MetroPCS® - Frequently Asked Questions: Customer Service. Our standard business hours are: Monday through Friday 7 AM to 7 PM Central. The Call Center can be reached by calling 1-800-999-6389.

Then she said this is my store. Then today, I tried to use the online chat and was told I had to wait for a rep. They confirmed that fact at the corporate store.

I used to have a number with you and that number is connected to my gmail acount and I forgot my account so their sending me varification codes and I can't reach them. I was afraid I would have this problem. I was driving in back country roads, in the sticks, with no phone. I was told because I opened another line, my bill would be $35.

Each month I receive a text message from Metro PCS with the amount due.

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Next thing, I get a text message about the plan change - surprise. Nothing they could do about it and they admitted there was nothing I could have done to foresee this as it wouldn't even have shown up on the 3rd. On June 19th I spoke with a rep about some changes dealing with my payments. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. Press 1 for English, then Press 1 again for customer support. Samsung Galaxy ("that phone is fast") so the salesperson told me.

I purchased an Android LG Esteem online trough Metro PCS website on 12/31/2012. I purchased android phone with unlimited nationwide service. I received a text message back on the 29th that they'd received the amount. I returned to the store another day and asked another employee what the fees for the same phone would be and she again quoted the $10. I said hello about 3 times and then the lady came out and said may I help you with a very bad attitude.

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They just get your money and they don't care about their customers! They were both on the back of the office arguing about personal issues. This information has not been added. This information has not been added. Two suspects entered the store and took four iPhones from the displays. Upgrade fee, which was confirmed by both the individuals in the store at the time. We also attempted to do the payment though our phone and that was not working as well.

For Metro PCS mail-in rebates customer service number you can dial 1-800-999-6389.

I was trying to make the payment online as usual but I was surprised that the online system payment was down for hours. I went in to find out the problem and was told, we didn't cut the phone off another carried did because we were on their line. I went to the store and talked to someone who was so distracted that she handed me someone else's receipt for payment. I went to track my rebate number and it said invalid due to rebates exceeded for this address.

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I get up around 10:00am (EST) that same morning, still can't make a call. I had to use the hotel phone at $1. I have been with MetroPCS for over 4 years and have never had this problem until I upgraded to the Samsung Admire Android phone!

Metro PCS is the worst service I have encountered. Metro PCS location phone numbers, driving directions and maps. Mind you, I was in town for this tragic event as my sister had been murdered on January 23rd, on her 42nd birthday. My phone never worked in Indianapolis. Next morning, I get up and my phone is once again suspended.

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Thank you right on the number! Thanx this helped a lot i looked for this info dor a while! That immediately tells us the company wants to make it difficult for their customers to speak to a human or they would rather you search their website for the answer to your question.

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I will fight all the way to get this $100. I will push till I get it. I'm emotionally distressed having my service interrupted while waiting for important calls. I've also tried to call them and was put on hold for two hours before I had to leave for work.

Finally, when I asked the young lady what was the total amount due on my bill for the month of March, and she quoted this figure on 3/3/12.Find for locations near you!.
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If I go elsewhere, I have to pay huge for a new phone. If I knew that I was going to be treated like this, I would never have purchased this phone. If you also have another number that works, please add it below. If you need to reach a live person from PayPal Credit Customer Service you can call 1-866-528-3733 phone number. If you’d like to e-mail PayPal you can do it via following URL:.

See the for more information. So I had a choice, to get a new number or keep theirs. Sometimes the voice mail is not received at all. Speaking to this representative who was very courteous (and gave me the incorrect information, keep in mind) did take the time to explain the various discrepancies in the bill. Terms of Use Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the.

I did not notice this until I got home and decided to tally up the bill and include the NY taxes. I do not like at all MetroPCS’ practices. I filled it out and mailed it in Dec of 2011.

I have been without service for over 12 hours and have not been able to contact the customer support people because the only way to contact them is by phone! I have children that are hungry and need to eat, they basically told me oh well, the agent Alyssa hung up on me three times somehow I was able to get back to her. I kept this phone for a month and I am just going to swallow my loss and go with T-Mobile. I need to understand why this happened.

The manager, Junior, said I have to wait 4-6 weeks for a refund (I don't even believe him). The phone bill due was $55 & I paid it through a credit card. The website clearly offered the rebate. Then Galia told me the same thing and hung up before I could finish what I had to say, then the last one I can't recall her name jasmine maybe kept smarting off at me telling me deal with it and kept giving me the same phone number that is auto mated and has no option to speak to a real person.

That is a straight lie and fraud since the rebate was the only reason why I purchased the phone. That is not right, by no means. That means anybody can go in and get any info they want on anyone. That person could be a mass murderer or a rapist. That store belongs to me and my husband.

I came into MetroPCS at Wal-Mart shopping center in Villa Rica, GA. I checked again online, 10 days later, the status of my rebate to find out that my request was invalid. I checked online the status of my rebate on 02/15/2012 and notified it was approved by reading: "your rebate has been entered for final processing" (I printed the page), meaning they would print the $100. I couldn't even call 611 to find out why. I decided to keep the phone after I have paid about $200 for the phone.

Is a Verizon Wireless customer service phone number. Is here and another employee came out to talk with me (fragile: Bobby), telling what that Tim couldn't help me, he would. It is unbelievable that I should have to wait 6 minutes for my refund after what I've been through, much less six weeks? It was on sale for $59 and Rahya was selling the phone at this location for $99.

When my husband went into a Metro PCS store to make the payment, he advised them that we were not able to make the payment through our phone or online and they refused to waive the payment processing fee of $3. When she got her new phone, she couldn't remember her password, and because she had changed her. You can dial this number or *611 if you are using Verizon Wireless phone.

I am stranded in North Carolina with a worthless phone and no recourse or reason for no service. I am very angry right now. I bought a phone and service from MetroPCS. I called again and again and again and spoke with supervisors, managers and none of them were able to resolve this issue. I called the 888 number on today, talked to a representative.

That was very surprising since when we went to their website, their phone number was not that easy to find, so we were expecting to experience problems getting customer support. That’s what you find when you go looking for the Metro PCS Customer Service Live Person information. The amount due has to be received by Metro PCS before the 4th of each month. The internet kicks me off constantly and the instant messaging app as well.

I talked to customer service and they said the fee only appeared when they processed the bill on the 4th. I tried to cancel the service and get my money back, but was told it was up to a treasury dept and had to wait 7 - 10days to find out if I "deserved" my money back but they were going to disconnect service right away, unreal right?!

Well if you cant answer my presales questions, I guess i pay for your services. What a lousy way to treat your customers Metro. When I got back home, I went online and found that it now said I owed $6. When I said that I do not have computer at home the manager said that they would make an exception and do it for me with no fees but I had to come back at 4 p.

  1. But, I would only get a $25.
  2. Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof.
  3. D#**), whom after asking me the name and password on the account where my money was sent.
  4. Less than 12 hrs after getting the service, it was suspended and when you call customer service you must make a payment before you can speak to anyone. Live chat support is available from 7am to Midnight ET from Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 10pm ET on Sunday. Live customer service is available from 7am to Midnight ET from Monday through Saturday and from 10am to 10pm ET on Sunday.

    1. After breaking down the bill to him and asking him questions, he hung up on me.
    2. Also you can dial 611 from your Cricket Wireless phone number.
    3. At that time I asked him to add Travel Talk which is $5 per phone and I have two phones.
    4. Because MetroPCS phones do not work outside of one’s calling area without the addition of Travel Talk, it was very important to add the service (has to be done before you leave the calling area) and I was finally able to get through to a live representative.
    5. But my calls were being dropped and the service they promised was not working.
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      You will have pressed "0" 6 times before you finally are directed to customer service.

      Even when we called on Saturday, there was no problem.Everyone, beware of the way they do business and beware of the rebate scam!

      For a cab ride when my friend was sitting at the airport waiting on my call. For a full list of all my tutorials. He worked on the phone and said it was done. How can they do this? However, when we finally got the number and tried to call them, it was very easy to speak to a live person. I am planning to change to another cell phone company.

      • If you’re a business customer you should call Business Sales phone number which is (800) 526-3178.
      • Now they're trying to tell me the rebate is invalid (something I just finished reading many complaints about online).
      • She said buying a new phone will not guarantee better service.
      • The best customer service number to call is 800-373-2876.

      We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. We tested this several times and each time, it was very easy to connect with a human without a problem.

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