Mobile App Development – Case Study

In the last couple of years, the Mobile App industry has been flooded by every type of product.  From Consumer Apps to App building frameworks and everything in between, it appears the world agrees in the opinion that Mobile Apps is the business of the future; or more accurately the present.

Our client is no exemption; as one of the few Javascript based App Development Frameworks in the industry, they faced strong competitors and a very steep climb to become relevant in the Mobile App Development Industry.

The Problem

The client was lacking in some of the most key marketing areas in order to both improve the product and reach the appropriate audience.  With already over a year in the market, generating NO SALES, the struggle was clear.  Our client had tried covering some of the basics: they had attended a couple of Trade Shows, created some reading material and had some information on the website; overall a good enough coverage of what new companies should aim for.  These efforts alone should have resulted in some though limited results, but the main problem they were facing was a complete lack of understanding their target market and a total lack of identity which made every effort seem like a silo, instead of a coherent marketing effort.

The Solution

Looking back it was a particular tricky process to come up with the solution to their problem.  It was necessary to start from scratch, yet we didn’t have the luxury of time.  Since that had been in the market for over a year without any results; any of our efforts had to show conversions as soon as possible or else could potentially be considered as a waste of money by the client and kill any possibilities of a contract renewal.  

Luckily, our client was attending the App Developer Conference in San Francisco in 45 days, and that gave us the perfect opportunity to create a campaign that could be ready in time and would show results right away.  Our team created a whole identity for both the company together; new booth graphics, giveaways, messaging, a video promotion and product collateral were the base for the first stage of the campaign.  It would be enough to go to the show and make the best of it.  Future Stages expanded on white papers, data sheets, social media, and syndication programs that five fold the marketing and sales initiatives.

Once the lead generation efforts were in place, showing positive results and growing exponentially, it was time to focus on the product itself.  After a deep study of the industry and various conversations with top analysts, we created a list of necessary functionality in order to become a stronger competitor in an already saturated industry.

The Results

Of course we wouldn’t be writing this if we weren’t extremely proud of the results we have been able to achieve for our client.  All the Content creation is currently generating over 500 Marketing Qualified Leads a quarter and over $300,000 in pipeline a month.  This is over 5 times what the client has ever seen before.

Some other numbers worth mentioning:

  • Fourfold (4x) website traffic
  • Lowered the Cost per Opportunity Acquisition by over 70%
  • Fivefold (5x) the amount of MQL’s generated quarterly
  • Achieved first page on all Adwords campaigns while reducing cost by over 40%
  • Successfully took the company to 3 consecutive trade shows which resulted in over $500,000 of pipeline


In summary, Staccato Interactive was able to drastically improve the client’s sales thanks to a very content centric campaign; yet, content was the tip of the iceberg.  As we prepare to receive 2016, the new product enhancements added to the roadmap is already producing a group of early adopters we would have never been able to attract without these new added functionality.  2016 will definitely be a lot of fun as we incorporate the new product to the clients brand and prepare to show it to the world in a long list of events.  

This is just another example why hiring a marketing firm like us tends to be way more cost-effective and results-driven than having an in-house marketing department.  

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