Dating interracially can still come with backlash for both Black men and women. Lachon, who is seeing a White man, has experienced her. Wrote two stories on the things black women hear when dating white.

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  1. Amazing how blacks in the US/Europe complain so much about their conditions in white countries when every other race HATES Africans openly.
  2. And I can say that from my own experience, I've only ever dated black men as well.
  3. And while we are far removed from the Jim Crow South, we aren’t far removed from the institutionalized racism on which this country was built.
  4. It makes her radioactive to other white guys, if she has a mixed baby with the dude it makes her equally radioactive, etc. It's directly contrary to what I've been seeing. It's not just a black problem.

    I agree with you on Lahn's study. I am the oldest of my siblings, I listened to their advice and didn't get involved with black chicks. I feel like there is an unwritten rule in American society where white men can date and hook up good looking women of minority groups and no one will say a thing but if minorities date attractive white women, everyone loses their shit. I feel you on these remarks.

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    Lol who the hell are you Francis Galton? Love is love, and if the love of someone's life just so happens to be of another race, who is anyone else to judge? Loving for fighting for the basic human right of marring whomever you want. Masculine blacks are heavily over-represented in the media, that's why it looks like that. May change at some point in the future, but that's very much what the scene is right now. Maybe she will even keep a few numbers in her phone for when you lose frame.

    Whitey elevated black musicians and entertainers, paid negros trillions in welfare over a generation, and even let a few of you fuck our beautiful white women. Women have what they know we want, and there's a lot more of single males walking around than them.

    Race mixing is not the business. Rap songs recently been easier. Robin thicke discourages black woman. She ended the relationship out of the blue, and found herself some skinny white guy. She ended the relationship out of the blue, and found herself some skinny white guy.

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    They generally hold those of different races to the same standard that they hold themselves, and are thus less dependent on the victim/oppressor dynamic and the virtue-signalling opportunities it provides as a means of deriving self-worth. They hate that, and it comes out in nasty passive-aggressive racism. This is why the alt-right exists.

    But as I look around this largely black city I live in, finding two attractive black females who aren't 50 pounds overweight, or a lot more, or haven't shit out 2 kids unwed already, is akin to finding two native americans sharing a cup of tea; it just doesn't happen. But because Rachel, as well as myself, had similar experiences growing up, we weren't buying it. But he still get shit from the older Jewish ladies about when he's going to get serious and find a Jewish lady to settle down with.

    But I think that white fathers and black mothers (and to a lesser degree black fathers and white mothers) take it personally when their offspring choose someone of a different race. But I'd have to say the biggest difference is class.

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    Not to long ago there was data from OkCupid that showed that black males were at the bottom of the desirability totem pole. Now that women are up front about their Alpha Fucks requirements, they have no shame in saying, out loud, "Black men have bigger muscles and bigger dicks, that's what I want, that's what I'm going for. Of course I wasn't thinking that as a teenager but that's probably one of the main reasons I stay away from black women (trust me.

    I wish I would have used that time to consider how I would explain to my boys why people weren’t always nice. I'd be lucky if I see more than one black girl in there. I'd be more wary of the background. I'm a INFJ and I make daily self-help and motivational videos geared towards nerds, geeks and anyone that strives to personify nerd culture through personal growth. I'm a black female from the suburbs, skinny and nice and I don't date black guys.

    That list could have been much better and if I had compiled it you would be saying nothing of the sort. The B-W IQ gap is 80 percent heritable, same as the individual heritability. The West is collapsing, and in a hundred years China is going to be the world power and the save exact thing is going to happen over there.

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    So if they're not getting that from whitey, they know where they can get it. Subscribe to become more attractive to dating. Sure, the overall demographic of XYZ State University might be 54% women, 46% men, but there ain't a lot of quality in that 54% sometimes. TRP suggests that women fuck Alpha men to get the fittest seed to produce the best and most healthy offspring. Tell him how you feel, you don't have to downvote him if he wasn't attacking anyone.

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    • A cultured black man and a ghetto one will forever be the same in the eyes of a racist.
    • A female friend of mine (very cute white girl) works at a bar on the same block as my building, bar has a huge black clientele (we actually think the whole thing is a money laundering operation but that's another story).

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    Only guys that play that are bigger than me are also white. Our review of the literature shows that Black-White IQ differences in the United States have remained at 15 to 18 points, or 1. Part of it is that everyone knows that black dudes are perfectly happy with the girls very bottom of the white barrel. People are sick of this cultural brainwashing.

    Yeah i've seen plenty of hot white chicks with black dudes, but OP's question was specifically asking about why white fathers don't like black men dating their white daughters, and that's generally more of an issue in the red/conservative parts of the USA. You have to ask, with so many different colors between white and black, why would a white woman go for the most extreme when people in general tend to gravitate towards people who look similar to them and their family?

    I know that there are plenty of short and scrawny black dudes. I was like "Wow, hey, look, a white couple! I will warn him that if he and his white girlfriend happen to get into a fight in view of the neighbors, there's a chance that the cops may be called, and in the eyes of the police, is reason enough to shoot someone. I wish I would have understood the mean words that can escape someone’s lips when speaking about our mixed little family and the heartache that follows.

    You just see more and more of them as time goes on. Your media creates a myth of black supremacy and you cucks all buy into it.

    • My experience is that, most of the blacks I meet, even African blacks, new to America are all more middle class and mainstream than I ever was.
    • Emotions are not meant to have logic.
    • "Maybe it's because black people are just inferior!
    • They see you as dirty bastard mongrels.

    The average IQ for African Americans was lower than those for Latino, White, Asian, and Jewish Americans (85, 89, 103, 106, and 113, respectively. The disgust is twofold; with him, how can he be so stupid to her true desires, for her; how can she be so duplicitous and dishonest with herself (her personal desires) and rope someone else to the falsity of a relationship. The intelligent part of your brain that makes kale smoothies and reads think pieces said, “I don’t care who celebrities date.

    On Being Black, 'Woke,' And Dating White People Does dating a white person really make someone "less black"? On average black people are more likely to be obese and diseased than whites. On television, black men are always gay, meek, comedy relief or a obedient side kick to the white main characters.

    The largest, most muscular, and most masculine men are more likely to be black than white, it seems to me. The only black men who get clowned for dating interracially are the ones that be all like "gosh, I speak proper, pull up my pants and don't listen to that hippy to the hoppy music so I guess I'm not black, huh? The sad thing about it is I am 99. The white-black gap in SAT scores, a proxy for IQ, is increasing.

    As a result, it is natural for women to be attracted to them, perhaps more than whites.As for any disciplinary action taken towards the makers of the original racist flier, SMU spokesperson Kent Best wrote to WFAA, "The university does not disclose information about student disciplinary matters in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.Asian women and marriage obsolete couple dating white men join these men; a character.
    • " I guess this gave him cover to open up.
    • (She retorts: "I don't know, you ever been with a BLACK GIRL before?
    • (The half-shaved heads, the tatts, the pierings, the purple hair.

    I'm just using a college campus as a high water mark; in the real world, it swings to an even more screwed low percentage of acceptable females to males. I'm married to a woman of Sri-Lankan heritage. I've had friends from various ethnic backgrounds who dated good looking white women. I've yet to meet a guy whose happy about you polling his daughter, and I don't know a mom who is honest about much of anything.

    For writing, it was 417 for blacks and 515 for whites. From afar it looks like kicking your mother to the curb. Go to Africa, lots of runty black men still there. Go to the South and call a white guy a pussy or feminized. Going interracial is a huge red flag.

    But you can't make fun of whites lack of vertical leap or poor dancing skills all day. Every time someone mentions "black dude something", they come with the same biased researches and extrapolating conclusions about genetics they don't even understand, even the same broken links. For a black man, the topic of race isn't going anywhere, no mattered how cultured he is. For those looking to pin the lower IQ scores of blacks on poverty, IQ is largely genetic.

    She says the flier was “full of racism” and wanted to do something about it. She’s made a career out of calling out racism and sexism but also happens to be married to a white man. Simply put, if the white man was so 'superior,' you wouldn't be cowering in the face of SJW 'feminism.

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    TheTulipWars--It is interesting how you made sure to highlight your love of Asian and Latino guys (to which I assume you're a lighter-skinned black woman with European features, as Asians & most Latinos wouldn't touch you with a 10-foot pole if you were dark[er]-skinned with an African phenotype/features) and disdain for black guys on a reddit where white men are the majority (the majority of which also openly & regularly show their disdain for you), and in a thread like this with a strong anti-black sentiment, which lead me to the conclusion that you're a self-hating black female.

    Then, of course, you get down to the nihilism of "who gives a fuck? There are no white men more racist about their daughters hooking up with black men than upper middle-class white liberals. There's no anger needed for them seeking out alpha traits in a male. These people have issues.

    Most people desire the perpetuation of their people. Most white guys and most guys in general are too well behaved these days. My Father and Mother raised my three sisters and me with the idea in mind that races shouldn't mix. Never been around real black people. Not everyone is into this whole mixing of various cultures and ethnic groups. Not just white men themselves who hate these sorts of interracial couples, women of color hate them even more.

    Black people never did anything to a Hispanic. Blacks just commit more crime because of their low intelligence and high propensity for violence.

    IQ tests made by white people reliably show that East Asian countries have the highest IQ scores. If a black dude has a cosmopolitan cultural upbringing and can speak the language and afford the lifestyle, the racism level drops immensely. In less than 50 years, genetic engineering is going to make this "problem" look like a puddle in the face of an approaching tidal wave.

    1. All had civilizations thousands of years before Greece crawled out of their Dark Age.
    2. All it took was one semester for me to breakup with my high school boyfriend and fall completely in love with a guy from my dorm.
    3. All the white guys are becoming more and more girl-ish with each passing day.
    4. In the movie, a Pakistani man chronicles his love affair with his white girlfriend. Interracial rapes take place a year, and 99. It is a good feeling to know that you are secure enough in your relationship that the disapproval of others only adds to the excitement. It is beat into the head of every single human being on earth from the moment we are born, and black men—like all others—have bought into it.

      Too many people, especially of color, keep dancing around the true issue: White men hate when blacks date their own because they want white people to continue to exist. We don't want our grandkids black. We're all Red Pillers here, tell me gents, what's more attractive to a woman: a guy who THINKS about putting OTHERS FIRST, or a guy who FEELS (AND FUCKS) FOR HIMSELF FIRST? When it comes right down to it, human sexuality is going to take the reigns regardless of what you do.

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      Aside from a few, the majority of girls I've had have been white.Beautiful women just 3 black women dating recommended!Black children adopted by white parents averaged 89 on IQ tests at age 17 (slightly better than the 85 average for blacks nationally).

      I’ve had my blackness challenged because I’m in a relationship with a white man, and it’s hurtful and erasing of the work I do to combat white supremacy,” says Ashley Reese, a black culture and sex writer who has. JP Rushton showed that APSM doesn't correlate with brain size or General Mental Ability. Largely due to women that don't take care of themselves, or let themselves be taken advantage of mainly because of their own stupid ideas. Lmao the red pill is starting to turn into stormfront.

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