product-ID of serienummer gebruiken. Deze bevinden meestal zich aan de achterzijde of onderzijde van uw apparaat.

      Probably not, but you can download an irc app such as, connect to irc. Probeer het later nog eens. Projects have to be registered and confirmed with them to get a proper #channel else you end up with an unofficial ##channel instead. Proven-skills collaborators will have their usernames marked with a dark blue flair.

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      Voor serienummers van Wyse klikt u op Support boven de knop Terug naar de startpagina en voert u uw serienummer in om dit om te zetten naar een Dell servicetag. Was it just the only place you could register '#techsupport' without stepping on the toes of net/server admins? We guarantee that we will answer your email within 24 hours. We're working on Reddit RES Integration as well. Website Builder makes it easy to design and update your website.

      1. Chat support has made it possible for One.
      2. Click on "Live Chat" on www.
      3. Com as your hosting provider, please feel free to write to our support.
      4. Com find submissions from "example.
      5. Com includes, among other things, the following elements: Chat support open 24/7 Assistance 365 days a year Multilingual assistance Email support Technical support Chat support on subscription and sales-related questions How may I help you?
      6. Email-Icon Created with Sketch. Email-Icon Created with Sketch. Er is geen resultaat voor die servicetag of expressservicecode. Fill 1 Created with Sketch. FireFox biedt geen ondersteuning voor deze functie met een beveiligde verbinding.

        Com, we will send you an automated reply, confirming that we have received your email.

        Hosting-SVG-Box Created with Sketch. Hosting-SVG-Box Created with Sketch. I can only speak from my personal experience so far that the snoonet admins have been extremely helpful in setting this up. I have very little expertise in the way of networking to be quite honest. I logged in with a question but didnt want to seem rude, it's been many,many years since I have used IRC.

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        Is this set up so anyone can join and help in on the traffic? Isn't it technically only illegal to use a crack? It died yesterday, but its final years were awesome! It isn't too much to ask. It's working quite well and many people have walked away so far with issues resolved. Just a few clicks in the Control Panel, and you’re ready to start blogging or building your website in no time. Just the first one.

        If you're using kiwiirc, check the I have a password box and enter it when you log in. In that case you will receive an answer within 24 hours - though often sooner. In the daytime, we provide support in a number of different languages, while at night, we provide support in English. Instead of being a General-Purpose network like Freenode. Is it basically like an anonymous chat room.

        I've never understood how people can't figure out how to find something like that. Icon-Internet Created with Sketch. Icon-Internet Created with Sketch.

        Com is able to provide a high level of support with a short response time that would otherwise not be possible.Com offers you advice when you need it, even when this is outside of regular working hours.

        Well i just live in a country where i cannot afford to pay in dollars a version of windows 7 ultimate! Well the majority of Freenode users are already cloaked on Freenode's servers, so there's that. Well, First off as I said, We cater specifically to Reddit users. What can I do to prevent this in the future? When i attempt to connect it claims i have the wrong password. Where newpassword is the new password you want.

        Not my field, but probably one I should do some courses in at some point. Note that if you have a long description of an issue, do not copy and paste it into the live chat. Of course for some people, this means that they need adjust to using chat or mail support instead of speaking to a person over the phone. On mobile otherwise I'd double check). Onze excuses, maar wij kunnen uw verzoek niet verwerken omdat deze service tijdelijk niet beschikbaar is.

        Deze service is tijdelijk niet beschikbaar. Directed me to the appropriate site that helped me solve my problem. Domains-SVG-Box Created with Sketch. Don't ask us to compare or recommend products. Email-Icon Created with Sketch.

        Where password is your password. Where username is your username and code is a special code to verify your email address. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

        • Domains-SVG-Box Created with Sketch.
        • Chat support is available to assist you 24/7 Chat support at One.
        • Chat support has the advantage that the waiting time is limited to an absolute minimum because the dialogue with the support employee takes place in real time.
        • This is not where you should get help, you should make your own post or say that in IRC.
        • For a 10 years desktop computer.

        Why not use an established, demonstrably reliable, network full of technically inclined people instead of what seems to be an arbitrary or personal choice of snoonet? Why not use an established, demonstrably reliable, network full of technically inclined people instead of what seems to be an arbitrary or personal choice of snoonet? You can also send us an email, and we’ll answer within 24 hours. You should stick with freenode or something.

        To set up a password, first join the chat like you normally would. Trusted Created with Sketch. Us guys from are in there all day. Using a lower-profile network just makes more work for those of us already plugged in to the biggest one.

        Thanks to, we now have a live chat running on IRC. That would also be a question for. The entry message is something everybody sees when they enter the chat, and it states "Do not ask to ask for help; tell us what the problem is! There are many ways of providing technical support. They just didn't configure something right. This includes asking for us to link to your subreddit, forum, bulletin board, newsgroup, Facebook page, whatever. This thread is for discussion of the live chat.

        Icon-slider-prev Created with Sketch. If the problem occurs on multiple computers on the same connection, your network may be compromised. If you prefer you can, of course, send us an email instead of using chat support. If you would like to be considered for trusted flair, please fill out the trusted status application at Please Support the EFF! If you're referring to the entry message line "Do not ask to ask for help; tell us what the problem is!

        Start with a template, and make it your own as you add images, pages and content. Support in het Engels beschikbaar buiten de kantooruren. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks to all who spend the time to help others, really appreciate it.

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