Global Payroll – Case Study

When you run one of the leading providers of global payroll services, helping companies around the world  apply better fiscal controls and obtain greater visibility of their global payroll processes, it is very easy to overlook some parts of your marketing force. One of Staccato Interactive’s clients, a leader in the global payroll industry, has built core expertise in managing some of the most complicated payrolls in the most complex business environments around the world.


The Problem

The client was suffering from certain limitations that many companies go through, due to a poorly planned, made, and maintained website. Most entrepreneurs naturally focus more on the quality of their product or service while neglecting one of the most important aspects of their marketing and sales – their website. The client needed specific information not only available to their existing clients, but easily and rapidly distributed across the payroll industry. It was difficult, especially for new users, to navigate the site and find the information they were looking for. The design of the website also did not match the company’s branding and image.


The Solution

Our team created an inviting, engaging, and easy-to-track program that used a brand new website as a foundation.  This program, led by Marketing Opperations Expert Linda Rappaport, focused specifically on attracting new visitors and converting them into leads. The enhanced site’s Search Engine Optimization would attract users, while the online advertising efforts would help turn those visits into sales-ready leads. Meanwhile, the improvements in content, navigation, and usability engaged visitors into a learning experience and a sense of community that keep people coming for more month after month – all while leveraging expert designer Andrea Testa’s talent to raise the overall “look and feel” of the website to match the level of sophistication the client’s customers have learned to expect from their services.

Another great feature added to this program was the capability to present all this new information, dynamically translated into many languages, in order to appeal to the nature of the global payroll industry.


The Results

We are very proud of the results we have been able to achieve for this client.  The value of the SEO, PPC and lead-generating areas of the new website has resulted in the following:

  • 52,206 visits since the implementation of the new website
  • Over 100,000 page views
  • Tripled the average monthly visits and page views
  • First page ranking using over 20 strategic keywords
  • 70+ leads delivered from five different landing pages/offerings
  • Bounce rate dropped by 28%
  • Google page rank immediately increased by two points after the launch of the new site

These results have turned into increased sales and conversions. In addition, the keyword ranking improved by using over 20 of the most relevant industry keywords, and now has the site consistently ranked on the first page of both Google and Bing search results.

In closing, Staccato Interactive was able to drastically improve the client’s sales thanks to a new and improved website and continuous SEO and PPC improvements. The new website design certainly was the jumping off point to achieve these results, but the long-term results were truly generated by the monthly SEO and PPC efforts. These efforts include the aforementioned keyword utilization and updates to the website copy, along with our continuous site enhancements.


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