During the August 12 broadcast of SBS's "Party People," Park Jin Young asked CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa a hypothetical question about dating. Jung Yong Hwa explained, “Park Shin Hye is just a friend. Jung Yong Hwa also cleared up rumors surrounding his “We Got Married” ex-virtual wife, Seohyun. The MCs asked, “Dating rumors emerged while you were in a virtual marriage with Seohyun.

And hate one people don't agree with your so-called facts?
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Jung Yong Hwa answered, “It is the same villa community but we live in different buildings. Just leave them alone. Just mind ur own fandom and we'll mind our own fandom too.

And how can you explain that they are dating. And i dont think above news is true.

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The Package has just confirmed an airing date for this October on the Fri-Sat time slot after Age of Youth 2, which takes over soon when Woman of Dignity finishes its ratings breaking run. The sadder fact is, this isn't even the biggest problem and this happens with almost all other idols in Korea to the point where we get these "scandals" that everyone talks about and they are forced to hide their relationships.

If ur really pissed off of negative comments abt our couple (yongshin couple), lets just hold our temper and dont reply negative comments abt their couple okay? If you're really a fan of both shin hye and yong hwa, please help in protecting their personal lives. It's natural for everyone to have their own opinion but it shouldn't get to the point where it causes arguments between fans and makes trouble for the artists.

Yonghwa said he loves seohyun,you just have to accept that fact and besides,everybody in korean entertainment knows that. Yonghwa: “I don’t know him. You are so rude to say that YH is ugly as hell and that we, his fans are delusional.

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Let them live a normal life and date, they shouldn't need to hide or sneak around if they are dating someone, it's unnatural and it paints a very bad picture of Korean culture and traditions. Loool Of course people care. N they really do look more pethatic n desperate nowadays with sayin' shinhye ugly. Of course they were buttering each other up at a fanmeet. PSH and JYH are wonderful individuals like many others in the industry.

I would even like LSG whom I like too. If that is true or not, lets just wait until they confirm it. If u think that is not true, i have a proof, yh once said that shinhye is like a 5th member of cnblue.

It's perfectly fine to comment that you like a pairing. Its not like he loved her anything. Its not the topic, so its irrelevant to the article, right. Its the Gugomas goin on every CNBLUE videos claiming anything under the sun. It’s always fun to see famous friends supporting each other and Park Shin Hye‘s connection with the boy group CNBLUE goes back a long ways.

We hv our own international community who fully support both cnblue n yonghwa n we dont hate other otp coupled wif yonghwa besides seohyun. We shared joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure together. What can I do to prevent this in the future? Whatever you do, military first! When Kim Chang Ryul asked, “Are you trying not to be bound by love? Which of these four upcoming jTBC onscreen couplings are you looking forward to this most? Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

These are just few coincidence dig by the fans who want to belive as signs of their love. These days i don't know why but i was thinking too that yong was intrested in shinhye. They are still young but if it can strengthen over a period of three years. This 3 wonderful people are so nice, talented in their own ways and beautiful inside and out. This all is after WGM, if u want:D This AFTER APRIL 2011.

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Parents need to start monitoring their children online since they can't act right. Please make this as our last comment for this article or rumor. Regarding this, Yonghwa said, " We do live in the same villa, but different buildings.

And I know someone would bash me "you're all knowing blah blah blah.

At the most it is just as it says,"interesting". Baeksang both years cannot be beaten. Born Jung YongHwa on 22nd June, 1989 in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, South Korea, he is famous for You're Beautiful. Can we all look beyond the word "couple" and " yong. Com/2012/01/re-post-jung-yonghwa-addresses-rumors.

The CNBLUE leader took time to clear up some of those rumors involving himself and popular actress and Girls’ Generation‘s on the latest broadcast of “. The Korean cross-over into Chinese entertainment projects has fully hit the trifecta of movies, dramas, and even variety shows. The MCs asked, “Dating rumors emerged while you were in a virtual marriage with Seohyun.

I came across a post in the top 10 on the entertainment section of Pann today speculating CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye to be in a relationship. I dont ship her with anyone coz i dont like her to be hated or bash by others. I hope he finds a nice gf and realises he deserves more time for himself because he def deserves that happiness. I just brought up seohyun bc that's the last time I've heard of anyone pairing someone with yonghwa.

He felt awkward when the mc asked him to hug Shin Hye. Heartstrings is scripted too, obviously it is a drama but the bts, or evidences that theyre supporting each other is not scripted. Help us build our profile of Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin-hye! Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Here's my share of the GIF. Hmm well, he look good with Seohyun but, sad to say, maybe he will be more happier with other women.

I keep on supporting them because i believe that they really have a special relationship. I m PARK SHINHEY's big fan and lover of SNSD. I really love him and shinhye together. I really love this couple. I think everyone realize that Shin Hye and Yong hwa are best FRIEND and Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun joined a program just a program which call We Got Married. I wish the both of them love, peace and happiness!

The songs in question are Yonghwa's 'Love is Only You', written for girl group AoA, and Park Shin Hye's 'I Think of You', written for 'Music and Lyrics'. The star also shared that he loves joking around and having fun with his beau. Then more Yongseo fans come to argue back at the other Yongshin fans that come along. There has to be a limit otherwise it's just obsessing over artists that you want to see together.

  1. " They also suggested the grandmother Kang Gye Yeol from the documentary film "My Love, Don't Cross The River.
  2. ", "I think of you when walking down pretty streets", "I'm thinking of you all day long.
  3. ' Kkk~~ but for now,i'm still hoping that it was him.
  4. We are all fans of three talented likeable artists who we admire and are very protective of. We don't need this gossip and certainly, Yong Hwa and Shin Hye don't deserve something like this. We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden. We have a BTS in every drama so do we have to ship every single couple in a drama?!

    Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Did u ever saw us saying 'seohyun is ugly'? During the August 12 broadcast of SBS’s “Party People,” asked CNBLUE’s a hypothetical question about dating. Ellos tienen como prueba que ambos usan colores de ropas parecidos. FYI, we are not so desperate to go on Yongseo videos to be a dream killer. Have u seen shinhye judging other people?

    This is a direct translation of the first best reply: [+164, -7] Fans already know that they're dating, just that they're keeping quiet about it. To YongShin and YongSeo shippers out there, I'm not trying to start a fanwar but please calm down.

    So I think either they're still dating or were never dating in the first place. Some of immature fans or some yongseo is too scaru too deal with. Super Junior's Heechul shared his thoughts on the youngest Girl's Generation member Seohyun's dating history.

    To the person that said shin Hye is ugly, I remember shin hyes partner in music and lyrics (forgot his name)wrote a song for seoyun so while they were eating at a restaurant in one episode their rapper guest (forgot his name again) asked the song writer, "WHOS PRETTIER, SHIN HYE OR SEOYUN" the writer replied to his friend " SHIN HYE OF COURSE". Us,gogumas will always support you, Yong, Hyun. WHEN i see them together i feel so happy like seeing all CNBLUE members.

    • They establish a genuine friendship way before crazy fandom shipping become part of their lives.
    • Just some random ppl give opinion n with some facts along u call fanwar?
    • Netizenbuzz is my new favourite thing if you couldn't tell.

    Honestly, I FINALLY decided to comment after seeing all this bullshit going on as a fan of both CNBLUE and SNSD. How many times does Shin Hye and Yonghwa have to tell the world they are friends? I admire them for trying to lead a normal life as much as possible in this world of show biz where scandals are more prone to happen.

    Why ppl always put hate on yongseo only. Would you like to receive DramaFever news and exclusive promotions? YONGSHIN PLS STOP BASHING OTHER FANDOMS WERE SHOWING THAT WE ARE LIKE THE OTHERS (youknowwhatimean)AND YONGSEO FANS YOUR LIKE DISRESPECTING SEOHYUN STOP BEING DELUSIONAL TOO. Yonghwa denies he's dating Park Shin Hye (again), nobody believes him (as usual) - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Yonghwa does feel comfortable with shinhye.

    Reminds me of when Sunye said she was dating - without being prompted - on Strong Heart. She also partnered with Kyuhyun on the "T'PLE Couple Song" and even shared a kiss in the musical version of the hit drama "Moon Embracing The Sun" in 2014 as well as a skinship at SMTOWN at Madison Square Garden, New York in 2011. Shin hye, the one who super really very worried with antis, always do her best to not to gain any antis.

    1. About the Heirs, REALLY!
    2. All i cn see is they just posted smthing they believe as facts.
    3. All juvenile jokes aside, The Package was pre-filmed overseas in France on an extensive location shoot that plays central to the entire drama narrative and even the drama title.
    4. Almost after a year after WGM,ther was a yongseo scandal but SM somehow did somethin to stop it from spreading.
    5. And what i think is yongseo are mostly seos fan its just what i think. Anyway, thanks again gogumas. Article: AOA Jimin, an artistic picture on vacation.

      Swept away in dating rumor after dating rumor, Park Shin Hye shared her thoughts on why she and CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa are mistaken as a couple. THERE WAS A TIME WHENEVER I SEE THEM SMILE USED TO DANCE IN MY LIPS. Tbh, I would also like to know the truth since im a huge fan of Yong Hwa, but if they decide to hide it, thats fine. Thanks to the one who posted this gif - would be reaction of YH and Shinhye.

      And im sorry if i didnt respect u even if ur older than me, i just want u to feel shinhye's feeling reading her antis comments and our feelings too. And setting aside evey rumor about them, one can't deny the fact that what they had and continue to have is genuine friendship, and that for me is truly admirable and enough for my heart as a fan to be happy and giddy about. And these three are just friend no more then that.

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