The Secret to Marketing Technology

I have made quite a lucrative career out of Marketing Technology.  Luck would have it I was coming out of Grad School when Companies like Marketo, Eloqua, Silverpop and Manticore (now sales engine) were laying down the road for email automation while Google Adwords was gaining strength, and because of these and my somewhat illogical comfort level with new technology, my career took a turn into Digital Marketing. That said, it took me years to understand what is the secret to an effective Digital Marketing Campaign. The Secret to Marketing Technology is simple; it is to understand that there is nothing new about it.  I have worked with clients who's campaigns 10 fold their marketing efforts with a new piece of technology and I've had the total opposite. Companies that spend hundreds of thousands on the new Online tool in the market and after a year, they find themselves calling "the consultant", to tell them why was that new expensive Marketing tool ineffective.  The answer is very simple, the best online tool is no replacement for good marketing planning. If you have watched more than one episode of AMC's Madmen (or if you come from that generation) you will realize that beyond all that chain smoking and sexist jokes, Drapper wasn't only extremely creative but also very strategic about their decisions, and that is the secret to a good Marketing Campaign.  What worked back in the 1950's will work today.  Marketing Technology opens the door to new channels, new reporting, more speed, etc, but what feeds these tools is nothing but Creativity and Strategy. This is what you need before you spend ANY money on a Digital Marketing Tool: For Email Automation: The best email [...]