Our team has years of experience working for companies like yours. Some example of these are:
client www.Dell.com Designed and executed all email nurturing campaigns for the storage division around the world. Increased the click-thru rate by almost double, while, automatically cleaning and updating a database of over 100,000 contacts.
client www.MyLVAD.com Designed non-profit community website redesign and managed all Social Media efforts for the company. Delivering an average of 4,000 visits monthly in the first 4 months of existance.
client www.Astaro.com Designed and developed all Online Marketing campaigns, website pages and email marketing automation campaigns.
client www.CurriculumAssociates.com Implemented their first eCommerce website, responsible for more than 60% of all company sales. Designed, implemented and manage the company’s Lead Generation Program providing hundreds of prequalified leads every week.