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Hope you guys get hacked soon and lose a lot of business because you guys clearly only care about the customer's money instead of our satisfaction. I always knew what the kids were up to since SONY always sent me a e-mail for every little transaction they did even all the free add ons/updates, etc.

Pre orders should be allowed to be cancelled too. She tells me it makes no difference. She then gives me a case number and hangs up. So where can I talk to them?

I am very pissed, I bought a 50 dollar PSN card and put it on my account, I then bought GTA V which was on sale for 30, after I had a balance of 20 dollars so I played gta v for a little bit then realized I had 20 dollars to spend on for money in the game. I ask what case is there to review and she tells me some bullshit story about how the company can't return two things on the same reason. I believe the game is hacked.

EDIT: I forgot to mention it, but Sony supported disconnected me twice when I questioned why I should risk my account of six years for a $50 videogame. For many years now, I have been using Sony video game products from the PSP, to the Playstation consoles. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. He said "yesterday", on the 4th day of me calling.

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I called SONY to request 2 refunds for games that don't even come out till spring 2018. I called Sony PlayStation customer support and explain to them that I purchased the best versions of the game and updates and they weren't cheap. I can't even find a US one.

The agent even kept trying to change the subject. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. The controllers have a sleek design and size that make for a very comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. The customer service employees seem like they do not care about their member even though they support their business with their money.

I hear some pretty self entitled stories from gamers, but I think these are basic rights. I hope that voucher code do work for you whenever, you put it back in again on your ps4. I pay for 200 mbps internet. I thought it was a full version of a game. I was given an error code and told to contact Sony support, I did so and they told me that I wasn't charged. I'm not pre-ordering digital games from them anymore because of this.

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They want you to pay all of that money and still want stick by their products and I think they should have fix mine or giving me another one. This guy seemed like he had no clue and i'm almost positive i'll need to call in Monday. This is like blackmail since the 2 month old, $400 game console is not nearly as good nor does it have nearly the entertainment utility without access to the Sony Playstation Network.

  • Amazon is freakin amazing when it comes to customer service.
  • Trying with a made up ID takes us to chat.
Digital laws are still shit though and these companies need to be held accountable for their poor refund services.Digital laws are still shit though and these companies need to be held accountable for their poor refund services.
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Whatever the reason, mine got banned, so I had been in contact with both my internet provider and Sony. Which blocks me from content that I purchased from them. YOU'RE STILL IN THE WRONG?!?!?! Ya I actually love Amazon chat, it's fast and they get things done. You: I just want to gather all the information I can so I don't have to bother you guys tomorrow.

  • Anyway, Sony are a pile of shit lately.
  • April 3rd, 2017 Sony sent me a box to mail the PS4 back.
  • At first, they were simple chats stating that my IP had blocked their content due to some "illegal" activity and that I simply had to change my IP address.
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That would make me very happy and satisfied to see a thousands of PlayStation Network employees to lose all of their jobs for having to the power to suspend any players account. That's how the employees over there have jobs. The Images I included shows I spent money on their service and would willingly follow rules to continue enjoying playing. The PlayStation Network and SONY deserve to lose millions of dollars for unethical decisions like this.

Jose: And unfortunately I can't do that. Jose: So you just have to wait and try to redeem it later becuase I already checked the code and it is ok. Legally something should be done. My copy of Resident Evil 7 was taken from under my ownership. North America is "No refunds" on preorders. Now I'm sitting here with the new PS4 and nothing to do with it.

  1. At that point I pay $50 for a game I can only play for a month.
  2. But people who pre-order does it most likely because they want the game as a download version.
  3. But they aren't illegal, so I don't know what a court case would accomplish.
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  5. I got on to play Destiny one day and found out that I couldn't login to the PlayStation Network because my account had been suspended. I guess that's the end of it, which is funny considering every other country allows you to cancel it before it releases, Apparently US consumer protection is fucking shit. I have to wait 6 months so till then they have access to my content.

    This was all over them detecting a breach in contract which my provider investigated and said no fraud or breach of contract of any kind had happened. This was his xmas present so I went to where you buy memberships and clicked on the ten dollar 30 day membership and it said I already have a 90 day membership. US consumer protection laws are basically "we'd literally let corporations murder you in the street and take your wallet if we could get away with it".

    Only hope that some government agency gives them what they deserve for being con artists and cheats. Our consumer protection laws suck. Overall I really enjoy this product and I would definitely choose Playstation products over other brand products because of its quality performance. Please follow us via Twitter so we can send you a DM with further instructions.

    If you can't tell if you dislike a game by the 2 hour mark, then what are you doing? If you want to make a troll leave his own thread, ask him for his GT. If you're already in a chat conversation with a rep from Playstation and aren't getting anywhere, you might want to have one of our pros take a shot on your behalf. Im trying to send in my PS4 for service and i cant find the live chat link. Immediately went into account settings and turned off auto renewal for the service.

    Upon calling Sony again, found out he gave me an ID # that wasn't correct. Very next month Sony Network charges our credit card for a $20 payment despite having turned off autopay default in their service (and double-checked it several times throughout month). Weeks later, Sony banned my account anyway, due to "suspicious activity". What if someone gets incredibly sick every time they play a game? What kind of customer service is that. What the ever living fuck.

    You: that is not correct, can you check that for me?

    Does it take you straight to the blue screen or does it start loading the chat screen?

    The final grade that I would give this product is an A. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice. The log doesn't stop, it is every single day for years with the same problem! The online play in all games need to be seriously scrutinized for these hacks, no matter what the reason for them is.

    Do not submit or questions which can be easily searched or googled.
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    Their answer was that I could cancel everything - and I did. They are literally treating us like shit. They basically told me the same thing when I got refunded for being hacked. They don't stand behind their games.

    • About a month ago SONY started charging things to my PAYPAL credit account and then they switched over to just withdrawing funds from my bank balance.
    • Agent told me that I might not get it and I asked for a manager and the manager told me that he doesn't know why the other agent said that and really pushed towards me getting off the phone.
    • All suggestions require means to cause change.
    • Also, when Sony fuck up and charge you twice for psn like that guy on Gaf a week or so ago and they suggest you get chargeback via the bank (their own advice) which then leads to your account being banned.
    • And because I had not yet received my product, SONY legally could not keep my money and force me to keep their product.

    I'm sure this wasn't his first time! I've never had to even call MS customer service, called Sony Customer Service day one! If I enter any other ID, I then connect to an agent. If I enter my PSN ID in the field where it asks for my account ID then it says their customer support chat is unavailable. If I was mad at a player, I would simply block them. If it doesn't I get to wait in line again or call? If it wasn't for my money, they wouldn't have jobs.

    They most definitely blocked my ID for any support chat after No Man's Sky. They most definitely blocked my ID for any support chat after No Man's Sky. They sent me a different one with none of my files stored on the hard drive. They told me I should have an email with details and nope no email. They tried to give me shit when they auto renewed my ps+ even though they increased the price and I asked for a refund (the DAY it went through).

    Some may get a little better login for a week or so but the problem will never get fully fixed. Sony Playstation should have a disclaimer of "buying beware" regarding the customer service people would get if they decide to purchase their products. That proves Sony has the system already.

    I didn't even get a refund before I tried it the last time. I expect to be able to cancel pre-orders for sure, but also expect to be able to be refunded for account breaches which especially result from their terrible InfoSec culture. I feel like with VR games on PS4 now, they really have to start working on making their refund system better.

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